I Saw Evidence of The Magnetic Pole Shifts With My Own Eyes

Father Called Me to Watch the Sun Set In The End of April 2021

Article by Jazweeh & Ruth Edgar

I watched as the sun went down it moved so far North while moving down that I had to reset my position behind stationary trees 3-4 times.  Also I sketched what I believe God lead me to draw the path of the sun & moon on a flat bowl shaped convex earth.

Continue article to see Sun & Moon’s flat earth trajectory (we believe.) South to North of moon/sun cycle variances could be illustrated by numerous smaller “8s” inside the large “8”.  Each total 8 cycle a 24 hour period.

Since the moon is no longer keeping it’s place in the night the perfect diagram of sun-moon Noon-midnight are now variables.  With the moon rising during the day half the time and not giving it’s light the diagram is not absolute.  But it does, I believe show the figure eight correct path that makes more sense than my first theory show below.

I Saw The Pole Shift Affects

What am I saying?  I used stationary trees as I stood motionless to block the sun because it’s so bright we can no longer watch sunsets as we used to.  Friends that in itself is a sign.  But as I stood motionless the sun was not just moving down.  3 times it moved North as well so the trees no longer blocked it’s bright view.  The sun was moving nearly as fast to the north as it was moving downward out of view, below the mound of earth.  Please see my hypothesis of how the moon and sun move around a convex shaped stationary Earth.

Stationary Convex Earth Model Sun Moon 8 EIGHT path

North & South directions are side to side.   But East goes straight up the middle like an equator.   Two Wests one for each hemisphere.  Now the arrows on the “8” Eight show the path of both sun & moon.  The rest is self explanatory.  Why Convex?  Because it allows for space for Hell and the foundation of the earth.  The magnets are the magnetic poles that are changing as we speak.  I watched the sun move North 2 days ago while it was setting down below the raised mound of earth beyond site.  This drawing doesn’t show the sun’s northern movement that I saw.  Watching the sun move north while it was descending below view lead me to theorize the path of the sun & moon on a convex earth.  Or bowl shaped Earth.

East is the Eastern Rise for both Hemispheres. Two west’s as the sun or moon (same trajectory arrows show) disappears into the other hemisphere our west reveals the sun dipping out of sight for us. North South are side to side.

As for the moon…seems these days it just does what it wants appearing day/night from north to south.  The only thing consistent are the inconsistencies of the moon’s appearing.  It is likely that the moon is moving at varied speeds making for the changes in its appearing.  While the sun is timely and consistent on the Eastern Rise and the westerns sets.  This is a theory given by, we believe, The Holy Spirit’s leading.  We may have some parts wrong being it is the drawing itself that Jazweeh was lead to draw.

But wait!  How can the “eastern rise” work?  Because even though the sun is in the same place for both hemisphere’s its moving away from one hemisphere and toward the other hemisphere.   So really I should have called it “The Eastern Rise & Set Equator” where for just a few minutes the sun is in the same place for both hemispheres.

When the sun is at the far end of the “8” it is dark in the opposite hemisphere.  Perhaps when the sun is at the top and bottom halves of the eight the adjacent hemisphere is dark.

Jesus with come soon in the Heavens on the eastern rise and all the world will see Him.

He is The Lion of the tribe of Judah/a Leo we think.

Stationary Convex Earth Model My first theory incorrect.

This picture show my first theory on the path of the sun and moon by arrows The outer arrows show the sun and moon when it drops below sightWe see the sun and moon when it’s going straight across the earth, the inner arrows.  For the sun to move north while setting down (not south but rather the sun moving below the mound of the earth no longer visual. )

Convex Earth Model Sun Set and Rising above the mound of the earth.  We no longer believe the moon and sun move as this drawing shows on the domed earth.  Even though this diagram is much easier to understand applying it to real time.

Not All Shall Sleep but We Shall All Be Changed In a blink of an eye.”

What that means is some will go into stasis while the chosen few are taken up to be transformed.  See the Golden Chest article.

The pre-apocalyptic articles are nearly finished.  Next will come the articles pertaining to survival and then New Earth.  Remember!

The Warning that Shows Most Won’t Notice the Signs & Wonders

When Noah built the ark men thought him crazy. They were eating and drinking, celebrating in marriages etc.  As in the days of Noah noting that most people were extremely unaware of the signs of God around them.     So too shall most be unaware at the 2nd coming of the Son of God.

Most do not see the most blatant and miraculous signs.  How could that be?  The strong delusion is upon them.  They are blinded to many signs in the skies, in books, in bibles, in people, their own personal signs given, the mark, the debauchery of the age, seem the only signs they really see are the political ones and the ones that are not supernaturally miraculous.

5 Replies to “I Saw Evidence of The Magnetic Pole Shifts With My Own Eyes”

  1. Dana thank you, and Praise God for leading me to you! I was so fooled by being a maga supporter. God I know sent me here. I wish I had people I could trust around me. everyone is sleeping or don’t want to here about God! How to cope sometimes is so tough. Thanks again, and I intend to follow your posts going forward. Truth is the only way!

  2. The reason is because the earth is not a spinning ball like everyone thinks it is. It is flat. The evidence is clear as day to me now. I used to think flat earthers were crazy. Not anymore. I’m waking up more and more by the day. Thank you for all the great videos Dana. You’ve really helped me on my path to the truth. God bless you.

  3. Miss Dana, I love your videos and this article is very interesting. It’s amazing how people don’t see the times we are in by instead calling me crazy. We are most definitely in the times of Noah. Thank for all that you do…by the way, boy were you right about the censorship on YT. All truthers have gotten taken down and every video that is uploaded recently gets taken down. Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ, He is the Way the Truth and the Life…I love Him.

  4. Well I have noticed our sky the past two days doesn’t look the same. It’s like absolutely full of huge clouds that don’t seem to move. The sky is more like gray instead of blue. This happened 2 days ago.

    1. its called chemtrails, its real and its truthfully happening… the chemical spraying for weather modification and poisoning humanity.

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