Why Powerful Jews Say they Are the Only Victims of The European Holocaust

“Don’t Let a Good Disaster Go to Waste” said H. Clinton On national TV.

The Jews apparently like to relish in what the media and fake history books have now deemed “The Jewish Holocaust”.  Disclaimer this article speaks of those in power over history books & media.  Not average Jewish people.

It’s easy to see why the Jews with power set themselves up as the only victims of the Nazi’s.  But it’s a blatant lie.   I have first hand knowledge of the event from Grandma Cseh.  The alleged Nuremberg laws passed to victimize only Jews must be partly B.S.  because in the early 1900s well before Hitler ever took power from 1912 to 1933 Europeans were getting the hell out of Europe and fast.  About the time of the Titanic’s sinking my Grandmother fled Europe and she was not a Jew but here parents got her out of there because of legal threats.  I suppose they can’t blame it all on Hitler, one man if they say it started back in 1910 or so.  Who knows why those who write history feel they have to LIE about EVERYTHING.  Clearly we are ruled by psychopaths with no conscience.

The Jews or at least whoever is in charge of the media and fake history books love to play the victim.  It sets the Jews above reproach as if they are so worthy to be praised as above others.  The only one’s ever victimized, that is, besides the black slaves.

They think, apparently that not only are they the only one’s who God has chosen to Love but also they are the only white people genocided through history…..not true.    I wager odds that this whole ‘Jews holy’ part of the once holy books were blatant propaganda. 

Use Spiritual Eyes to See and your Good Sense

God is Love and make no mistake salvation of the soul is the same for all men. Seek God with your whole heart.   Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Pray, and meditate to hear from God.  If you don’t seek you don’t find.

European Holocaust

Thing is anyone over the ago of sixty who knows their grandparents know that …well me for instance…had my grandmother not escaped from he Nazis in Hungary back in the early 1900s around 1912 I may be someone very different.  No my family is not Jewish we are Hungarian with an English, Irish mix.   And God chose me to be His scribe.  With the history changes Mandela effects internet says Titanic sunk in 1912 and Hitler took power in 1933.  Well my Dad was already born in 1933 and these numbers are not adding up for me but that’s another matter.

The Nazis threatened everyone in Europe just like in Armenia during that holocaust.  Apparently there is a large list of elite (rich pricks) enjoying slaughtering the masses over and over through the years.  White, black, yellow, tan you name it they are not picky, somebody in power has genocided them.

There’s this thing called the “eugenics club” and your not in it.   Nor would you want to be because mark my words ALL EUGENICISTS WILL SOON ANSWER FOR THEIR MURDERS, SLAUGHTERS AND TORTURES OF THE INNOCENT.

Seems only the rich think they have the right to exist.  While people like the false prophet and the antichrist steal all the land and resources and call earth “mine”.

Escaping Hungary

My grandma Cseh told us the story of how her parents gave her in marriage to Frank Cseh and they quickly escaped from Nazi Hungary on a ship that set sail right along the time the Titanic went down.  As a matter of fact she spoke of being on one of the boats that rescued many from the Titanic.

It is also said that I come from the Adams lineage of John Quincy who opposed the central banks.  It’s no wonder my DNA cries out in rebellion.  Make no mistake DNA memory is real.

If you don’t know where you came from and who your ancestors are you may want to find out.  It’s good to sit with grandma like in times of old and hear the wisdom they have to share with you.  I wish I would have done this more readily and more often.

Population Lies


DO not believe the population numbers the media liars tell.  The population in cities is high, yes but the earth is wide open empty space and alot of it.  Drive you will see it.  The greedy bastards say they own the whole of God’s earth—bullshit!  What they have done is stolen from God’s children who are born innocent and do not get schooled up in evil deception and how to steal from your fellow man.  Let them all destroy one another with their greed.  Then when one embodiment of evil approaches the innocent with his sickle, Jesus shall strike him down forever more.  God will avenge the innocent and the meek shall inherit the New Earth, purified of Satan and other chemical poisons that they so relish.  All the day they blame the masses of little people for the shape of the earth as they themselves wield all human power over the Earth making it a sess pool.

Who are the “theys”?  

The priests of the temple of Siri.

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