Ghastly Mandela Effected Bible? & The New Earth is on the Way!

Toss your Holy Books Into The Garbage My Friend, Toss them all!  God will remove every vile book from Earth & Make it New.

Does one find their salvation in the book itself or did the book lead them to seek God with their heart of their own accord?  Idolatry is worship of the man mad bible.  “But it’s The Word of God!” they scream!  It’s living and cannot be changed!  Right.

No…it’s not…and the script uncorrupted that tells you that is John 1 “In the beginning was The Word & The Word was with God and The Word WAS GOD.  And The Word became flesh and dwelled among us.”

There ya go the original Bible…blatantly telling the Christians that one of Jesus’ names is “The Word of God”.  Why?  Because His words words words are life if acted upon.   And God puts those words on our heart.  What good is a sword of God if it lays on the ground unused?

Jesus became flesh and shared God’s Truth with us.  He is The Truth of God.  The Eternal Life.  & The Way to God.

Problem is this.  The books were corrupted long ago.  But they left us certain tidbits of Truth.  Those are the words that God’s children’s hearts hold dear and agree with.

So in the end of the age, it says, God will remove His words from earth (Amos 8:11 & 12) and yet the majority of Christians still follow intently, the vile books.

Why?  Because it was never God that they worshipped to begin with.  Oh no.  It was always religion that their hearts trusted in.  It was the book itself and the doctrines of men that their hearts trusted in.  Not God Himself or Jesus.  That, my friend, is why they are incapable of realizing the lies of their educations and the lies of science.  Because they cannot let go of their paradigm.  To see the bible changes they would have to realize that the entire beast system is a pack of lies.  They cannot let go the globular earth or their book of lies.  They prefer the lie and are marked with the beast’s wings, horns, or goat head.

Wisdom Brings Sorrow

This isn’t easy for the elect to watch.  We were deceived by the masses who pretended that they Love God and pretend still.  The majority are spiritual posers.  This hurts the elect, we are angry because we thought we were inferior.  We compared their outsides with our insides.  A false comparison that left us assuming we were inferior.  We thought they were like us…honest about who they are/were.  They were not.  Not even close.

Seek God with your heart and you will find God in your heart.

I myself spent roughly ten years as the prodigal son in sin after receiving The Baptism of The Holy Spirit and I was born again.  Furthermore I never stopped praying to God neither was I fully relieved from the bondage of self.  And I had gifts of The Spirit. Perhaps because of my own false pride and legalism I had to be shown God’s Grace in spite of my own error.

I had to learn that I could never make myself perfect before God.  I had to learn that humans can’t handle perfection and were never created perfect.  Creation is a process.  We are in that process of Creation.  We are becoming perfect in a way that is not easy.  And that perfection will not come while we inhabit earth.  Even the New Earth will have certain carnality to it.  It is the next phase of our development.  The sheep & the elect will be upgraded & changed just as the Earth is at it’s most volatile siege of nature we will be taken up for our transformation.   The elect will not lose 1,000 years.  But the sheep will.  They will sleep for 1,000 years.  And when they return to Earth it will be New.  The guardians by then will have learned and become who they need to be to carry out their great task of protection the life giving Earth.  

The New Earth’s Guardians

All will know and shutter with fear in the face of the Guardians.  For they will be endowed as gods on Earth.  For those who were trustworthy with a little shall be given more responsibilities.  These are those who came out of great tribulation and never once turned their backs on God.  They were tested by trials of fire which few could endure.  They suffered greatly.  They already died once at least.  They have stood with Faith and Love in the face of great opposition.  They now know who they are and I care for them greatly for they are part of me.  They are the warriors and scribes of God.  They are those with gifts of Love and sight.  They have become the clay in God’s hands and He did form them with their permission, honor, and need He did form them.

Religion LIES.  God’s grace is amazing if you only go to Him in Truth, transparent, as a child.  For we MUST become as little children to inherit the kingdom of God.

The thousand years of peace is at hand.  Soon many will go to their eternal homes.  Others will remain on Earth but all will be changed.

The elect 144 already know their coming purpose.  They will be guardians of the Earth itself.  Not guardians of men.  There will be upgrades to all those who are saved.  God’s children will finally receive the Holy Spirit at the wedding supper of the Lamb.

Some with The Holy Spirit have fallen.  Those who are elect and already have The Holy Spirit of God will be upgraded to a form that lets them protect Earth above all things.   They will be gods on Earth.  And this is what pisses off those who had the original prophecies.  I say “had” because all the books are now defiled so is language itself.

The elect will guard over the Earth itself.  That means Earth, the animals, and plants, the water, the mountains and springs, all the Earth will be under their dictorial.  And if a human defiles The Earth they will be dealt with one way or another.  This is why Satan is released after the 1,000 years, some will need to go to their eternal homes with their father Satan.

If those with The Holy Spirit crossed the line into greed or selfish gain hurting others by the wielding of the very power God gave them, like using higher language to curse people and never repented and do not humble themselves before God and are in rebellion against God, then they have fallen.  They likely never worked out their original resentments toward God as we, most all must do.

For God said this “Not again will I allow the Earth to be trashed and defiled by men with no conscience.  My guardians whom I choose will be empowered above all Earthly power to carry out my will for the salvation and life of mankind.  Without Earth no man would survive therefore Earth must be protected.

Why did God allow Earth to be defiled in the first place?  For the separation of sheep from goats.  Evil and good had to dwell together on Earth so all men could make their choices of where they would spend their eternities.  That time is now passed.

Now is the coming of the New Earth-Shalamar.  SHALARMAR meaning “The Abode of Love”.  For One Thousand years the earth shall heal having few people alive on it.  We think only the elect will inhabit earth while the 1,000 years of healing is on.

Then…The meek shall come.  The meek will inherit the earth.

Who are the meek?  We think they are those who know God but they did not receive The Baptism of The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands.  And so The marriage supper of The Lamb will be after the 1,000 years and they will receive new bodies with The baptism of The Holy Spirit.  The elect already have the Baptism.  They are already brothers of Jesus.

Granted some have turned from the Faith even some who have The Holy Spirit.

Why?  The gifts that come with The Baptism as they well know, can be used for evil or for good.  Just as the hands or the pennial or any other bodily function can be used for good or for evil.   Meditation is a valuable gift to hear God and to be instructed by your own appointed guides.  Yet the preachers and others say God put an evil penial in human’s.  B.S.

There is a powerful faction who do not want you to hear the voice of God.  Using the very crystals that Heaven is lined with is to aid that task.  This is why these are counted as evil.  Furthermore they preach against essential oils.  Extracts and oils from God’s Earth that heal and aid.  People are blind to call Earth itself “evil” by calling crystals, earth oils, and meditation in Christ all “evil”.  I say WAKE UP!  Men should have begun meditating long ago and he would be much further along in wisdom and knowledge.

Anyone who believe the preachers stories likely has the mark of the beast and is under the power of the strong delusion.

The strong delusion is here.  Make no mistake, the elect see it on the foreheads of most Christians.  Yes “most” on Youtube anyway.  Not to mention I went to a church recently just to see if some see the supernatural bible changes.  No.  I sat there while the preacher proclaimed Satan’s antichrist to have “all power”.  He did not bat an eye when he read that from 2nd Thessalonians 2.  Didn’t bad an eye. These blind guides no longer know evil from good.  The tree has been withdrawn from the lost.  They are goats and Father will throw them into the Lake of Fire for destruction, not torture.


Bible Changes

Watch the Christians for an education on what NOT to do.   There are now supernatural Bible changes to old and new audio video print and paint the Bible has so many lies, contradictions, blasphemy, vile sexual innuendo, insults to God and man, insults to Jesus, new doctrines, horrid grammar, pitiful English, bad spelling, and scary fleshpot stories of fleshhooks and other grotesque graphic stories.

The obnoxious book was once Holy, full of wisdom, directing men to God. Now instead of a Holy book its words hold itself and it’s many doctrines up in glory as God.

Men lift the bible up as being their salvation.  They talk of Loving the bible.  They speak calling it by God’s name “The Word of God.

And since their paradigm in so deeply etched on the books holiness and their Faith is in the book, men are doing a dance over the contradictive book called “rightly dividing”.

Men now teach that there are at least two gospels “The Pauline gospel”.  Calling Apostle Paul by a girls name.  And the Jews Gospel given by Jesus.  Two gospels are spreading like wildfire given by men I used to enjoy listening to.  That’s probably by design.

Oh yes and there’s a third gospel in Revelation called “The kingdom gospel” given by an angel.






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