39% Of People Are Willingly Poisoning Themselves With Bleach for Fear of the Vid

Article by Angry Jane—Broonhilda Read!


And I thought I was the One Who Wasn’t So Smart—boy was I bamboozled by the beast system most of my low self worth of a life.

The problem is this- People are so threatened over and over & scared by the media & and now they get the vax that they are told doesn’t work against the unmasked spreaders, they have no outlet for their fear because of fear-shame programming that induces the heart with the “I am bad & wrong”.

And those who are the most afraid are the most ashamed of being afraid (fear is part of the human condition best processed & expressed to let it out-get fear OUT.) Burying their fear they don’t know their own heart & are suppressing strong emotions.   This makes them walking dangerous timebombs.  The fear will come out sideways by dysfunction.

Fear is driving the average man to desperation.  Soaking their own PRODUCE IN BLEACH or worse.  Swimming in antibacterial potions that cause Cancer and hormone imbalances at best, as they breath in fumes from chemical hell.

And guess what?  The most scary events of the Great Trib have not yet begun.  These masked oxygen averting people are the sane man’s worst enemy surrounding what is coming.

No wonder the elite want the masses genocided…its hard not to be angry with people who are dangerously uninformed.  Nevertheless Love puts Love first. Love is an action and a choice.  Don’t expect that your supposed to feel all cuddly about these bleach guzzling diddlies-unless you do of course (I have my days).

Only God Himself has the right to throw whom he will into the lake of fire for ultimate destruction.  And I believe He will do just that.  God looks upon the heart.  Don’t hide your heart, just get Him to fix you….become the clay in God’s hands.

According to ‘Eat this Not That’ website we have greatly underestimated the sheer ignorance of our breathren, the great degree of humans.  eatthis.com

Come to find out “CDC’s Poison Control” is very busy these days bringing back to life those who have feared the CV and soaked their own food in BLEACH or other highly toxic chemical solvents.

I saw the ignorance for myself first hand.  I guess being deceived by the beast system via the stab & nano tech/wifi etc has its disadvantages eh? (sarcasm)

THE BACK SIN A SHAUN is gene therapy not a BACK SCENE at all.  (coded sound it out)

It’s bad enough watching people give themselves lung cancer by microfiber and fabric dyes.

But also the two humans I interacted with at the grocer yesterday were all for spraying chemicals on produce.  As the grocery clerk sprayed the asparagus next to the food hand baskets,  with bright blue-likely bleach I objected vehemently to what he was doing.  Told him he was poisoning the asparagus.

The grocery bag boy looked at another guy and they both shook their heads as if to say “yes we are disinfecting the customers asparagus with blue colored chemical solvents for their own safety.”  Naively uninformed!

“The biggest finding was that 39 percent of people reported using common household cleaners, like bleach, in non-recommended ways that are actually really harmful to their health.”

But there’s worse!  Look at these headlines!

“Calls To Poison Centers Spike After The President’s Comments About Using Disinfectants To Treat Coronavirus”

Long story short President Trump (about a year ago) said on national TV to whoever was in the room with him “lets look into injecting disinfectants to cure C.V.”

People took the president seriously?  I thought he was being sarcastic mocking the corporations attempt at poisoning us all with their chemicals.  Looks like the statement was more of a test.  A comment to see just how uninformed the masses are.  Perhaps the elite are working at their justification for poisoning so many with food additives for so long.  And putting pesticides into the hands of imbeciles.    God help us all.

Fear porn

Conservative statistic no doubt, One-Third of COVID-19 Survivors Develop a Brain Disorder
So now they don’t just fear the virus itself, its brain or neurological disorders they are shuving down the fear ports of their brains. God help them. Truth is the belt of the armor of God and there is a reason it’s part of the armor.
We must apply Truth in our own lives in every way possible. But most importantly express your true fears on paper then with a friend who will is empathic and will say they relate to it, not hiding their own fear. To hide fear is to grow & multiply it.

Forbes article showing massive spike in calls to poison control when the president at the time Trump suggested injecting disinfectants for CV cure.

PREDICTION Why kill masses of humans when they are naive enough to off themselves systematically?  We already see they have no value for oxygen, their own lungs, their own bodies, their own knowledge, to seek God or to seek Godly Wisdom.  Of these things they are foreigners in a land God created for His own..

Remember this friends "The threats on-going never ending from media over and over threatening illness, now war threats, God only knows what they will say next.  My guess.  The U.S. will bomb its own brightest city N.Y.  Hence all the prophecies will be fulfilled about NY.  The media will tell us we are now under attack & at war and that YOU WILL BE THE NEXT TO SUFFER the BOMBS. 

Then people will leave their homes, unprepared running- too and fro everywhere.  Running out of gas.  These runners will be stuck on the interstates for days, then weeks, they will likely starve and die of thirst there on the interstate because of threatening fears the masses will somehow take actions to destroy themselves.   This is the pattern I see.

My angels say this "do not run not matter what" also I had visions of traffic backed up for miles and miles.  Be sure you have protection against starving attackers.

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  1. I get tired of all the up grades for the betterment of us all and sacrofives are needed, Sacrifice to what god. I like to hear what we can do to keep then out of my dna and home> legally. Collolide copper great, brass great, keep our amuine systum strong great, can we defend in a ligal way I. guess we can not barracuda our homes, no bubby traps, no guns, so what?

  2. As for the persecution of Christians…I just now read on MSN news,story attributable to CNN(Dated May 3rd,20′): ” Rome’s Coloseum to get new gladiator arena floor” Hmmm…Don’t suppose they’re tryin to push the ol fear button again do you?

    1. Omg another Jazweeh prophecy coming to pass! She wrote an article on gladiator arena’s like in the days of Rome returning to earth and legal gaining great crowds. Here’s the link. https://jazweeh.com/new-prediction-for-five-year-span-by-jazweeh-the-predictionist/
      Of course it’s not a fulfillment yet…but this shows the beast is moving in the direction of bringing back the slave gladiators. Also oddly I was just watching the series Spartacus thats all about gladiators so I was thinking about the Jazweeh prophecy yesterday. Thank you! I apologize that’s a “PREDICTION” not a prophecy. She doesn’t prophecy.

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