Judy Mikovits Shill & True Whistle Blower? You Decide

She does relate the Virus Theory


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  1. When you started your spiel that Kaufman is a shill you convinced me that it is YOU who are the real shill and controlled opposition! Go and do some research buddy. Kaufman and Cowan are the two guys who are doing the most work to educate people that germ theory is BS and viruses do not exist.

    1. That’s Joe Imbreano on YT who your talking to. I am danaashliy.com writer. I merely posted his video so you can decide about those promoting virus theory and Kaufman…I don’t know him. So it’s him you may want to msg.

  2. This guy is incorrect. HIV is the virus – AIDS is the name of the ‘syndrome’ that occurs when the HIV virus takes over your T-Cells (CD4) and converts them via RNA transcription to become HIV also. HIV ‘hyjacks’ your own t-cells. when you don’t have enough t-cells (T4) think of them as the ‘generals’ then the immune system can’t send the signal to the T8 (cd 8 helper cells) or ‘the army’, to fight off infections. Which is why people with high viral loads of hiv (the use of the PCR test was to detect HIV virus in the blood) and low CD4/CD8 ratios (more army than generals) then the infections are not fought off, thus people with HIV infection, WHICH IS A REAL VIRUS, get things that normal people can fight off, like pcp pneumonia, which they now know Bactrim will help prevent if taken as a prophylaxis, and MAC (mycrobactrium Avium Complex) which we are all exposed to as children, it’s in nature, and carried by common birds, or they get TOXoplasmosis, which is carried by CATS – and sometime people with advanced hiv are told to not clean litter boxes for this reason. There is a REAL HIV virus and I personally have witnessed the blood tests, the health issues and the successes of treatments over decades. So … Mikovits is NOT wrong about HIV. Please ask people to do their research before posting such videos that might actually increase the stigma and fear that those that live with HIV have to deal with. They are already taken advantage of by big pharma. And the real tragedy is in poor countries where drug adherence is harder to obtain and the virus develops mutations to fight the drugs they are not consistently taking – and then they have to try to find alternative drugs that work differently to pray that they work… all very expensive. Big pharma is an angel to develop these life saving drugs but they are a devil to charge as much as $5200./USD a month for them – just to stay alive. just my 2 cents.

    1. I AM NOT A “HEARD OF CATTLE” NOR AM I A COW. By “generals” do you mean mRNA? And what do the viral vectors of recent back scenes have to do with hiv/aids if anything? Why did they use sars instead of covid as a viral vector in the jj backs?
      Perhaps (like other “treatments”) the high dollar meds the treatment is worse than the dis ease. Such as w/hep c & cancer (the real plague) so called “treatment” that make them $$ and kill them off.

    2. We don’t sin-sure here. No fact checking except by choice. The push for a codependent norm where they chant, “were’ all in this together, I am responsible for your health and you mine” makes men God & tell the world a strong unhealthy codependent agenda. This kind of thinking drives nails into freedom and tears it at its heart. Is that what you want? A codependent world? If I don’t wear a mask I am killing grandma….if I don’t wear polyester I am killing the planet? Suck polyester down deep into your lung. Relish the dyes and the microfibers that will be the death of the masses by the true plague–the one that we HAVE seen people dying of. The one that strikes 1 in every 2 people. Watch the corps. get rich on the mask Cancers. Watch the eugenicists suck in the money from the cancer treatment poisons. I know whats in fabric.

      You said this, “”Please ask people to do their research before posting such videos that might actually increase the stigma and fear that those that live with HIV have to deal with.”” Why have I heard this instruction a thousand times by parrots?

      PARROT “DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH” she says…this statement has been a status quo for years on nearly every truther video out there. It reeks of programming by repetition. So what’s the programming behind it?

      How about the statement talks to people as if they are stupid first of all its condescending. 2nd people will do what the hell they want without me giving them directives that belittle them and they have heard already 1,000 times over. Every guy out there that is not a researcher will feel a tinge of guilt every time they hear it since they are already demoralized and in defense mode constantly. The parroted statement drives home the codependent agenda of “go back to school, your not doing the work! Do your own work don’t listen to me” BULLSHIT!

      I would not be writing articles if I didn’t want people to listen nor would I have a website. For me to copy what the parrots say “don’t listen to me, do your own RS.” IS A LIE because I would nt be talking if I didn’t want them to listen to me.

      If I was to give directives I would say this–

      TAKE OFF THE MASK of shame and become who you really are, follow your heart, seek God with all your might, the Truth will set you free. It did me. What Truth? To become transparent with one’s own self, to re-connect heart to mind, to realize your not “bad & wrong” after all, as programmed. And realize demoralization is the beasts primary directive to the masses.

      Don’t parrot or you will demoralize your breathren. I would say this. Quit following programs. Go to recoveryfarmhouse.net & .com and learn how to find out who you are by 12 step recovery. Then you can finally go before God your Creator in Truth. Once the wreckage of the beast’s programming is seen and understood. Once a man sees what happened to him and why he reacted. Once he truly learns to follow his heart he is free.

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