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Florida Gates of Hell GMO Mosquitoes

The creators of GMO mosquitoes have assured us that the GMO squits are not only harmless but all all male.  That they fly around aimlessly with only one use, to mate & kill the female Florida Mosquito.  When they mate they allegedly kill & make weak the bad females who cause the itch.

Hey Gates of Hell we prefer the itch over dive bombing angry females who have had to morph into 10 times their power to survive as nature DOES.  But then you knew that didn’t you gates of hell?

It’s been a very long time since mosquitoes were normal in the swamps of north central Florida.  They have morphed from their, they bite and you scratch predictable process & result.  Now we, in the Florida swamp have a new speckled 1/4 inch long or longer super mosquito.

The normal mosquitoes landed on the body without any feeling to the human and then innocuously bite/sting without any feeling.  Alternatively, the speckled mosquito comes in for an attack.  It flies like an airol fighter jet pilot.  Then it marks its target then comes in with great speed pointing it’s sword.  And when that baby drives its needle & venom into your body it feels like a bee sting.  You jump!

Mosquitoes have morphed and I blame gates of hell & the beast he represents.

You see, I know the behavior of nature, it fights to survive.  It’s in it’s genetic make up.  When you make male mosquitoes to kill females you inevitable MAKE THE FEMALE RISE TO THE OCCASION.  The female must make herself stronger to survive the Gates of Hell attacks on her kind.

Hence now we how the worst fucking female mosquitoes we could have asked for.  They have had to adjust to being attacked over and over and over by 100 different types of male counterparts.

Screw you Gates of Hell!  I will watch you in Hell, make no mistake about that.

Mother nature is under attack by corporations and she is pissed.

The measurements below are approximations since I do not count drops exactly when mixing essential oils with carrier oils.  You may want to check the standard mixtures online of organic essential peppermint oil & lemongrass oil mixed with a carrier oil. A carrier oil is any oil you choose.

BEWARE of Beast System Poison Cooking Oils

NEVER USE STANDARD COOKING OIL bought in plastic containers.  And especially never use them in cooking they are poison.  Put nothing on your skin that you could not eat.  I am serious.  Buy organic (if possible) cold pressed oils or expeller pressed. UNREFINED IS BEST.  Its not the plant that they use that’s bad.  Like saying “I only use olive oil” doesn’t matter.  It’s the process of extracting & separating the oil that defines it as either toxic or clean.

Oils I have used.  Read label carefully.  Latourangelle’ brand also has some good organic choices.  Spectrum.  Barlean’s flax is kept in refrigerated section of store.  I use unrefined (if available), cold pressed or expeller pressed (oil is heated) organic (if available) absolutely NON gmo.  Organic cannot be non GMO except in the case of some white mushrooms the beast has managed to manipulate.

Carrier Oils
carrier oils

My Experience with Various Essential Oils Brands

NOW, Plant Therapy, My own Apothacary a teacher and maker of essential oils Dan Riegler’s store on Etsy.

Dan’s website teaches you all you need to know about using the products he makes from natures plants.

ITS THE PROCESS they use to extract the oils from the plant that poisons the plant and the body.  If we can change just this one thing, your brand and type of oils we cook with we are then ahead of the de-pop game.

Wesson and the rest of the big names, ALL OF THEM use HEXANE & chloride.  Hex-ane is a grossly overused chemical that separates the oil from the plant & water.  Hexane causes malignant tumors and other carcinogenic cancers especially when heated above certain temps straight up poison.  Apparently the beast loves to poison the people and show how naive we are.

People who sell natural organic essential oils are helpful with measurements.   You want this mix mosquito repellant as strong as possible, test skin first on a patch when mixture (instructions below) is ready, wait 30 minutes to make sure no sensitivity occurs like a kind of mild burning.

If sensitivity does occur its not a big deal it will pass with no permanent damage.   I have done it myself, its more annoying than anything.  It wears off pretty quick.  Your can add more cocoanut oil to your skin to stop sensitivity, just don’t get it in your eyes.

The Repellent

Mosquitoes hate essential oils. Get you some organic lemon grass essential oil.  Mix 30 drops with a 1/2 ounce of organic cocoanut oil that hardens.  (heat cocoanut oil) then refrigerate.  Cut pieces and use it as repellant.  Rub all over body that is exposed.

Keep away from eyes.   Test a patch of skin and wait 30 min. before applying.  You don’t want sensitivity to the oil.  If its too strong dilute with more cocoanut oil.

Repellent Two

Keep away from eyes.  Organic Peppermint essential oil.  Mosquitoes hate it.  You can use process above.  Or get a small spray bottle.  Add 1/3 liquid organic oil like Spectrum Sunflower Oil.  Add 1/3 water.  Then add 30 drops peppermint oil.  Shake and spray yourself WITH EYES CLOSED.  Or spray your clothes.

The Lemongrass process seems to work longer for me than the peppermint process.  Use both if needed.

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