Don’t Put an AGM Battery in Your Car

If the Car Came with a Regular lead acid battery.

Important Safety Side-note see -DON’T PUT AGM BATTERIES IN THE CAB OF THE CAR ESPECIALLY WHEN CHARGING.  In spite of info they DO vent hydrogen & oxygen.

What Happens When Corporations Rule the World?

Tier #1 corporations are obviously no longer accountable to the people.  The restrainer who kept them from blatant customer abuse has withdrawn.  Seems tier #2 corporations are no longer standing up as competitors to keep the first beast honest.   The beast system corporate world has no real competitors or gov institutions to keep them honest.

Greed mongering means they will now give you by advertising, false information in spite of the fact that info might cost you alot of money.

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The restrainer in the natural has been removed.  Hence you now see the whole world marching to the same beat.  That is your proof of one world rulership.

What Happened-Corporate Evil

My car battery went dead.  So I went online to look for a new battery.  Many of the mainstream “see what kind of battery you need”  by adding your car type, year, model, etc websites surprisingly suggested I “upgrade” to an AGM for my 2013 Avenger.  They made it sound like the AGM is some great new superior car battery tech.   WHAT????  I thought what the hell?  Why would they say that?  It didn’t match my research and knowledge on batteries.

AGM BATTERIES for regular cars?

Unless your car has a setting with battery type options such as AGM, LITHIUM, REGULAR LEAD ACID, or GEL.  Or perhaps (I am guessing here) if you have a very new car that can automatically detect the type battery in your car and make charging adjustments automatically (which is very likely the case) then don’t put an AGM lead acid battery in your car.

My Proof is in the thread below and what I know by experience with solar batteries. (AGM lead acid for solar panels).

You see I created my own solar panel system.  Otherwise I wouldn’t know what an AGM battery is actually made for.  So unless they have made some automobile ready new type of AGM these batteries are created for longevity for storing solar power NOT COLD CRANKING AMPS that a car needs.

Solar doesn’t require the cranking amps that a car or truck needs to start it up.  Solar requires that the AGM batteries charge quickly and last longer once the sun goes down.  AGM are lead acid batteries (same as regular lead acid) but built with absorbed glass mat technology for longer lasting charges.  Usually a refrigerator would be your strongest start up strain on the AGM lead acid type batteries.

AGM contents are enclosed and the lead plates are thicker than a regular car battery so they can last longer with a stead draw on them.  Unlike car batteries that are made for a quick high draw to crank up the car.


Read this thread from people who put AGM “UPGRADES” in their vehicles and ended up nearly messing up not only their car starters ect but also the batteries quickly burned up due to no charging safety components.  And no setting to let the car understand that the AGM requires different charging modes than the regular lead acid car batteries.


The corporations DON’T GIVE A SHIT!  My guess, they have an overstock of AGM’s and need to sell them before they go dead.

AGM BATTERIES for regular cars?

Unless your car has a setting with battery type options such as AGM, LITHIUM, REGULAR LEAD ACID, or GEL don’t buy AGM for a car.  Or perhaps (I am guessing here) if you have a very new car that can automatically detect the type battery (gel, lithium, agm lead acid, regular lead acid) in your car so as to make charging adjustments automatically (which is very likely the case) then don’t put an AGM lead acid battery in your car.




I put a AGM battery in my audi a4 1999 , and the computer got confused enough to throw up annoying symbols on the dash , like bulb out errors and the like , so i changed back to excide premium 90AH , I recon the cars computer just could’t figure out what had changed ,with the AGM being able to be recharged 5 times faster than the standard battery , but no damage done , every day is a school day .


  • I think your problem was related to something else. Perhaps your AGM battery was empty. They are often sold half charged! With either type of battery, system voltage is always between battery voltage and top charge voltage. It doesn’t matter how fast battery can accept charge. – Evren Yurtesen Nov 21 ’17 at 16:19




I agree with Lee. I just put 2 AGM batteries in my 08 G8 Gt thinking it was going to be better and after some research it seems that older cars don’t know how to deal with the AGM format when replaced being that the alternators aren’t programmed to deal with AGM batteries. I started seeing high voltages when starting the car (15.6v) then after driving about 6 miles, the voltages would drop to 14.8v (normal for my car), then after 15 miles it would drop to 13.2v (definitely not normal). Got both batteries tested and they both show they’re bad. I figure the initial charging of 15.6v (which I’ve never seen in my car before the install of this battery) is killing the unit. Going back to Autozone to switch back to a regular battery when I get off work.

With that said, let’s not push everyone to install AGM batteries in their cars if the car wasn’t designed to use it.

The following paragraph from this site helped me draw this conclusion:

“While the installation of the ­battery may be the same for the two battery styles, some vehicles require an extra step to tell the vehicle that the battery has been replaced. Newer vehicles have a Battery Sensor Module or similar systems. These systems require recalibration with a scan tool if the battery is replaced. If the system is not recalibrated, the alternator might overcharge the new battery and cause the battery to fail soon after replacement.”





Disconnect the battery sensor, you can then use what-ever battery you like as the EMU does not know what type of battery is now installed and reverts to a standard charging regime which is OK for both types of battery. I have a Merc and 981 Cayman both have the sensor disconnected, I did it on both cars to get rid of stop/start.



Sidenote-Websites are also saying AGM's don't put off gases when charging.  And that you can travel with the AGM in the cab-I would do that or believe that for a minute.
Yes they are sealed but still all the research I did said they put off hydrogen while charging under certain conditions.   And these bastards are telling people to
load up their children in a cab with closed windows and put the AGM with poison gas in the cab with them.
All batteries are toxic to humans and animals.  Treat them as such.  The
internet scrubs itself then contradicts prior information.
This is happening ALOT lately.  The internet lies like hell.

The AGM battery electrolyte is typically a mix of sulfuric acid and water.

While charging, the chemical reaction produces hydrogen and oxygen.

The battery valve <strong>stops the gases from leaving</strong>, preventing water loss. These gases are reabsorbed into the electrolyte.

However, when there’s too much pressure (like when the battery is overcharged), the valve <strong>vents </strong>the gases. This helps equalize pressure and prevents structural damage to the battery.


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