New Earth-Saved by Faith In God

And The Meek Shall Inherit The New Earth

I have shown the horrors of the end of the age.  Let me show you the happy ending for those who are transfigured or reborn unto eternal life and given the gift of The New Earth.  No human is perfect they cannot handle sinless perfection.  We are here to choose our eternal home and then the new life.

The Home Coming for The Meek & The Chosen Few

And Finally I Am Shown the Happy Ending-The New Earth

And the Meek who shall dwell upon it. Forever being respectful of Earth for to respect Earth is to respect Mankind.  For Earth is the foundation of the survival of Mankind.  And will be respected.

The Home Coming for The Meek (the great multitude saved by Faith in God) & The Chosen Few

WORMWOOD (W.W.)  By Laura E. &

Likely the next prophecy fulfillment shall be the wormwood fulfillment.  W.W. will bring on the lake of fire and the worst parts of the great tribulation.

Buy some binoculars and prove what I am telling my readers.

In 2018 or 2017 two new very bright stars appeared in the Eastern sky.

The Blue and The Red Kachinas. Prophesied by the Hopei (Hopie) and Mayan Indians these two new stars signify the renewing & purification of Earth & man.  And they signify the end of the old age of Grace.   Bringing new beginnings and the death of many.  Men shall now be ushered into the eternal homes of their choosing.  Their choices were made throughout their lives.

The Earth must not continue in its mode of destruction.  God will not tolerate His Earth to be destroyed.  Our purpose was always to become children of God.  Or to become children of Satan.  Or to meet the lake of fire that destroys men’s souls as nothing else does.  Wormwood will bring that lake of fire.

Wormwood Purification of Earth
The Lake of Fire

Why are The Elite in Their Bunkers?

What would make 1st and 2nd tier corporate powers run into their underground bunkers in the mountains?  They clearly know something is coming and have left the antichrist calling the shots on Earth’s surface. Hence the insane TV media presentations of C.V. and the rest of the crazy ruthless “we don’t give a damn” actions of the powers that be, lately.

The elite know the prophesies of hidden knowledge.  And those who stole our knowledge have seen the two stars enter Earth’s atmosphere.  And yes the media will deceive the many calling the new bright stars Venus or Saturn or a satellite or whatever.   However, there has never been such bright stars in our night sky as these.

The Red Kachina Is Wormwood & Shall Create the Lake of Fire.

Blue Kachina flashes, literally, red, clear light, and blue and she dances to and fro crossing the sky.  She is so beautiful.  When she comes closest in the South East, I watch her fly.   I can see her wings with binoculars.  She is an angel of God and I believe she carries the sword of God.

The Red Kachina is something else, it looks different from Blue Kachina.  Not an angel at all.  It is bright white round star-ish with a red cap over it of shining glitter.  It moves as a star but is nearly as bright as a small moon.

So the elite seeing the stars and knowing the prophecies have gone into their bunkers.  You see they know the Red Kachina is “Wormwood” and it shall crash to the Earth anytime killing most of mankind.

How Will The Red Kachina (Wormwood) Create The Lake of Fire?

I believe Father showed me that the Blue Kachina will take her sword of God rushing toward the Red Kachina, sword in hand.  Then she will split the Red Kachina and it will land one half on Mount of Olives and one Half on Mt. Carmel.  Exact distance of 144 kilometers.

The elite are desperately struggling to somehow destroy and stop the event from happening.  They try to kill the angel but they cannot.  She is both beautiful and indestructible. To look into her eyes would burn a man into dust.  She is the embodiment of our Savior Jesus.  She holds and shall wield The Sword of God ending all suffering.

Brief Note Bible Change

Sidenote-The bible used to show a Jesus prophecy that has now changed. That Jesus would step foot onto Jeruselum Jerusalem landing one foot on Mt. Carmel and the other on Mount of Olives.  Now the prophecy is that He arrives on top of Mount of Olives.   Zachariah 14:4.  The prophecy was in the gospels not the Old Testament.

The Lake of Fire Subsides Giving way to the New Purified Earth

Jesus is Returning & Earth Shall be a Paradise Again

Jesus promised and He meant it.  He is returning, just not in the way they think or the way the preachers foretold.  God is appointing “Guardians” of The New Earth.  Guardians who will assure that the murdering, destructive debauchery never happens again.   Mankind WILL RESPECT HIS EARTH or they will be no more.  For, to respect Earth is to respect man & animal kind.  You cannot respect man while destroying the very foundation of His existence.

The Guardians, those trusted servants who Jesus knows & trusts shall be powerful.  Not to rule or rein over anything.  But rather these guardians are to protect Earth and mankind.   The guardians are made in the image of their Father, Spirit yet with form like flesh.

The New Earth, A Paradise
The New Earth, A Paradise

The Elite Know the Prophecies fulfillment Strips Them of Their Power over Humans & Earth

The guardians won’t be as Jesus but rather they shall be so filled with Jesus they can do their jobs without a hitch.  Having been taken up to Heaven during Wormwood and transfigured.  They have already shown themselves trustworthy with a heart to serve God by whatever His will is.  So of course the elite want to delete them.  This is likely why the elite secret societies have been poisoning and attacking all of mankind for millennium.   Their vain attempt to stop the 144 from fulfilling their calling as guardians of The New Earth is ongoing.

Jesus is Spirit He will not again downgrade Himself & become flesh to live on Earth.  But what He will do is fill mankind and transfigure them to dwell on the New Earth in great peace and harmony.  None of the prophesies are fulfilling in the way the preachers said they would.  But they are Truthfully fulfilling.

We who are alive and remain shall be transfigured.  Just as Satan is transfiguring his children.  Not all shall die, but we shall all be changed, in the wink of an eye, at the last Trumpet.

The Red Hats Were Supposed to Protect God’s Children from The Rich & Powerful.

An elite group were given unlimited assets and unlimited earthly power to protect the children of Earth from mighty foes of all kinds.  They, being human failed in their generational task.  As, one by one they were taken down by greed and threat, by death and horror.  The temptations they faced were too much for any man to bare.  And by folly they fell hard.  They, connected to the Vatican were easily as powerful as any second tier corporate power.  And they even had supernatural artifacts to give them the edge.  To see into both minds and hearts of men.  Even to see the future.

But secrets were shared.  And magic boxes were lost.  The 144 forgive them their fall.  And yet one of them remained faithful.  He shall walk in the halls of the guardians of New Earth with his head held high.

Earth after the purification
Home Earth after the purification

And The Meek SHALL Inherit The New Earth.


2 Replies to “New Earth-Saved by Faith In God”

  1. Dealing with clearvoyance.

    After warned so many during my life. Clearvoyance, or the unknowing part it played in my life has destroyed it.

    How do you cope with that part of it’s force.

    With regards,

    Frans van den Berge

    1. I pray lol. Recently the anticipation of these things has caused me anxiousness. I have learned emotional coping skills through the years healthy one’s. I am always aware to make sure my fears are expressed, vented so they do not gain power over me by keeping them secret. That takes care of much of emotional danger. Saying “thy will be done” and praising Jesus by name aloud is a powerful tool. Gratitude, giving thanks. In all things give thanks. It turns feelings around. There is great power in our words. Some know that and use it against us. We can use it for our benefit. I suppose we are close because for the sake of God chosen He is shortening the days due to their awareness that is causing anxiousness for many. Many now have end time gifts. Rule #1 don’t project my feelings onto other people to blame them. If they cannot see and do not want to hear that is their choice. I try my best to respect that. LIke my partner says “they are on their journey not all are where I am.”

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