Important JJustified Video. What is the Mark of the Beast?

Article #1 OSHA’s take on employers demanding employees vaccinate themselves.

2# JJustified What is the Mark of the Beast?

3rd Gates of Hell …Savior or the world or fox in the henhouse?

See the testimony of Laura E. on YT 5 parts.

The Companies Can be Threatened to be Sewed If they Demand Employees to take an experimental vaccine.

However it looks like OSHA isn’t going to make it easy.    And God only knows if OSHA is bought and paid for by the corporations at large then likely the judges are as well.  Just don’t take it.  Even if you could win a lawsuit you may not be alive to collect.

Turn-coat Gov org. ‘OSHA’ (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) made this statement then turned around and made the following statement.   But the second statement won’t stop anyone from sewing employers for medical injury & damages if they threaten your job.

First OSHA Statement

OSHA: Employers May Be Held Liable for ‘Any Adverse Reaction’ if They Mandate COVID Vaccines
New OSHA guidance holds employers liable for adverse reactions if they require employees be vaccinated for COVID as a condition of employment, which could negatively impact the employer’s safety rating.

Second OSHA (A .Gov Safety in the workplace org.) Statement

According to the agency’s website:

“DOL [U.S. Department of Labor] and OSHA, as well as other federal agencies, are working diligently to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations. OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts. As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination through May 2022. We will reevaluate the agency’s position at that time to determine the best course of action moving forward.”


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CDC ARTICLE Dated July 19,2021

Vaccine Mandates & Exemptions

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Not Mandated Under Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not mandate vaccination. However, whether a state, local government, or employer, for example, may require or mandate COVID-19 vaccination is a matter of state or other applicable law.

Employer Vaccine Mandates and Proof of Vaccination

Whether an employer may require or mandate COVID-19 vaccination is a matter of state or other applicable law. If an employer requires employees to provide proof that they have received a COVID-19 vaccination from a pharmacy or their own healthcare provider, the employer cannot mandate that the employee provide any medical information as part of the proof.

Employee Medical Conditions or Religious Beliefs Exemptions

Two types of exemptions can be implemented:

  • Medical exemptions
    Some people may be at risk for an adverse reaction because of an allergy to one of the vaccine components or a medical condition. This is referred to as a medical exemption.
  • Religious exemptions
    Some people may decline vaccination because of a religious belief. This is referred to as a religious exemption.

Employers offering vaccination to workers should keep a record of the offer to vaccinate and the employee’s decision to accept or decline vaccination.

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