People Are Getting Sick-Useful Cure By Nature

Cure for Lung Problems Going Around

Disclaimer-I am not a doctor.  Check with a licensed holistic physician before doing any of this.   Allopathic doctors know nothing about natural remedies used for generations.  Further more big pharma has made every effort to crush natural remedies.

Nature works differently than allopathic drugs do.  Nature heals but usually takes longer than if you had an allopathic big pharma drug that worked.

One-Do not change who you are.  God made your cells the way they are for a reason.  Mankind can NEVER EVER improve on that.  Mad science will do one thing with your dee and aye, make you compliant to the beast system or worse.

Your choice your body your choice.

Go to a remote area, never gather herbs and vegetation under electrical lines.  The electric companies regularly poison the land and plant under their wires so they don’t have to mow and cut.  That right there shows us they have no respect for God, man, or nature.  They don’t give a shit if your kids play in their poisons.  And they will will tell you all day long that although Cancer causing their poison that kills every plant it touches “does no harm to humans”.  And hey if they can poison the water system too, all the better for eugenics.

I loath the beast system.  Know them by who they show you they are not by who they tell you they are.

The Solution to Lung Sick.

Step 1-Go out if in Florida or the south and dig up some Turmeric root alive.  Try your best to leave the plant alive and thriving.

The root will be yellow to orange to white depending on how young it is.  Or buy some Turmeric root fingers online.  The fingers will grow you a plant if you plant part and use the rest to make tea..  Amazon sellers have the live roots to ship.  Organic only.  For turmeric tea use about the size of a thumb cut up, diced, or shredded root.  Add boiling water.  Steep the longer the better.  6 Minutes minimum.

White Turmeric: How It Is Different From Yellow Turmeric And Its Health Benefits - NDTV Food

Young root shoots tender.

Should look like this depending on how long it’s been dry.  The strings grow plants as well.  If it’s sprouting then all the better.

Step two

Pine branch or baby pine tops sprouting.

Don’t use the pine pollen worm looking things.  They only appear certain times of year.

Pine Tree Buds by Monica Murphy
Pine Buds Covered With Resin Surrounded By Pine Needles Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 5687305.
These pine sprouts are buds, firm not particle-like the pollen pods in first picture.


Foraging Spruce Tips (and Other Conifer Tips)

Use buds like this with stems and pine needles to make tea.  Use a good amount of pine needles and sprouts 1/4 cup approx. Cut up well, pour hot water, let steep longer the better.  Drink hot.  Breath steam.

Take pine needles, sprouts, small stems, approx. 4 cups.  Add to water on medium.  Get it steaming a bit not boiling.  Put towel over head, close eyes.  Turn off burner.  Make a hood with towel over your head and the pan to capture steam and breath it.  Do this twice a day for as long as needed.  A few days.

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