The Elect Must Be Raptured First Then the Great Multitude

The Woman of Revelation 12 Now Knows Who She Is

Interesting findings. The great trib will likely begin in late January 1-28-2020. Fear not if the first rapture eludes those who call themselves ‘watchmen’. The elect and the woman of Rev.12 & those who go before the throne of God these people must go home first..

Remember this in trying times-Though ten thousand may fall at your right hand and ten thousand may fall at your left…the harm shall not touch those whose hearts are in Jesus.

Some think they have the baptism of The Holy Spirit when what they have is the Baptism into Jesus, the Savior.  They sought not the gifts of The Holy Spirit of Healings or prayer by the laying on of hands at the alter call.  The Baptism of The Holy Spirt usually comes after the born again experience.  It is for spiritual gifts such as used by the elect and the 144,000 and it is for comfort and to know Truth.

Three praises aloud to Jesus with arms raised is a tool of deliverance.  Have men given more praise with arms raised at concerts than at church?  It should not be so.

The intercessors who travailed for years on end as in labor are the woman of Rev. 12 who is at this time being nurtured. They intercessors have birthed the deliverance of many souls. And they birthed God’s will on Earth by their travail and prayers of deep deep burdens. They pray by The Holy Spirit in God’s Highest language in the speech of men. They know what labor is and who the woman of Rev 12 is. They are not better than, just different than the great multitude. Then the great multitude shall see many things that have been hidden under the strong delusion.

The books now offer men “glory” when all glory is to Father and His Son, The Son of God Jesus.  The book offers many scape goats for the children of men to blame.  This is clearly the top emotional survival skill of dysfunction for those who are programmed.  This is why the corrupt bibles now appeal to so many more people than before.  As the words change daily on the pages, a supernatural haze lays over the memories of what the paragraphs and pages once said…when the book was a Holy place.

And God’s wisdom and Truth are nearly totally erased from all the books no matter how old.  No matter the version.  The Bible is now transitory changing at the will of the author of confusion.  The wolf speaks great blasphemy and lies from the pages.  The desecrated abomination that was once God’s inspired words is fallen.  Yet the children of men remember it not as it was.  How can this be?  How can this be?  But it is, mind you , it is.  You will see.  You WILL SEE.

How does one avoid false memories sent from Satan?  The armor of God is the only way to avoid the lies.  We must be as little children who speak from their heart not wearing the mask of ego.  We must realize how we clung to the lie as protection and convert to Truth.  The belt of Truth must be our new protection Truth is our spiritual armor.  In the last days Truth is more important than ever before.  The rest of the armor is also vital.  But The Hemet of Salvation with a heart that embraces the lie for protection (as we have been programmed to do) equals=Strong delusion.  Even if a lie is given as a compliment to lift someone up it is still a lie.  Truth must start in the presence of God.

We must find ourselves to show ourselves to God.  We must finally separate our presentation of ego the is deceptive & motivated by our fear of people from our true heart that is buried and silence.  We must face our deepest fears and give them to God.  We must realize our motives.  Not to condemn but rather to present to God so He will then change us into a vessel of His will.  By this we will find our greatest belonging.  By this we will lose nothing except the deceptions of the world and the flesh.  We must see that we are insecure, of low self worth, and fear because of it.  All men are programmed into low self worth.  This is how the beast takes hold of a man.  This is how and why we are self deceived.  We must put on the coping skills of The Holy Spirit who knows that fear is part of the human condition.  Therefore fear can be admitted and released instead of shamed and buried twisting a man’s own perceptions and blinding his eyes.  See & .net for solutions to programming of the emotions.

Why So Many Will Have to Endure the Great Tribulation

Why?  So their soul can be saved.  I am saying the spiritual condition is connected to the emotional condition.  I am saying Truth cannot be given in God’s presence by us until the ego is either smashed by desperation and obliterated or a man finds self awareness by emotional tools.  The great tribulation will accomplish the fear and desperation that makes a man go to God in Truth instead of with some copy paste prayer book that has no part in the man’s own heart.

We must cleave to humility in all things asking for Father’s help without ceasing.  We must do what our heart leads.  Learn of Jesus and what His precepts are.  Authenticity not perfection is the key to the belt.  Allowing God to cleanse every part of us and change us from the inside out is the goal.

Demons wait in orbs and portals for the moment that God brings the intercessors home along with the great spiritual warriors who have come out of great tribulation by relentless dark attacks. They have died to the flesh. They have seen death also first hand at least once and were revived. This was necessary for several reasons. They have had the prodigal son walk and survived. Without playing the prodigal son they would no know the depth of God’s Love for them. There are many spiritual lessons to learn while in sin and under oppression. What is their gift?

Such great suffering begging God all along the way for deliverance…they clung desperately to God no matter the suffering. Deeper and deeper they went in suffering and deeper and deeper their faith was forged. They must leave first. Some will stay only by choice. Most will go with the children, very young children. We also must be as little children to inherit the kingdom of God. How does one balance the attitude of a demon crushing warrior and still remain teachable as a child?

Balance, it takes years to realize such balance to need The Father yet stand in His authority. Mistakes help. Needs help. Its no Faith if its not Faith. Hope is Hope. God is Love. God is not looking for perfection. He is looking for transparency, for entry into every place in the heart of man by man’s own free will. The 1** walk toward God and lay their heart at His feet. Asking for help, healing, and God’s will in their own heart.

Another aspect of the personality of the elect is magic.  In end times Father has taken the spiritual gifts to their extreme.  The church has turned most Christians away from anything resembling wicca and the like.  For example God makes clear in the bible (pre and post mandela effect) that His streets of Heaven are of crystaline gold and the gates of pearls and other gems..   Amythest, quartz, beryle, and many crystal types are mentioned in the bible yet..Most Christian believe the preachers who say these things are evil.  I even heard on preacher preach against essential oils made from plants that God filled the Earth with for our health value.  Big pharma has stolen plant wisdom from the masses along with farming.

Most Christians fear the gift of tongues by which no great warrior in Spirit can do without.  The powerful gifts are cyphered from the church while the bible downplays the value of tongues and Youtube makes tongues witchcraft.

The Great trib. isn’t about punishment its about the gift of desperation that will cause men to get real with God and finally let God see their whole heart.
How can those who lie to themselves worship God is Spirit and in Truth?

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  1. Well after 12 years of study and being a once born again and baptized so called christian who also became aware of the jewish question , i firmly believe that jesus was nothing more than a fabrication to give the dumb goyim salvation , noting that there is virtually zero evidence for jesus despite it being the most well recorded period in history. No one will be saved by something that never existed .
    The rothschilds are world parasites all wars are theirs , they have backstabbed the world and that is why the so called jews have been kicked out of so many countries and towns , 1046 and 109 respectively , Hitler will and for many already has gone down as the worlds greatest leader , who along with 30 other nations volunteered men and woman fought along side the great german army , i am aussie i am anzac blood my father was a communist jew pig and i do not and never will consent to the star of Remphan and the worlds biggest virus Israel . Big fan of yours Ashlie a bit surprised you follow Jesus but that is up to you all the best .

  2. There is no pre trib rapture. When Christ returns he returns ONCE.
    He does not come back into the sky & rapture up the special Christians and then come back again for those who remain.
    The scripture is clear that the Tares are bundled FIRST.
    This doctrine is NOT biblical and has nefarious roots from Darby and Scofield and a feverish dream. Look into the lies of dispensationalism. Please.

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