Plasma Apocalypse or Rapture? True Gospel No Parroting.

Written by Angry Jane

Plasma Apocalypse or Rapture?  How about BOTH!  After all “flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God”.  And without death of the body the Spirit doesn’t leave the body.  Unless a man is translated/transfigured which would be nice if it’s done by God, that is.

Usually the spirit doesn’t leave the body except during rare out of body experiences or near death events.  This is why people who die and are revived usually are never the same.  When you feel your spirit leave your body you know that you know that you know that the body you inhabit is not your home.  Nor is the body who you are.  So “It is appointed once for each man to die and then the judgement.”

But if your already in God and have an on-going relationship with your Creator then He knows you.  And if He knows your whole heart (hiding nothing from Him) you most likely already passed through judgement per-say.

“Some will be cleansed and made white, their garments already purified.”

JayDreamerz on Youtube says that the plasma apocalypse is some kind of scientific phenomena that will bring a red sky.  And that during the red sky all gravity on Earth will cease!  Then people will weightlessly float up like helium balloons and be sucked out into the nothingness of space through the coming hole in the waters above. The capped fish bowl of Earth.  If I got it right.  I have only watched a couple of his videos on the coming Plasma Event called…

EMPCOE which stands for the  “Electromagnetic Plasma Changeover Event”.  Ya, good luck remembering that acronym.

Then afterward we who survive the event will be as gods with super strength.  One problem with that theory which says random people will survive to sed the New Earth.  Bottom line is…only God appoints gods.  He allowed evil to rule for a time.  But on The New Earth evil WILL NOT REIN OR SURVIVE.  He will make dang certain that these gods which will be guardians of the New Earth have wisdom prior to bestowing upon them the power of a god.  Otherwise its folly on Earth all over again.  When diabolical men have great power with unchecked fear issues and no ability of emotional coping skills…you get an Earth like we have today.  The elite fear the masses and they cut them down at every chance.  By any means possible. Especially now.  If you cannot see the beast system’s genocide your likely better off.  It requires emotional coping skills to embrace the truth of what is.

Our Creator Will CRUSH the Head of The Serpent.  The Worlds Vile Beast System is on its way out already.

The present world system thrives on blackmail and extortion.  “Plead guilty and we won’t put you in prison for 20 years on end.”  Say the public defenders of the beast.

Degenerates ruling by lethal genocide and poisoning everything you walk out of a store with.  A medical system which runs on torture treatments.  And a legal system that makes EXTORTION LEGAL and protects criminals.

That is the state of the USA.  Every cop is a criminal of the worst variety.  Why?  Because they are ignorant and extort money all the day long.  They show up AFTER crimes are commited and find ways to make money on those crimes.  Lawyers, the beast system itself court rooms full of fools.  And judges who do nothing for anyone unless they are paid first.

And the problem is if a good man did get put into office he would be dead, or his family would be threatened if he doesn’t play along.  Politicians are in bondage to their immoral leaders.  All the way down to the many witnesses who died in the streets while the whole world watched.  Namely in the U.S. it was George Floyd. Every other country watched the same slaughter in the street under a different language and different name.  They televised the blood baptisms of the beast system now aka the one world government now in place.  It started at the time of covid showing all countries marching to one drum beat.

Why Did God Allow Evil to Rein?  And the Truth Shall Set You Free.

Jesus doesn’t recruit people to cast them into the bondage of legalism Legion/Religion.  On the contrary.  Jesus heals, delivers the captives from bondage, and He changes the sick hearts of men for the better.  If they so choose.

Praying to be changed by “thy will be done in my life” requires courage. And a well thought out strategy which involves the realization that if I pray this prayer I am handing over my carnal will to God to fix me and my heart.  Fear of the unknown will come into play IF your praying this prayer by Truth.

Evil has but a short time to rein.  We have the knowledge of evil so we can all choose our own eternity with eyes wide open.

“Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

The True Gospel of Jesus

You have a God and I am not it.  I can’t “save” anyone.  Christians parrot what they hear which is advertised and learned for promoting Legion/religion.  Their copy paste gospel has it’s advantages and Truth.  However often it has no heart unless the words they speak about Jesus or scripture come from true experience.  The heartfelt gospel is the testimony of Jesus from the heart of those who know Him given by Truth and by experience with a kind and caring motive. The Love Gospel of Jesus isn’t given by compulsion & quoting a book with history of a torture story with it’s implications of guilt and shame.  The quotation- copy paste gospel has no heart in it’s words.   No Love.  The Christians quotation gospel is likened to an intellectual gospel of learning and memorizing words.

The heart knows it’s own bitterness (guilt & shame) from actions of regret.  Therefore no stranger can interrupt our joy.  Jesus delivers us from our true guilt.  By confession our heart’s are cleansed.  Confess your sins one to another and pray one for another so ye will be healed.   Then go to God with regrets.  We have need of humility which comes by confession to other humans who won’t judge us.  Empathy is required with confession.  Never confess to person who won’t admit their own wrongs, they have no empathy and will just use it against you.  Still confession is needed so……maybe a priest?

Each man must seek God with His whole heart to find Him.  It takes perseverance and fervent on-going prayer to find God.  God points men to Jesus His plan of salvation.  The Way to God, The Truth, and The Light of the soul.

Do we want to live in darkness or in the Light?  Do we want to deal dope in the community of Hell?  With Demons and dark law givers?  Or do we want to live eternally in the Light of Goodness?  This is our choice but we must choose.  For if we are neither hot or cold we shall perish for lack of allegiance and lack of an eternal home.  There is nowhere for them to go if they do not choose their God.  We can’t turn a goat into a sheep by throwing a fallen bible at them.  God allowed evil and let humans eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil so we could choose our God and our eternal home.

HE WILL CLEAN UP THIS MESS Called Earth.  Prophecy is fulfilling all the time now.

How do I know that I am the 144,000?  Israel (the books call them and they ain’t no country or geo location, they are a group of people) How would I know that I am a warrior of God and a child of the Most Powerful Spirit of God?  How do I know I have the Holy Spirit?

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