What Are the Towers of Babble Doing to Humans?

Confounding Humans.

“If God did not shorten those days no flesh would survive.” (this verse has changed (magically in all bibles) to “no flesh would be saved”.  But that was not what was meant by it.  The verse was not about salvation.  God is doing something to cause the children of God to survive the tower of babble attacks.  Even a rapture may take place at some point for His children.

Eat real food fruits, vegetables, grains, live food that has not been processed.  While it’s still available.

There is only one solution to end of days annihilation of the human’s soul.  Seek and find God Almighty now before its too late.  He will NOT allow His creation to be rewritten like a book edit.  God created mankind and His creations are the children of God who WILL live safely on His New Earth.  If you took the rewrite to your body structure you simply must repent if possible.

God’s Divine Presence, His Spirit will return unto Him if mankind doesn’t seek to know Him.  Without His Spirit there is not eternal life.  Without eternal life there is no spiritual progress for humans.  The Lamb’s Book of Life is real.

The Problems

Can you hear the frequencies?  Many people can.

We have several devices working against us and our true reality. The cell changing towers. The cell phones, The LHC, and the Quantum computers.  All these devices are for mind control. Every one of them.  Cell phone use is secondary. Why do you think they call the phones “cell”?  They are human cell disruptors.  And the towers work in con junction with genome rewrites.

Genome Engineering Is Well Underway

“Optogenetic and chemogenetic approaches can provide a precise temporal and spatial regulation of gene expression, and the recent introduction of genome-editing technologies allows the direct manipulation of the genome.”

Tower of Babble Is a Prophecy

Scripture read that the towers “confounded mankind”.  And confound is what they are doing.  How?  My theory is somewhat technical but highly probably according to articles of scientific discovery that I read.

In simple terms those who have quantum computers now rule the world and rule over humans.  What are the purposes of the elite who rule?

They lie like hell being The Father of Lies arbiters. They are the bringers of death.  Ultimately God’s will is carried out.  However these sons of hell have no right to kill anybody.  Nor do they Love and respect God’s plan.  They know far too much now.  The towers that surround us are both weapons and programming agents from hell itself.  How?  Wavelengths.  Light/color/energy/dreams/memories/re-memories has been mastered by these genocidal demon lovers.

The Enemy Has Mastered Frequencies Which Make Up Our Reality

In short they decoded the wavelengths that make up all things Earthly.  They decoded mankind.  They decoded our memories and our dreams.  The only one’s protected from false memories are those who have the Seal of God on their foreheads.  The rest are subject to frequencies which cause aging, memory loss, new false memories, and a forgetfulness that is by design.

Why are they saying by promotion and ads that gluten is bad?  Because without natural gluten (apples banannas potatoes etc.) salt is not retained. And without salt water leaves the body.  Also without salt we are more susceptible to the wavelengths that pour from the tower of babble by showers or particles.

Biology tied to quantum mechanics.  Bio-energy hacked and tracked.  Just know this, the directive you learn from the Image of the Beast (TV) are 99% lies.  There are mass campaigns to stop people from eating gluten.  Why?  Because the lack of salt/water/gluten make us more vulnerable to their wavelengths.

Diet Matters

APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY.  Some things we hear are true.  Mainly fiction.  Many of the science articles are coded literally coded.  Which one cannot read without a key.  Look at the insane language in this article about the HDL Quarks, beauty quarks, gluons, parton showers, 

It’s even go a key at the bottom titled “code availability” you may think I am reaching but the elite have a club and we are not in it.  They have tier own languages and symbols.

“Lambda” means “Wavelength”.  They unraveled reality itself.  And their brilliance is their undoing of all things Earth.  They engage in creating GMO humans.  But that’s not the worst of it.  Their experiments are causing Earth to skid like a bad fluorescent light bulb LITERALLY.  I can see it with my own eyes.

When the sun went dim they enhanced it with their science of magnification tools.  The fresnel lense.  (see light houses made with fresnel lense). 

The elite are probably living hundreds of years now.  At least 120.  Remember they told us on their google doodles.  “So and so’s 150th birthday”.

They enjoy being superior to us while all knowledge that gives men power is withheld.  They use the smart minds to gain knowledge then they oppress and lie to those who are ignorantly handing over power to them by knowledge.

It’s quite fucking diabolical.

The particle collider experiments are used called “quantum chromodynamics”. Chromosome restructuring. But not only are they turning men into chimaras. But also they are stealing our dreams and our memories. False memories are happening often. But most people can’t remember. Hence “The Mandela Effects”.

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