New Extended Fake Sun Theory

UPDATE VIDEO BY JeffSnyder2 Youtube Channel  Thanks Jeff this video gave me the missing puzzle piece to my theory of the Sun.  Theory is based on the biblical prophecy “the sun shall go dim“.

  1. Sun Went Dim as prophesied.
  2. Mankind used Fresnel lenses and maybe parabolic mirrors & fractaled lenses.
  3. The chem trails to balance light sun energy so it doesn’t fry Earth like a magnifying glass does.  See video.
  4. Light disbursement nanotechnology used to spread the sun so it doesn’t burn like a magnifying glass normally would.  Hence interal tree fires are common these days.  See Jeff’s videos for that.


A Fresnel Lense is a magnifying glass shaped a certain way.  Onion style for instance so it intensifies the magnification.

Mathew 24:29
Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:


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Compact lens for use in lighthouses.

Fresnel lenses can shine through thick fog layers

This is mainly because they can capture light coming from a lamp and magnify it, steering it in one direction.

They can also be used as car headlights, solar concentrators, fire starters, and lights at huge outdoor events to make the place more bright and beautiful.

Also, due to their availability in large numbers, their low weight, and low cost, they can be a perfect option for optical communication.

Fresnel lenses are flat on one side, and the other side contains several small ridges, which are rings to focus the light towards the middle.

The design allows you to gather light from the sun and focus it into a small concentrated beam that can be hot enough to light a fire under the right conditions.

Now Add Mirrors to the Mix

Mirrors And Fresnel Lenses

Define Parabolic – A. A parabola is a U-shaped plane curve where any point is at an equal distance from a fixed point (known as the focus) and from a fixed straight line which is known as the directrix. B. Anything increasing exponentially.

A parabolic reflector is a reflective surface used to collect or project energy such as light, sound, or radio waves. Its shape is part of a circular paraboloid, that is, the surface generated by a parabola revolving around its axis.

The fresnel intensifies light. Two things of interest. Fresnel lenses that can intensify the sun 1,000 times say the science guys. And parabolic mirrors that capture light and reflect it back. Somewhere between these two new information sources lies the invention and workability of the new fake white hot sun. A sun that by the way will tan you as fast and just like A TANNING BOOTH…go figure.

New Theory on Fake Sun Technology

One dimmed authentic Sun (God Created)
One huge Fresnel lens 1,000 time magnification
One sphere covered in parabolic mirrors.
With some directed energy ray control contraptions. Perhaps radio waves would localize the direction of the illuminated dimmed sun.

Anyway a fresnel lens is a curved magnifying glass that is renewable. It needs no wires no bulbs, no batteries, no cables, no internet none of it!

The theys are already using the fresnel with solar panels to intensify energy input into panels.  Lets face is these fresnel lenses are free energy no doubt.

It’s right in front of us.  What pisses me off is the corporations steal every good little guy’s inventions.  And make them their own.  Then they hide the technology from the masses which could put the electric company under the bus where it should be.

I have not worked out all the particulars of the fake sun YET.  But I will get the info of what is being used as a light source.  Are they magnifying one light at the center of the dome of onion fresnel.  Or are they just reflecting and magnifying the dimmed real sun?

They showed us those pictures of fakes suns with millions of bulbs to throw us off track.  It was my first theory since the bulbed sun was right up front in google images. My God in Heaven look at that light beam. That is no regular Sun Ray. Not even close. I took this photo myself. By accident I caught that ray. Then I saw what looked like bulbs in the outer reflection of my sun glasses with my back to the sun. I was handed this research by providence.

The lighthouse has no mirrors just one light source in the center. So it is throwing the light rather than reflecting light. With parabolic mirrors added to the mix Light could be gathered from the dimmed real sun. Then intensified by the Fresnel and reflected back out to the world. They may need more than one for far away land. Or if they made the mirrored fresnel to be hoisted into orbit directly parallel to the real dimmed sun that is now rising in the west. We see & many have noticed a second light source opposite of the sun every day especially in the East when the fake sun is setting.

It’s likely that as biblical prophecy predicted. The real sun both dimmed and is now setting in the East.

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  1. Supped up LED lights, weaponized. It’s bright, it’s hotter, like a friggin white flashlight in the sky. Electromagnetic field held in place moving as the real sun. Our sun, the real one is black as sackcloth. The time of the end is soon; and God so far let’s them complete their projects- with that said, if it continues this way, then on or near 2050 is when to expect the Lord. If course always expect Him today, but remember, the elites have nothing, absolutely nothing passed 2050! That’s awesome 👍 so gotta let things run. Obama’s third term by proxy, Biden looks to be a fourth. The man of sin is fixing to come out from behind the pedo joe. Watch for more of his destruction of America. Prep, pray and stay outta the way.

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