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New Theory Updated at this link.  

“The Sun will go dim and the moon not give it’s light”.  Luminaries will not keep their places.  Perhaps God sent us the Red and Blue Kachina’s because the sun went dim.  Of course he would foresee man making a fake replacement sun to save the trees and stuff.  The four angels are here.  The media calls them “Mars, Venus” and who knows what else.

PISH POSH China probably is reading the same story except “U.S. artificial sun burns five time hotter than regular sun”.  All the mainstream news channels are making it clear that there is a fake sun.  Thing is, its all bullshit!  The technology they are proclaiming is not sustainable.  It’s basically a ridiculous “steal the fake sun narrative” story -all of them.  Their real fake sun is much much more advances and simple.

Why Did China and other corporations build and display to the people all around the world Fake Suns?  Fake suns with Light bulbs and Nuclear fusion capacity to boot they hey just don’t quite work rightyet…but they are getting there they say.

“China sets record for fake suns nuclear fusion time” Hooray for China!  Right.  They handed us these light bulb pictures.  And granted I didn’t think the biblical prophecy of the Sun going dim in end of days was pertinent until I saw shapes in the sun’s reflection that looked very artificially made.

If God Almighty makes a sun it won’t have device like moving parts.  All light is radiation.  All color is from radiation.  They don’t teach us that in school.  But they do make radiation sound like a death sentence with their grotesque pictures of half life con-taminations & “Fall Out” straight from Hell itself.  And don’t forget the melting skin!  OH ya how many melting skin movies have we endured?

Hmm They lie like Hell that we know or should.  Their horror stories are to keep people at a very long distance from their MOST POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE OF ALL…LIGHT AND COLOR.  Or “radiation”.

Come to find out grow lights have the full spectrum of color.  That’ s what makes them unique for life bringing.  So too the sun needs to have the full spectrum of colors.

Anyone with eyes can see that the white sun in our sky is NOTHING MUCH like our warm and welcoming Yellow Sun was 12 years ago.  It likely went dim in 2012.  That’s my best guess.  I didn’t wake up until 2017 so….I did notice the brightness back in 2014 or so.  But I didn’t notice just how different this new sun is.  What’s more there is ALWAYS a second light source setting in the east every evening.  Pretty sure at one time the bible read that the sun would not keep it’s place and would set in the east and rise in the west.

But this is not my best new information.  I have something worth investigating that makes the new fake sun not only POSSIBLE but probable as well.

Two things.  Fresnel lenses that can intensify the sun 1,000 times.  And parabolic mirrors that capture light and reflect it back.  Somewhere between these two new information sources lies the invention and workability of the new fake white hot sun.  A sun that by the way will tan you as fast and just like A TANNING BOOTH…go figure.

In 2014 I the sun worshipper of suntans went out and lay in the sun to find out that it no longer takes 5 hours to get a sun tan or burn.  Cut that time to 1/2 an hour.  Tanning book speeds.  Explain that.   Furthermore why isn’t anybody talking about it?

CARRINGTON EVENT?  BULLSHIT.  They fabricated the Carrington event for one reason.  So people won’t panic because……it all happened once before. Sure it did Johnny Goodle.    “Nothing new under the sun” says Solomon in Ecclesiastes.  Well that statement by Solomon was likely true when he said it.

BUT NOT NOW.  The end of days are all new.

Fake sun?  ALL NEW.

Lies from hell on an internet that is more censored than anyone cares to admit is the reality.  Hell Johnny Goodle has taken mom and pop sites and threw them into the slow lane where no one travels.  Screw you Johnny Goodle.

New Theory on Fake Sun Technology  

One dimmed authentic Sun (God Created)
One huge Fresnel lens 1,000 time magnification
One sphere covered in parabolic mirrors.
With some directed energy ray control contraptions. Perhaps radio waves would localize the direction of the illuminated dimmed sun.


Anyway a fresnel lens is a curved magnifying glass that is renewable.  It needs no wires no bulbs, no batteries, no cables, no internet none of it!

And the mirror called parabolic you can see in any flashlight wrapped around the bulb.  Between these two simple inventions a fake sun could be hoisted to reflect the dimmed sun.  And be bright as can be.

The mirrors could be the base object reflecting to Earth white hot light.  The fake sun pointing out upon the earth.  We already know the atmosphere up there grabs satellites and floats them.  They take on the same path & orbit as all the other luminaries automatically with the right magnets in place internally.  Stabilized by Earth’s magnetics of course.

So the real sun being magnified 1,000 times by the Fresnel lenses is primary.  Then those beams of magnified sunlight are directed to hit the sphered fake sun that doesn’t need any batteries, wires, bulbs, or nuclear fusion.  Instead its covered in convexed parabolic mirrors just like in the light house video.  So they would need to first magnify the dimmed sun with the capable Fresnel Lenses and point that light at the sun object.  OR perhaps the fresnel lenses serves as the fake sun.  More on this I have not worked out the kinks in my research YET but I will.

Abstract Link from https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/14/17/11062

Fresnel lens is a kind of lens that can concentrate sunlight up to a level of thousands of suns with small space occupation which is widely used in the research of sunlight concentration and transmission systems via optical fiber. Most studies on the concentrated flux of lenses use experimental methods to measure the flux distribution on the receiver of parabolic trough solar concentrators, solar power towers, and parabolic dish concentrators, while for Fresnel lenses, especially large-aperture Fresnel lenses such as the one in this manuscript, the simulation approach was mostly used. In response to this problem, this study has developed an experimental system for measuring the concentrated flux density of Fresnel lenses. A charge-coupled device (CCD) camera was used to capture the image of spot of large-aperture (968 mm) Fresnel lenses in the CCD camera-based method, and a heat flow meter was used to calibrate the spot brightness image obtained by the CCD camera. Experimental data show that the peak flux of concentrated spot can reach 4.06 MW/m2. This method confirms the simulation results of previous studies that using the rays tracing method, that is, the flux level of the Fresnel lenses can reach 5000 suns. The experimental results demonstrated the CCD camera-based method combined with a heat flow meter is competent in measuring the intensity of flux with a level of 5000 suns.


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  1. The technology you explained is still hard to understand, but I’m thrilled that someone finally sees what I see. I have definitely been noticing the “new” white sun. All summer I kept asking people if they saw the difference, too. The warm, yellow sun is gone! I also noticed people walking from car-to-grocery-store shading their eyes. They didn’t notice the difference either. Some say there’s less blinding at sunset. I say when it’s directly overhead is best. It wasn’t until when driving a car, turning right, I nearly ran smack dab into a car in front of me that had slowed for a passing car on the straightaway. I was temporarily blinded by the sun. That was really dangerous! How many car accidents have occurred as a result of the sun and are not reported, I wondered. Who would even believe you! So I phoned the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin in DC to ask about accidents reported due to the blinding sun and finally reached the Chief Counsel. They never heard of it. I was directed to contact tinted car windowmakers to rally for a policy to mandate tinted car windows as a result. (Spend more money.) And, come to think of it, I went swimming everyday this past summer and never burned but got a great tan. Hahaha. Now I know why.

    1. Bless you Caroline. I basked in the Florida sun most of my young life going from Beach to beach. I know long it took to get a burn or tan. Tanning booths were always much faster at tanning. They use grow lights which include (like natural sun) all the spectrum of colors to make a plant grow. And so…the sun now tans like a tanning booth. I was asleep for a long time. I noticed the tan difference in around 2014 or so but I really didn’t wake up until 2017 after seeking God intently. Anyway the beast basically saved humanity by erecting the fake sun. HOwever the dimmed sun is prophecy. And this is my prediction. Eventually the white sun will “Ark”. That means something will cause electric current to be too much for the device. And it will BLOW. Ark is an electric event that causes a flash of violet with a drastic change in ions, molecules. Oxygen molecules with split and become ozone temporarily. Causing bad Ozone gas over the Earth. Then the only light will be God’s real sun that has gone dim. You can still detect its light when it sets in the East now. Hence The New Sun will Eclipt (like start up restart with a great flash). It will birth the New Sun for the New Earth. With it’s New Nature. This is the promise. People will die. The harvest is in. People will either sleep for 1,000 years to awaken to the New Earth. Or they will be appointed to seed the New Earth and walk the Earth for 1,000 years. Like Scribes to write/catalogue the miracles. Or maybe to write a new Truth book for the coming children of the New Earth. So they know how it all came about while they slept. Father will have some to walk the Earth. Thousand years sounds like a long time but their bodies will be better. Their minds different. Many will die and go to Heaven. Those who prefer darkness will have eternity in Hell. Lake of fire ends the soul. Some Goats/serpents/wolves will just be done. Children of the sun begin to awake….watch out.

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