Two Witnesses Killed in the Streets While the Whole World Watched

Don’t read this if you’re back sin ate Ed.  sorry for the bad news.  Angry Jane.  “I could be wrong” says Jane.


Seldom if ever does mainstream beast news expose large $$ corporate entities as being corrupt.  So there must be another motive here.  A cover up that’s ever more important than covering up the corruption of the railroad companies in every country.  How much did they pay this bastard cop to slaughter the chosen born again Christian while the whole world watched with no care or empathy?

Murder of George Floyd - Wikipedia
DARK RITUAL showing the shift of power from Harlot to Beast. Loss of restrainer.

Paramedic Says George Floyd Was "Deceased" When He Arrived

As all countries are receiving the same mind control games info.  Starting back when we saw George Floyde was killed by the beast in the street while the whole world watched. This baptism of death scenario, occurred not just in the U.S.  But around the world with different players.  The restrainer of evil is OFF.

It marked the beginning of the Beast’s rule.  It showed the “two witnesses” prophecy fulfillment.    However there are many more than just “two” bold witnesses of Jesus’ healing and deliverance in their lives.  And of course very few people realized it was the prophecy since the bibles are entirely skewed especially now.

Bible Prophecy

Who’s the restrainer of evil prophesied about in Bible?  The Holy spirit, Yes.  But it requires a restrainer in the carnal world to fulfill prayers of protection. The first restraint is the man’s conscience obviously, for certain, & another the lesser of two very powerful evils on Earth.  The Harlot church restrained the Beast system for many years drawing the line of crimes against humanity.  And drawing the line of genocidal acts allowed.  Crimes against humanity that historically went on for years on end by fearful & greedy men.  We see in our vision the harlot was a woman & the church with great dark power.   She & they moved within the beast system demanding that the “slaves” have certain human rights.  She is called the Harlot because she is the church who sold out to evil.  The George Floyde events showed the end of the Harlot’s restraint.

I Apologize for the Co-ed 🔄 below.

There is always a method to the madness where the Beast is concerned.  Seems the beast now hates humanity more than it luvs money.  Why?  Because it’s crushing small businesses that it has been getting a piece of for many years.  By the major selling platforms online including my own store sales have dropped tremendously.  It picked up a bit for a time and gave me confidence financially.  But then again it was squashed.  My business on Etsy was a comfortable wage for the past 7 years until 2022 hit.  Now I barely have enough for food.  And capoot!  Wtf?  I am now blessed to get one or two sales a week.  I am barely paying my bills.

Fortunately I spent my young life penniless most of the time.  So I am somewhat familiar with the feelings.  However now I depend solely on God Almighty.  Because online sales are now unreliable.  And certainly they are no longer a stable income.

Again I will post Bitterman’s emotional torture of the masses hit list.  #1 Make people lose confidence in their government’s stability.  #2. Traumatize the masses with continuous disastrous scenarios on the Image of the Beast (TV News). #3 Isolation. #4 Monotonous foods. #5 Continuous threats. #6 Occasional simple treats. #7 Making the country look weak compared to other countries. (China now being labeled the “bread basket” of the world.) Opposite of the way they used to portray the U.S. & China. #8 Creating monster invisible enemies. #8 Inducing poverty. #9 Making politicians seem stupid and incompetent. (they are all actors on a stage anyway. No president has actual power if you see them on TV.

Primarily In short. It’s a cover up for the can sir they put in the back scenes. Many many many will die of the can sir play g in 2023 we predict. Not by final fluoride. But rather by the I.C.L. included in all the chots.
I studied the back scene for years on end. I know they put “immortalized cell lines” in all of them.  THEY LISTED it ON Greedy ants.

What are I.C.L.? Hmm if you took the back scene don’t read any further. The desecration to the child of God is to make him part beast. That is first. All of the back sin a Shaun’s had beast Dee Anne a. and commands to make your body rapidly replicate that Dee Anne a throughout your sale system. I.C.L. are purified can sir sales. Activatable when coming in contact with other certain sales.

Sorry but yes they wacked the human race with can sir their most profitable pig farm a dist. ease. Sorry but if you took it God is clearly your only Hope. He healed me of many things. He can heal you too.

The not sees are covering up what is about to happen on all of Earth. A shit load of people are about to come down with can sirs play g.   And their little toxic adventures will cover up the real cause of that can sir.

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