Hazardous Waste =Sell more Water to the Sleeping Masses.

Who Benefits from the recent Toxic disasters?

If the Beast can pollute all of Ohio, Michigan’s water supply with toxins and get the numbers of tests to read what they want “polluted”.  Then they can write heinous laws to sell you water which God in Heaven provided to His children FOR FREE.  And in abundance.

The Bastards are already trying to outlaw wells.  They will answer for their crimes against mankind, Earth, and humanity.

The love of money is the root of most evil on Earth.

Looking Into the Face of the Beast

It’s not pretty to watch or to think similar to the most evil greediest money driven bastards on the face of the Earth.  They compete by numbers with their fellows.  They compete by numbers on a screen that say “I won”.  Collateral damage is their handiwork.  They have no care for human life or morality.  They know nothing of poverty except spiritual poverty.

Born with a golden spoon up their snout they have no compassion for those in need.  Those who do not have enough money to buy the next meal.  Those who are poisoned by their collateral damage are a bonus.  “Too many cattle on this Earth anyway, the more we kill the better off we are!” says the Beast with no empathy.

The Earth Itself Is the Most Efficient Water Purifier Known to Man.

So….water is free and it is in abundance.  Of course don’t try to convince a millennial about primary under earth water and wells which provide it free to us.  They will say water is in short supply.  Even if they have a well in their back yard they will still say “water is in short supply”.

Why?  Because the programming is very efficient emotionally.  It goes as deep as their heart.

Make a God Box and put your fears in it. If the man says he has no fear the Truth is not in him. We should be afraid. Don’t let them shame you to repress fear. REpressed fear gains power over us. Expressed fear loses power by Truth.
Goats who have no God go to the Lake of soul destruction. Those who serve the The Dark Lord shall have their place in Hell. God owns the Earth and He is taking it BACK RIGHT NOW.

3 Replies to “Hazardous Waste =Sell more Water to the Sleeping Masses.”

  1. God is here, the signs are here, there is nothing to worry about unless you still need to be saved. He is definitely taking back what is already his!

  2. I believe in the following the money, but these days, money seems to be unlimited; it’s just pure evil now and apparently with no restraints. They can make money- the elites have money, all they want. It’s they little hard working people that strive for a buck. It this case, it’s follow the agenda ” let’s see how many useless eaters we can kill,” I’m sure someone said. It’s about destroying or changing the carbon. And YOU are the carbon they want to destroy. Anything for the third term (Anti C) president Barack Hussein Obama. But I say, if the restraints are removed from their evil, then so has their protection. They and their wicked is fair game. Targets are on the elites back. They crossed the line and as the saying goes we don’t bargain with terrorists, foreign or domestic. They should be afraid.

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