Killed In The Street While The Whole World Watches

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March 1st.  Four cops carelessly let out 19 gun shots at the post office in Farmington Utah.  Because Chase Allan had the wrong type of tag on his car.  Cops actions resulted in the slaughter of what appears to me from the video to be an unarmed young man. Shots rang out in a public place the panicked street cops didn’t even seems to care if innocent bystanders were killed.

It appears that all they knew was the boy defied their authority so he had to DIE fast. 

See video of shoot out below.  Another prophecy fulfilled.


Police shot and killed 25-year-old Chase Allan at the Farmington Post Office parking lot Wednesday.

More psychotic actions by cops. Clearly cops with emotional if not psychotic mental illness.  They are likely, driven by their low self worth.

Perhaps beat up by dad when they were children either verbally or physically or both is a very common scenario. Common reactions by those who are emotionally threatened by people who question their authority.

Why would anyone want to have power over other humans except to quell powerlessness?

The cops are handed the power of a god on Earth. But unfortunately these homicidal cops are not emotionally geared with any traces of humility. Therefore it’s dangerous to hand men who lack empathy and humility power and a gun.

And make no mistake blind rage with fear, does not mix well with a lack of humility or compassion. For these cops their self worth is now attached to their badge.

Hence, when someone questions their new found  power, esteem, and defy abruptly their authority.. the street gang mentality kicks in.  The cops emotional condition quickly degenerates. (as these cops exhibited).  They then revert right back to childhood emotions of rage.   They NEVER WORKED THROUGH OR FACED IN THERAPY their spiritual & emotional condition.

They relive their emotional issues, ‘Dad said I was a piece of shit who would never amount to anything’ comes to mind.  Or maybe that’s just me.   Why else in the name of God Almighty would 4 cops shoot approximately TWENTY SHOTS gang land style into a car with an unarmed young man who was merely standing on his constitutional right to not be involved in the corporation beast system of america.

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  1. Is this Dana Ashlie’s website? I always liked her videos, but most of what I’ve seen on other platforms is old videos, or videos posted by other people from Dana Ashlie. 🤔🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Yes Matthew her videos were excellent for me as well. No this website is all owned I also write for and for some other websites.

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