Rumors of Wars

Angry Jane Screams!  PISH POSH!

Angry Janey. “Be angry and sin not”.

The agenda of the (TV) now days is a fear porn gala.  War war war!  Nuclear War! They scream.

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Jazweeh Says No War Will Happen & Angry Jane Concurs

Butt!  They may televise a very elaborate FAKE WAR on the image of the beast. (TV).   Expect it.   They will likely show a nuclear explosion.  And speak of fallout that doesn’t exist the way the movies portray nuke fallout.  THEY LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING.   Some say they have seen workers at certain off ramps planting explosives.  Imagine being stuck on the interstate unable to get your car off by the ramp.  This is all guess work and projection.  We could be totally wrong about everything.

Where do we get our intel.  Watching the behavior of the beast of course.  Know them by who they show you they are, not by who they tell you they are.

“It’s for your protection”.  Translates into “We will screw you every way we desire because we own you bitch!”.

The elite want us to destroy ourselves by toxic food and other panic driven behavior.  Do NOT put one’s self in danger because of something you see on the Image of the Beast.

Do NOT go out to the highway and line up on the interstate only to be driven into dehydration and starvation.  And to get hit with EMF by the lethal weapon cell towers that line the interstate.  Do you get my drift?  This is the pattern of the elite.  That we show stupidity and destroy our own lives by heeding every word that comes out of the lying box.  Example-The Chot CV.

We are in a one world system now.  They are not going to war with one another anymore.

Fear not about watching the image of the beast.  Father knows we were set in front of it at birth and programmed by it continually throughout childhood and life.  That means if we are honest with ourselves by now we take emotional comfort in the tV.    God prefers transparency over sanctimonious pish posh and denial of Truth.  Truth is better to be face with God in mind.  What I did is confess to Him I don’t want to stop watching the image and hope that His Grace is sufficient for me in the matter.

There are worse things people.  Evil is as evil DOES.  Not “evil is as the church says”.  Father expects us to embrace our human condition.  He created us.  Be sure to do no harm to anyone.  Try not to lie so your protected by the belt of Truth & armor of God.  Be aware that we have no right to condemn ourselves.  Even if we are programmed to do so subconsciously.

The Two Witnesses Revealed

When Christians around the world were killed in the streets while the whole world watched.  In N. America it was George Floyde.  Across the world there were many more killed in the exact way while their countrymen watched.  Yes “The prophecy of the two witnesses.”  Weather you believe it was the prophecy or not is irrelevant.  What those events were was the beast showing the world that it is now beholden and answerable TO NO ONE.

By the same token of Satanic display the whole world sang to one drum beat in 2021 by the C.V. display of behaviors by all compliant governments.  Yes we are already under a one world order and the C.V. was the evidence of that.  Furthermore the witnesses who died in the streets with knee to chest were a blood sacrifice to their god.  Their special thanks for the world power their god gave them.  Whoever “they” are.

They are represented by the Gates of Hell antichrist and the false prophet Oracle of Omaha who put him into power.  But its who these people represent who really rules.  Not gates and buffet themselves.

Let the bitch buy up all the farmland in the fucking world.  Let the puppet boy play his role on the image of the beast. They don’t have long to rule.  Oh yes.  Their rule shall be short lived.

God will take it from here.  Here’s what’s coming we think.

“Men shall draw fire unto themselves”.  That is what the angel of God proclaims.  The Bible prophecies claim Earth will face destruction by fire.  Jeff snyder2 on Youtube covers the internal tree fires he calls plasma fires.  Strange burning of large areas of nature.

But the New Earth is coming.  “Look up your redemption draweth nigh.”

Draw nigh unto The Father and He shall draw nigh unto you.  Seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened.

Jesus is real people.   I met Him, I know Him.  He delivered me from my own self destruction.  He also has healed me several times.  And redelivered me from my own addictions.  His Grace is mighty and His arm is not too short to save all who seek Him.  ALL.

Being born again means having the courage to pray “thy will be done in my life” from the heart and mean it.  That takes courage.  And it means you believe God is therefore of course your afraid of giving up control.  It usually requires disaster to prompt people to seek God.  Because of the control issue.  Not to mention the programming making a relationship with God a shameful prospect in social circles.

Hence the great tribulation however that pans out.  Some will be unaffected.  Marrying and partying.  Others will hit hard times and seek God if they are blessed with eternal life salvation of the soul and a hopeful transfiguration of the body.  (upgrade).  That’s my hope.  The New Earth comes.  If it gets really bad their may be a rapture…..for some.

Clearly way too many proclaiming Christians are sporting the mark of the beast on their foreheads.  We, the 144 are the army of God..we see the mark.   As we see the dark things which we need to see.

We see the seals.  We see the locust and the nasty wing of abomination perched on the heads of the many. We heard the wings of the locust.  It is vile.  It’s not a pretty sight.  But its all prophesied greatly misinterpreted by every preacher who tried to portray the end of days prophesies in a real time way.  Its not wonder they misunderstood.  The prophecies are not predictable or made up of things they  know of.  They could not be interpreted until fulfillment.

See my prophecy articles on “A to Z prophecy.


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  1. I see that my comment is all cluster-fucked together, but check your email, it’s all spaced out in that one.

  2. Yo Dana…….,

    I saw some of your vids on Youtube. There’s some good info, but I need to challenge your Biblical Eschatological stance.

    Proverbs 18:13 << it says basically that you are a FOOL if you denounce information (or form an opinion on information) without even listening to the facts and information first.

    I am going to make the case that Biblical Prophecy (in proper exegesis) was fulfilled in the 1st Century, though it was a Deceptive Literary Tactic known as "VATCINIUM EX EVENTU".

    Let me give you the short version first and then give you a Link where you can read the longer version



    In the Old Testament, the Abrahamic God “married” himself to Israel, but Israel played the WHORE (Harlot, Prostitute). See the imagery below :

    1. Jeremiah 3:3 Therefore the showers have been withheld, and the spring rain has not come, yet you (Israel) have the FOREHEAD of a harlot because you refuse to be ashamed. 

    2. Jeremiah 3:8 I gave faithless Israel her certificate of divorce and sent her away because of all her adulteries and playing the harlot. Yet I saw that her unfaithful sister Judah had no fear. She also went out and became a harlot. 

    3. Exodus 28 << Their god told the Jewish priests to wear clothing of PURPLE, SCARLET, BLUE, AND GOLD, and to attach to their turbans (FOREHEADS) a GOLD PLATE which read, ‘HOLY TO THE LORD.’


    Josephus (Jewish Historian for Rome in First Century) in “War of the Jews” 5.5.4, he says that the Temple (before it was destroyed in 70AD) was divided into two parts with huge golden doors, but before these doors was a huge ‘BABYLONIAN’ curtain (veil) embroidered with BLUE, FINE LINEN, SCARLET, AND PURPLE. These were the exact colors given in the book of Revelation that were adorning the “Whore of Babylon”.

    (Whore of “Babylon” and a “Babylonian” Curtain inside Jewish Temple, get it? Also, the Jewish Priests had same colors – Purple, Scarlet, Blue, Gold, etc.. attached to their Turbans or FOREHEADS, saying HOLY TO THE LORD, given in Revelation 17. But the Jews were the exact opposite, spiritually one would see MOTHER OF ALL PROSTITUTES instead of HOLY TO THE LORD. They were the MOTHER of all Whores [the ULTIMATE WHORE] because the Abrahamic god married himself to Israel, but she committed adultery against him, as it says there in Jeremiah 3:3 that Israel had the FOREHEAD OF A HARLOT.)

    Revelation 17-18 says this whore of Babylon was riding on a beast. She was decked out in purple, scarlet, jewels, gold, precious stones, pearls, etc.. When she was destroyed by fire, it says the kings, sea captains, merchants, etc.. were weeping because they could not do trade with her anymore. According to Jewish Historian Josephus (writing about a speech given by Roman General Titus ; Josephus ‘Wars 6.6.2’), 1st Century Jerusalem had become the richest city in the entire Roman Empire, even more wealthy than ROME ITSELF!

    This is why you see the whore (Israel) being decked out with all those expensive ornaments and luxuries. Revelation 11:8 says that the city [1st Century Jerusalem] was also figuratively called “Sodom” and “Egypt” (the 1st Century Jews specifically in and around Jerusalem had become the very type of evil nations that god had destroyed before and had delivered the Israelites from [Sodom, Egypt, Babylon, etc..] god was now putting the Jews in the same category, hence, Revelation refers to 1st Century Jerusalem as Egypt, Sodom and Whore of Babylon). How do we know it’s 1st Century Jerusalem? Revelation 18 identifies this Babylon FIVE TIMES as that “Great City.” 

    In Revelation 11, the “Great City” is identified as the city “where also our Lord was crucified.” Notice John is initially told that this “Great City” is spiritually called “Sodom and Egypt.” In the Bible, there is only ONE city that is ever spiritually designated as “Sodom” (Isaiah 1, Ezekiel 16, Ezekiel 23). In Deuteronomy 32:32, Yahweh said that in Israel’s Last Days, she would become the VINE OF SODOM and in Galatians 4:22, Paul identifies Old Covenant Jerusalem as Hagar who was the EGYPTIAN Bondwoman in Genesis 21:9-10 (so you see the “Egypt and Sodom” metaphor here for Israel).

    In the OT, their god married himself to Israel. But they played the harlot (whore) even back then (Jeremiah 3:14; Jeremiah 31:32; Hosea 2), which is KEY to understanding why Israel was Mystery Babylon – “The Mother of all Prostitutes” (which God said was written on her FOREHEAD – Revelation 17:5). The Jewish Priests’ turbans (on their FOREHEAD) said “HOLY TO THE LORD” but spiritually they were NOT Holy to their Husband (the Lord), they were the “Mother of All Prostitutes”. They were the ULTIMATE Prostitute (Whore / Harlot) because they committed adultery on the God of all gods (get the imagery here?)

    Josephus “Wars 5.13.6” [Josephus says here that the first century Jews were more wicked than the people of Noah’s day, more wicked than the Jews who rebelled in the wilderness under Moses and even more wicked than the people of “Sodom”] below :

    “…I suppose that had the Romans made any longer delay in coming against these villains, that the city [Jerusalem] would either have been swallowed up by the ground opening upon them, or been overflowed by water; or else been destroyed by such thunder, as the country of Sodom perished by. For it had brought forth a generation of men much more atheistical than were those that suffered such punishments. For by their madness it was that all the people came to be destroyed.”

    So you see, in the OT, the Abrahamic God married himself to Israel, but they played the WHORE (Harlot ; Prostitute) by worshiping other deities and disobeying his commands. The culmination of them playing the whore and disobeying him occurs (according to this “Story” which was all fiction) when they murder “the Son” of God, Jesus. That’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back (read the “Vineyard Owner” parable in Matthew 21 to understand). So in the end, the Abrahamic god “divorces” his WHORE wife (Israel) who committed adultery and destroys her.

    The Abrahamic god mocked the Israelites for their worship of (and sacrifices to) false gods (Ezekiel 20), and also, for Israel’s dependence upon powerful nations. Their god saw this as Israel cheating on him, since he married Himself to Israel. In Ezekiel 23 Abrahamic God says He was going to turn all of Israel’s lovers against Israel (such as Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar). This same illustration is applied to Israel and Rome during the 1st Century. Israel depended on Rome (John 19:15), and so in proper context, the Abrahamic god turned Rome against Israel in the end (Roman Siege ; 66-73AD).

In the Old Testament what was the punishment for a woman caught in adultery? When a woman or man was caught in the act of “adultery” they were “stoned to death” in (Leviticus 20:10). Therefore this was God’s judgment upon Israel (His adulteress wife). 

    One of the judgments was found in Revelation 16:21 which says “Great hailstones from heaven fell upon men. Every hailstone was the weight of a talent (75 lbs).”

    Hail is “white” in color, right?

    Josephus writes in “Wars of the Jews 5.6.3” (about Romans “stoning” the Jews and Jerusalem) below :

    “The engines [i.e., catapults], that all the legions had ready prepared for them, were admirably contrived; but still more extraordinary ones belonged to the tenth legion: those that threw darts and those that threw stones, were more forcible and larger than the rest, by which they not only repelled the excursions of the Jews, but drove those away that were upon the walls also. Now, the stones that were cast, were of the WEIGHT OF A TALENT [75 lbs], and were carried two furlongs and further. The blow they gave was no way to be sustained, not only by those that stood first in the way, but by those that were beyond them for a great space. As for the Jews, they at first watched the coming of the stone, for it was a WHITE COLOR.”

    P.S. as I said, the reason all these prophecies were so accurate is because they were written AFTER THE FACT (after the Roman siege on Israel from 66-73AD and destruction of Jewish Temple in 70AD). This was a deceptive Literary Tactic used long before Christianity called “Vatcinium Ex Eventu”.

    Mainstream Christianity’s interpretation of Biblical Eschatology is everything that’s wrong with the religious crowd. They don’t even understand their own book. The proper exegesis of Biblical Eschatology is PRETERISM (yet the Preterists didn’t go far enough, they also needed to also research “VATICINIUM EX EVENTU”). But these Futurists who believe all this madness and bad stuff needs to happen are essentially stating that the Elites are doing GOD’S WORK to fulfill prophecy. This is exactly what the Elites want, using the faulty interpretation of the Last Days – End Times to get Christians (hundreds of millions of them) to stand down to the AGENDA, thinking this is a fulfillment of their Scriptures. Most Christians today believe this FUTURIST garbage, and it’s one of the biggest problems we face. 

    P.S. since the Title of your blog here is "RUMOR OF WARS", read that also in context with the first century. Jesus said there'd be wars and rumors of wars in the Olivet Discourse, this could apply to almost any time period in history, yet this was specifically relevant to the 1st Century because Augustus Octavian Caesar had enacted "PAX ROMANA" which was a long period over 100 years (from 1st c. BC to 2nd c. AD) where there was PEACE.

    So when wars broke out all over the Roman Empire in the mid to late 1st Century, it would've been a huge SIGN that the "END" (of the Age) was about to occur. I wrote extensively on all of this in my blogs on WordPress below.


    1. Preterist Eschatology :

    2. "Vaticinium Ex Eventu" and "Euhemerism" :

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