The Chosen Few & Those Saved by Faith are Creators

I Balked at the New Agers When they said “we are creators”.

I Reveal to you this Day a Mystery

Do they not new agers seek God in their own way?  Do they not seek Truth?  Many do.

God showed me a mystery this day & last night.  A Faith mystery.  We are saved by Faith & Hope, yes.  Grace on the other hand is part of forgiveness.  By forgiveness and release from guilt we are healed of the burden of sin.

Tears of Gratitude toward God by Faith Move Mountains on Earth & Build Realms in the Heavenlies

God showed me two great places in the second Heaven.  One place so full of power and light that is could barely be harnessed to keep its contents in a safe place.

The 1st place holds the tear drops shed by Faith and by Gratitude toward God. Tears that His children have cried in thanksgiving to Him for their many and varied blessings.  “In all things give thanks” Jesus.

Tears of gratitude in the face of fear & adversity are especially potent & magic.  Is not this Earth experience one of adversity?  Have you ever been so scared that you pray…and then so relieved when God comes through for you?  You speak to Him with tears of overwhelming Gratitude.

The Second Place Was the room of Great Works Done by Faith

For example, to pray healing for a man when he seems beyond hope.  Or to share with others your own testimony of God’s help in the face of opposition & fear.  To move in courage by Faith and then to do works of Faith by the instruction of God’s Holy Spirit comes under the title of “Great Works of Faith”.

Make no mistake these good works done because of Faith build up pearls in Heaven.  Dancing pearls of Faith fill the rooms of lighted power.  We build and create by Faith our very futures with God.

Not all people realize when they are doing these great works.  It can be a work as simple as telling your own child that God will keep her/him safe from darkness and evil when the child is scared.  It can be as simple as sharing a dollar with the man on the corner who is hungry and is an angel in disguise.  Works follow Faith.

Does this mean that those who have no works of Faith under their belt are squittled.  Never to see the streets of Gold and the mighty works of God in Heaven?

The gifts of the talents.  Jesus said this parable for a reason.  Now with the new gospels some Christians proclaim- “don’t worry your not under the gospel of Luke or the gospel of Jesus or the gospel of Mathew and Mark.  Oh no!  We are under Paul’s gospel, they proclaim.  Straight up grace for salvation.  No works of Faith included in the mix.  We have nothing to do whatsoever with our salvation” they proclaim.

And I have come to realize that they really don’t have anything to do with their salvation.  Still they must have Faith in God Himself or they are squittled.  With just a mustard seed of Faith in God they will be saved.  It is the gift of God so no man can boast.

But hear this, if they are not saved by Faith with works that exhibit that Faith they will not grow spiritually.  They will not build the tears and the pearls in Heaven.  Where your heart is there shall your treasure be also.

They have little chance at becoming the chosen few of God who have become the clay in His hands.  Molded and shaped in the likeness of Jesus by their walk with God continually.  These have many works of Faith stored up in Heaven’s second realm.

Do not condemn yourself for not having works of Faith under your belt.  You may have more works of Faith than you realize.

Nevertheless, we have not the right to condemn ourselves under any condition.  “OUT OF THE PROBLEM INTO THE SOLUTION”.    We can start this very day to ask that God’s will be done in our life, and mean it.  We can start now by facing our true core fears and writing them down.  We can then give our fears to God asking for His help.

Every chosen man of God started somewhere from scratch with a dark heart of guilt, and a narrow mind with great fear and trembling.  Each man of God started out with demonic bondage, and a long history of sin.  Its a very long walk to be molded by God and the time is late.

But its not too late if you have breath in your lungs.  You see, once we see God face to face and touch the hem of Jesus’ cloak Faith no longer counts because our Hope is then fulfilled.  If it is God’s Truth and Love that we Hope for that is.

Rocks that tell a story.  Can you read the language of the heart?  It is here in front of you.

What is the story written on this Gem?  Prophecy?   Jazweeh shall interpret this rock’s story.    The white horse dances in the center closing the pit that the angel of the bottomless pit exposed.  The hole that brought the locust hoards to earth to perch on men’s heads and faces making their minds desolate is now closed.  Nothing else will leave the pit.

But the vile creature dances on earth devouring men’s minds of the knowledge of Good and evil, the tree withdrawn from them. The demon with the eyes of fire watches the children.  The long armed creature of white embraces the spot on earth that will be the lake of fire.  he will manage it.

Iron and clay are mixed.  But what’s worse the prince of the power of the airways has consummated with the minds of men.  They head is a TV attached to their body.  Their head is a boxed in antenna.  The white cat demon keeps the emf, radio waves, mind control in place.  He has a red circle tail. I see a great cup like a champagne glass of crystal blue.  Smoke hovers over it.  It is now being poured out upon the waters of earth.    What then?

What is the mixture?  One angels guards the innocent from the mixture wit a great rod of blue water.  The birds are protected by the angel’s rod. The mixture is a spider that crawls across the earth having great poison fangs on the ends of its legs.  It is very vile.  It even hurts to see it. The mixture is being poured now.

The mixture poured out (prophecy Revelation)  will cause great increments of desolation to land.  I see land with no life in it.  Birds and animals have left the area.  No grass or flowers are left on the place directly under the blue crystal glass.

There are green weapons in the skies.  They try to destroy all mighty angels but they are destined to fail.  Arrows of the fowler at large.  The great evil is depleting it’s own powers in angst. It cannot win this battle of good over evil.  Zombies walk connected together as one.  Driven by an armored horse who emits a light full of directives and even false histories.

The wars for profit will end very soon.  NO more will governments hire the U.S. to come in and control by force the innocent. No more. Evil has played its cards.  While good has power to spare.

Evil greatly underestimated the chosen few.  Land that is covered by great white serpents shall be delivered. I must rest for this prophecy is taxing and the serpents are nauseating to see.

Kaos abounds.  But not for long. The meek shall inherit the Earth.  God has set up the first heaven for the chosen few as guardians over The New Earth.

There is more hiding in the rock.  Those who can look back through it as well.  Meaning if you had the actual rock you should keep it covered.


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