The Foundational Human Program is Demoralization

Hi.  I am Laura of Akron (some terms are coded for obvious reasons)

Most people I have talked to during ministry believe in their heart that they must clean up their act THEN approach God in Truth.  As if God cannot Love the sinner.  Deliverance works the other way around.  Approach Him in Truth while still active in sin, and in time He will deliver you.


Jazweeh & Laura

Today what’s on my mind is programming of humans by the TV.  I believe the TV is the dreaded, and renowned “Image of the Beast”.  Most (I surmise) will not consider this possibility due to sin/punishment programming.  After all Sin and punishment programming among believers is common.  It is a core, foundational beast system program of our demoralization at youth.  If we are not demoralized at the start which gives us the subconscious solution of becoming someone else and hiding our own heart.  Then the beast cannot control us by providing the many optional variations of the “I am Kool” masks. The mask by which we become willing parrots of the system.

Beast system programming is subliminal. 


Self Acceptance & The Image of The Beast & The End of the Struggle of Duality

If I take comfort in the image of the beast while knowing it’s pure evil intent that makes me bad and wrong, right?    Therefore, hypothetically,  I cannot consider that my number one pass-time while working or reclining is of a pure evil nature. But it is.  By association- would that not make me evil as well?   

Oh sure some truthers on Youtube claim they stopped watching TV all together once they realized how it programs the minds of the masses.  But I am a seamstress and when sewing for hours on end I get bored.  So, for entertainment its either TV or music to pass the time more comfortably.

I made peace with my human condition.  I have no right to condemn myself for my choices.   “Help others and do no harm”.

“Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself for that which he allows” Apostle Paul.

What are the greatest commandments?  “Love God and Love thy fellow man (Love=show respect, consideration, care, & empathy).”  Jesus________

Love is not some puffy passionate desire or feeling of comradery with no action taken.  Spiritual Love is an action.  Thank you—I DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE ANYBODY.  However showing respect is the foundational morality written in the Golden Rule.

If we are willing seekers of God, when Jesus finishes fixing us throughout our lives on Earth, the learning process– we will become ‘one’.  The struggle of duality is finally over.

“Love covers a multitude of sin”.  “God is Love”.  “God is Spirit”.

Guilt and shame are covered by forgiveness from God.    The process takes years, usually.  But now I accept both my spiritual side and my human side.  We no longer loath our flesh or our choices.  Regret fades into the past.

When Jesus gets done fixing our heart and mind if we allow Him, the battle that Apostle Paul explained written in the books “why do I do that which I do not want to do? (The struggle of flesh vs. Spirt.) IS OVER.

“Each time I try to do good evil is right there with me?”  Paul again.

Therefore I will watch TV in the sight of God even though I know beyond a doubt that TV is the dreaded image of the beast.  And that it programmed my mind in youth.  It broke my heart to discover I was broken.  I believed the beast.

Yes it would be better, I think, if I repelled TV all together.  However…I am not there yet.

Be Aware of the Prodigal Son Walk when you take it.

“There are sins unto death and there are sins that are not unto death.” Mortal sin is worse than other sin.   It’s not a difference of what sin that defines “mortal”.   But rather the measuring stick that defines mortal sin is just how far that sin takes us into bondage & the descent to hell on Earth.

Remember this friend, the 144 army & children of God have likely ALL walked the Prodigal Son walk through Hell on Earth.   And that means turning from God and going the dangerous path of sin while knowing God as a Father. This is a treacherous learning process necessary to understand God’s eternal Love toward us and His Grace. Ultimately it strengthens our Faith.

He will deliver us if we get sick and tired enough.  The Prodigal NEVER stops praying.  He never stops believing.  This walk increases His Faith in God Almighty.

Stuck in Prodigal?  Visit the alter call.  Get prayer by the laying on of hands as in the book of Acts.  This way deliverance comes.

What is the mark of the beast ?

There is more than one M.O.T.B.  What is the blasphemy of The Holy Spirit?  It is the wicked tech (blamed on fallen angels may or may not be accurate, we must not ignorantly speak evil of God’s deities.”  If the fallen introduced men to sin then God gave the Deity the hard job that someone had to do.

The continued Creation of Man

Creation did not end in Genesess.  Man had to be given moral eternal choices evil, or good as part two of their creation, the important part.  The harvest, the separation of sheep from goat’s, God’s entire plan depended upon man being introduced to evil.

“All things are of God”

So the blasphemy is to take animal DNA into one’s own body changing one’s self by CHOICE into part beast, part human.  In turn this desecrates the holy temple the body that Father gave us.  And yes the recombinant Dee Anne Aye has both animal and Cervical Cancer (HEK LA immortalized cell lines for quick replication and growth) cell lines in it.  It is straight up Jeans Thor Apey.

More will be revealed.

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