What’s All This Talk of a “Hybrid Workforce”?

Do not read this if you took the final solution.  What will become of those who do not comply?  Rapture we Hope and soon.  God is Love and He still forgives those who repent.

The Day of the Crow is Here.  The towers of babble are effectively skewing all language and dialects.  The strong delusion is here.

The new popular narrative says the hybrid workforce means to work online and from home or online from coffee shops.  But sometimes the ‘theys’ say what they mean and mean what they say.  The masses are a hybrid workforce.

It’s Likely the Security Companies Who are Breaching Our Privacy.

A world of surveillance.  The beast who runs things cannot let one text, one email, one article, one statement one word or one sound mankind makes go unrecorded, undocumented, unanalyzed, or uncensored.

The new race of hybrids will be lockstep with the beast now that they are no longer God Almighties Human Beings.  They are creatures according to the new Dark Lord’s rewritten babbles.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Isa 13:21
“But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there.”

So the Dark Lord’s “doleful creatures” passage with it’s dancing satyrs infested homes is true.  The part beast hybrids shall be happy and own nothing (k.schwab world eco. forum).  As stated by the ‘theys’.

Do you remember what a Satyr is?  Part horse part human?

Doleful definition of “dole”

a grant of government funds to the unemployed
had been on the dole for a year
a giving or distribution of food, money, or clothing to the needy

something distributed at intervals to the needy
also  a HANDOUT sense 
something portioned out bit by bit
one’s allotted share, portion, or destiny

To hide one’s personal data in this time period is pretty much impossible.  Security companies and vps encryption “experts” are likely the worst offenders.    Apparently countries have all agreed to sensor everyone.

Make no mistake, the masses are now hybrids.  If you took the final solution the bait for your bitter transformation (mirahmeta) make peace with the rational that your ‘new and improved’.  That the beast made you better.  Or repent if you can.  If enough of your heart remains and Hope is not constrained by Pandora’s Box.

The “hybrid” narrative started with the hybrid moon on  eclipse.  The shots rang out at the end of 2020.  And so apparently the process to express hybridization took about 2 1/2 years.  Due to the quick replication directives of the can sir sales.  As for the hybrids the only beast they revealed by their recipes was chimpanzee.

After all they have been telling us for years that we came from monkeys.  In the upsidedown to monkees they go to monkees they go.  We were not monkeys.  But now the masses are.  My guess also the hybrids are part rats and pigs.  These favored test animals the other two vectors they scored on their cards.

The beast sees us all as the enemy.  After all nobody wants to see that they are being stalked and handled, poisoned & deceived, brain washed, & mind controlled from birth, and systematically lied to on a regular basis.  Admitting we have a grave enemy takes too much energy.

Having an enemy means work.  Means battle.  Means danger.  So instead of seeing the danger the masses of humans employ denial and rational to keep themselves comfortable emotionally.

Never learning who they are in Truth and never learning who surrounds them.

The Image of the Beast is the TV & phone.  And these vices are doing their jobs of programming the minds and actions of humans thoroughly and viscously.  Spell check is a programming tool.  Education –same.  First demoralization.  And then the children put on the mask of “kool”.  Choose your identity straight from one of the characters on the image of the beast.  Copy their words.  Parrot their likes and dislikes.  Recreate yourself in the image of the beast.

By the VPN’s and security companies the programmers steal all your digital identities.

privacy extinguished

The beast fears us it always has.  It hates us so intently that it’s willing to poison babies.  That is the creature which mankind faces.   Of course they don’t want to look into its eyes.

This reality is horrifying and when a person realizes what they are being hunted by it will change them as long as they live as humans.

Its not Angels who are the enemy.  Its always been demons who attack humans.

All we have ever been to the elites are a workforce.  And now that 80% plus of humans are hybrids they are straight up calling the people “a hybrid workforce”.

“What is a hybrid eclipse? A hybrid eclipse is a type of solar eclipse that creates an annular or a total solar eclipse, depending on where you stand in relation to the moon. During a hybrid eclipse, the moon passes between Earth and the sun, casting a shadow on Earth.Apr 19, 2023”

Two types of eclipses in one 24hr period depending on your location. This is impossible first of all. However with God all things are possible. It is a sign and wonder. But what are the implications of the title and the event?

Two in One Hughe man & mouse

Two types of moon eclipses in one moon.  This parallels what they have done to Hugh mens.   Who are now gee Emma oh.   At least 80% of the population of the entire world are hybrids.  Gee Emma oh.  This event is exactly as the days of Noah.  My guess is that the Mirahmeta was complete on the day of the hybrid moon. The metamorphosis of mankind who put themselves into the cunning hands of the beast to become part beast.  With the help of  the image and programming from birth.

This propaganda is just another confirmation because, the elite tell the people exactly what they are doing to a point.

What will become of those who do not comply?  Rapture we Hope and soon.  God is Love and He still forgives those who repent.

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