White Sun. We Finally Have a Solid Theory

For What Is Happening On Earth

Look at the wire.  That is a Sun Lazor literally a lazor. I took this picture myself and caught the lazor on film. And the sun is changing daily. Now we have not only glowing clouds in the East at sunset. But we have glowing clouds throughout the eastern, northern, and southern skies at sunset. This glowing clouds effect denotes the continuing intensity of the brightness of the White Dwarf Neutron Sun.

And yet oddly in Florida the nights normally would be hot.  It’s nearly June 2023. We are having cool downs at night of temperatures that range in the low to high 90’s during the day and plummet down as far as 59 degrees at night. This is not normal for Florida.  Today 5-26-23 I awoke and looked at the thermometer.  It was again 59 degrees at around noon.  Extremely strange because normally (the new normal) it would of heated up by then from the night low.  Granted we are glad we don’t need air conditioners at night.  But if it gets much colder we will be using heaters in Florida in the summer at night.

I live with a man who continually denies the changes of weather.  He sings “same as it ever was….same as it ever was….” Don’t click this link unless you are prepared to look into the supernatural miracles called “signs and wonders”.

By the strong delusion many people don’t remember what was normal six years hence. And will say “same as it ever was, same as it ever was” due to the towers of babble which steal their memories and upload new fake memories.

It’s no wonder the elite are keeping the people blind and ignorant to their quickly impending doom.   When people become very afraid they act like homicidal maniacs.  Including the elite with their genocidal remedies.  They form packs and follow leaders who are the blind leading the blind.  Inevitably after all the Earth side winding murderous experiments on men facing disasters we humans have failed our tests of compassion and patience miserably.  Leaving compassion to the wind and embracing drastic & violent measures we hurt ourselves and others when put in bad situations.  It’s shown in truth drops from many a tv series about the end of the world scenarios.

Yes there is likely more truth in fiction than on any of the news channels.

Here goes the theory of the White Dwarf Sun Death Sentence to humanity.

First the Science.

A. White/Black Dwarfs

Science Article Link NASA.gov

“A star like our Sun will become a white dwarf when it has exhausted its nuclear fuel. Near the end of its nuclear burning stage, such a star expels most of its outer material (creating a planetary nebula) until only the hot (T > 100,000 K) core remains, which then settles down to become a young white dwarf. A typical white dwarf is half as massive as the Sun, yet only slightly bigger than the Earth. This makes white dwarfs one of the densest forms of matter, surpassed only by neutron stars.

White dwarfs have no way to keep themselves hot (unless they accrete (gather) matter from other close by stars) therefore, they cool down over the course of many billions of years.”

Commentary-(word “billion” is the red flag word for BULLSHIT.  The elite don’t know shit about anything in the billions as far as timelines go.  The article is primarily conjecture and twisted manipulative theory -at best.  Back to the alleged science of half truths).

“Eventually, such stars cool completely and become black dwarfs. Black dwarfs do not radiate at all.”

Many nearby, young white dwarfs have been detected as sources of soft X-rays (i.e. lower-energy X-rays); soft X-ray and extreme ultraviolet observations enable astronomers to study the composition and structure of the thin atmospheres of these stars.”

The Supernova

“In less than a second, the star begins the final phase of its gravitational collapse. The core temperature rises to over 100 billion degrees as the iron atoms are crushed together. The repulsive force between the nuclei overcomes the force of gravity, and the core recoils out from the heart of the star in an explosive shock wave. As the shock encounters material in the star’s outer layers, the material is heated, fusing to form new elements and radioactive isotopes. In one of the most spectacular events in the Universe, the shock propels the material away from the star in a tremendous explosion called a supernova. The material spews off into interstellar space — perhaps to collide with other cosmic debris and form new stars, perhaps to form planets and moons, perhaps to act as the seeds for an infinite variety of living things.”

Coincidentally there are recent reports or iron ore being spewed to Earth.

Lets see if Geology Hub on YT will let us promote their channel.  Most people fear and delete calling copyrights.  For some odd reason the don’t get that we are promoting their channels.

Okay enough science.  White dwarf (we surmise) are a real thing.  Mix the White Dwarf half truths with the supernova event half truths and you have the start of the coming New Nature.  The spectacular coming New Earth.  Stars do change (if they are not Angel Stars).  Just like the rest of nature, plants, trees, oceans on Earth ebb and they flow.  They rise and fall.  They bloom and then they die out.  Bringing in more plants and trees with new life.

Key being New Life. Here’s what’s up.  The elite have limited information.  They are not “The Blessed Children of God”.  Nor are they the warriors of God on Earth.  They are not receiving the information we are gathering from God Almighty.   The Creator God who is now revealing many things to us about what is.  And about what is to be.  We too fumble with our theories.  But God reveals the Truth in His time.

  1. The New Earth is on the way can you see the changes in nature?
  2. The sun has already gone white dwarf and it will explode as a Neutron Star.
  3. The explosion won’t kill off all of mankind.  But the radiation will.
  4. The New coming Sun is the Son of God & Sun of God both.  It’s the fulfillment of prophecy but not how the preacher interpreted the biblical prophecies.
  6. We are being set free from the bonds of the Egyptians.  The slavery of the money system shall no longer rule us.  The Locust and the towers of babble shall fall hard and fast.  All devices of metal, all plastic, all tech, all towers, all humans shall melt away.  As prophecy told they shall decompose while standing on their feet.
  7. The Children of God shall be raptured.
  8. The Gentiles will be spared any suffering and be taken quickly to be remade into the immortal humans which God always planned for us.
  9. Why this Earth?  Why the evil?  We had to have the knowledge from the tree of evil so we could choose our eternal destiny or fate.
  10. Goat’s will go to the Lake of Fire. Not to suffer but rather the eternal fires end the souls of men.  They shall go into nothingness.  Not suffer punishment as religion teaches.  God is Love.  He is not a bastard who likes to torture people.
  11. Jesus is real.  But propaganda is thick surrounding His name.  The Children of God who are to be raptured know Jesus and He knows them.  They are not sinless.  On the contrary.  They know dark demons by their prodigal walk.  They also know Jesus delivers and heals.
  12. What about all the end of days prophecies that most people have not seen yet?  Well, due to the towers of babble and the Locust creed Gentiles only have the sign of Jonah.  It is the calling of the Watchmen.  So many watchmen screaming of the end of days.  So many that they could not sensor them all.  The Watchmen are the sign of Jonah.  That with dreams and visions are the signs for the Gentiles.
  13. Only the Children of God can see the rest of the signs.  Not my plan its God’s will that the sacred miracles are seen by those who have been purified for the last six years.  Gentiles are not permitted to see the angels above.  Few of them even notice the changes in the sky.  The spinning moon.  The black moon.  The White Sun.  The falling stars so many.  If you see the Mandela effects (signs and wonders) then you are called to be saved.
  14. I am sorry but in these times the deceptive signs and wonders are so astounding that they cover the minds of the many by both memory, by perceptions, and by sight.   They cannot tell blasphemy from goodness in some cases.  Nor do they know the voice of The Good Sheppard.  They see not the Dark Lord who has already rewritten every bible on the face of the Earth.  And NOT in a good way.  Read not from the books aloud lest the unseen curses fall upon the hearers.  “Come out from among them and be separate.”
  15. Ya nobody believes us.  We tell Truth to the wind. Wisdom calls out in the street and is utterly rejected by most.  We didn’t think so many would fall under the strong delusion at hand.  Most Christians think its just some lie some big lie.  Make no mistake.  When God says “STRONG DELUSION” He means just that.  Men’s minds are going reprobate.  Delusional.  They remember clearly things which never happened.  And they have forgotten the most important things they ever learned.  God’s Truth.
  16. God’s words have gone up already, like a scroll unto the Heavens, forever set.
  17. How do we tell blind men what is?  They will not believe what they cannot see.  These writings are for the elect.  They do no good for anyone else.  Unless by chance someone is prompted to seek God by my words.  I am merely processing my own amazement of the events I see.


How Long Do We Have On Earth Before the Apocalypse?

God Almighty will take His Children from Earth during 2023.  The rapture won’t be all at one time.  Each person shall have their time in time and on time.  But the eclipse of 2024 April 8 shall be a marked event.  And it could very likely be the date of the explosion of the Sun.


3 Replies to “White Sun. We Finally Have a Solid Theory”

  1. Good write up here. I keep up on your site. Its one of the most important sites out there on this subject.

    I am in the So Cal Desert. Out in the middle of nowhere.
    On a regular basis I am watching the sky. With my son and husband,

    Last summer, this thing showed up in the sky. Its there every single night. I bought long range binoculars however I need to pick up a higher Mag, to observe what it is.

    few things happened last summer actually.

    The First was in July. Now this will sound incredible. However I witnessed it with my husband one night.

    One night at about 11:30 at night. What can only be described as a portal opened up in the sky above the mountains of the valley we live in. There are about 5k people here.

    It was one of those dark nights.

    I will describe

    At the center bright white. Like bright. Edges were defined, and the outer edges of this thing was thin red lines. Outside of this was blue thin lines, dark blue.

    It was huge. There were cars driving on the highway I often wonder if anyone looked up to see this.

    Anyway, it expanded or opened wide.

    Then what I can only decribe as 2 floating streight lines with 5 round dots floating above these lines, were pulled into this thing.

    As it widened it got brighter.

    When these things were pulled into this thing, it collapsed and thin faded into nothing in the same spot. Just disappeared.

    It never moved. It was stationary. The whole time.

    K, so this whole thing went on for 30 minutes.

    After this happened, not long after came this bright light in the sky. It has been in the sky every night since, it moves east to west from about 7pm to about 10pm.

    The other night my son and I were outside watching it. And it – its like it powered down. Then came back online. As we were standing there.

    I dont think it goes anywhere in the day. I think it just turns off.

    The Sun hasnt been right in a long long time now. Many years. I can peg it back to around 2012 actually, the last time I saw the true sun. In fact, I found residue the other day in a most unexpected place.

    I used to Skate, in the 90’s and I have this old downloaded copy of an old skate video. This video was a factory video, but the factory was super poor when it was put out. It was essentially just a hi 8 recording transfered to a vhs dub. no professional dubbing. It was raw.

    The real sun is on that video. I showed the kiddo and he was in awe. It was exactly as I remember it to be.

    He sees the sun change as well, and pegs it to around 2012 as well.

    Something else. It sets in the wrong place.

    There is a window at my fathers, it was my room, and I watched the sun set for many years out this sliding glass door. this new sun sets in the north, not in the south and it cant be seen from the same window any longer.

    Further, behind the mountains of our valley last summer there was alot of lightning going on behind the valley floor. and there was no storms when this was taking place. And these flashes were coming from the floor behind the hills. In other words, they werent coming from above. They were coming from the ground and going up. If you werent paying attention you would think it was lightning from a storm. Only there were no storms.

    The desert is a really weird place. It was when I was a kid too. But this is beyond.

    I have quit talking to people about this. The reception just isnt there. And its not just that. Its as if the entire population has been brain damaged. In this way I mean, people I have known for many years seem to no longer be able to hold conversations. They cant think. They cant drive without siri telling them where to go. Doesnt matter if its 1 mile down the road they drive every day. they cant read anymore. they cant function without AI. and they are soaked up in netflix or facebook. Mostly I notice the inability to comprehend their surroundings though. And its impossible to deal with.

    As for our family. My husbad and I are the black sheeps of our group, so we are on the same page. And the kiddo (not a kiddo but you know) is as well. And thats all. Out of 100 extended family members, we are the outcasts because we dont partake in what society deems is normal. (like keeping smartphones being on facebook ect..). Nothing has changed for us really.

    I dont try and help people see anymore. Its moving so fast, that by the time these folks get back to me, its passed and some new thing is mandella’d.

    I went through such a sever illness that began in 2018 and I hit the wall last Jun that I dont have the energy any more for these things.

    I am moving out of this now. Into correction.

    The last year has been as 10 years in information and spiritual growth.

    I have always been connected. But last year. That was the ultimate in growth.

    Last Jul I am pretty sure I died one night. I awoke and I hadnt been breathing in quite some time. It has taken a long time for me to process this. it was during the most intense part of my illness.

    Following this event I had 4 epiphanies that came. And some other things that happened. SInce then it has been a steady flow out of this. and it has all been unassisted from Allopathy. For which I detest the very existance of. Butchers.

    I was a labrat for these parasites as a kid. They will never make another dime off me again. I never went to a doctor. And never will. In fact I resolved to die if thats what was in store. I told jesus he knew I wasnt going to any Allopathic Practitioner. So I could use some help. Tell me what to do. And I think he he did. As the Epiphanies to correct myself were what followed.

    And although things continue to get worst in society, I am at ease with what is to come. Its odd. As I have had such sever anxiety for so many years that began in Late 2007 and was less or more in severty all these years leading into this illness that it was just normal.

    Late 2012, I felt the first wave of something is coming.
    Then again this came in Mid 2015.
    Then again in Sep 2019.

    Thank you for so many insightful posts.

    Take Care

    1. Elizabeth. It’s a miracle I found your email. I am grateful to hear from you. You may want to check out the jazweeh.com site. I get way more into the supernatural in it. There are things you said which a greatly relate to. Like death. Those who have died ripped the vail. That means we see more. I died way back when in the late 80s or early 90s. Also there is a parallel to Jesus’ resurrection in that story. I had a similar experience as you mentioned when the c-vid went out. I think it was a bio weapon targeting certain dna. God healed me also. I literally could hardly breath. It was terrifying but I would not go to any beast system doctors either. I accepted whatever God decided. Yes crazy signs in the sky. I think our sun has gone white dwarf and it will soon explode. Latest theory lol. Spinning moon. Your fortunate to have a husband who also sees the changes. Mine just mocks me….he sings “same as it ever was, same as it ever was” lol. But he is kind so I accept him as he is. He used to get angry when I spoke of the supernatural experiences. I am consumed by the end of days signs pretty much. I am living the bible prophesies. I have my gardening and writing. I will list all the sites below. Writing has been my purpose. However my clothing business has crashed. First it went to days with no sales. Then weeks (etsy.com/shop/yourstripperoutfits & https://leatherandlacz.com/shop) I am a 60s age seamstress. If I can’t pay my hosting by June 7 all the sites will crash. So I am hoping for either a miracle or to perhaps be raptured. Who knows. Maybe its just part of Jacob’s troubles. Uhg. I too use binoculars to watch the sky. Pretty sure I am seeing the Angels pouring out their viles of end of days events upon the Earth.
      all these sites are https://
      paradiseforthehellbound.com (my book read free)

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