Who Needs the Eternal Spiritual Gifts of Hope, Faith, & Love…

When We Can Claim a Certificate of Salvation by One of the New Gospels?

Scroll.  This is likely the most revealing and informative article I have ever shared as a scribe of God.  Time is short.  The end is near.  See below what is to come. Jazweeh________________

New gospel according to the book the bible reads (they say) that Jesus + nothing = Salvation.  Saved by Grace and blood.  Remission of sin instead of forgiveness of sin.  That shed blood by Jesus is the protection and the remission of sins past, present, and future.

The new gospel removes the element of “Eternal Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness” out of the gospel.  It removes repentance and relationship.  After all God knows every hair on every head.  So there is no chance of Him saying “I never knew you” only the risk that HE will say “Depart from me ye worker of iniquity for it is you who never knew Me.”   After all repentance is the foundational act of a born again believer.  And works are how our Faith manifests.  Even the Apostle Paul said “you will see my Faith by my works.”

The only reason to have no works is if you were recently saved.  To be born again is to become the clay in God’s hands.  We repent and God fixes us by giving us a new heart and more.

The new gospel says works in God are a lie they say.  And that works are of no value whatsoever.  They say the only thing that matters is what Jesus did on the cross and that when I say with my MOUTH (word “mouth” is multiplied in KJVB.) that I believe in what Jesus did on the cross then I am saved.  And absolutely nothing can reverse that statement of belief.

Problem is most Christians don’t know the difference between the eternal spiritual gift of Faith and intellectual belief.  Intellect is not how we are saved except that by intellect we prompt our heart to seek God…but its likely the other way around.  Our heart prompts us to seek God.

The rightly dividers of the books contents (“rightly” is not a word by the way) site 1st Corinthians 15 verses 1-4.  They have found their new way of chopping the book into different gospels.  Meaning Jesus’ words allegedly are only for the Jews….hmm is that Jew by religion or Jew meaning Hebrew?  And they say Pauls gospel, that’s right “Paul’s Gospel” is for the body of Christ.  Whatever.

If your a rightly divider know this. You are under the strong delusion.  How do I know?  Because anybody who has lost their memories of the bible when it was “Holy” no longer has access to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Sorry but there are thousands of us who remember when the bible did not contradict itself, call God a liar, Call men to hate their families (Jesus), show vile and sexual content, contain zombie activities and so on.  But this we are also sure not only have rightly dividers lost their memories in a bad way but also they no longer know blessing from blasphemy.  Its very disturbing for us to watch you on youtube trying so hard to reconcile a corrupt and changed book.  Its very sad.  And that reconciliation of contradiction is why rightly dividing was invented.  And the contradictions and lies are why the gospels had to be split….”oh its different for one to another not a contradiction”.

Well the real question is this…why don’t your remember?   Why can’t you be trusted with the knowledge of evil?

They also say that the bible is “The Living Word of God.”  So that leaves out Jesus as being “The Word of God” John 1. In the beginning was The Word and The Word was with God and The Word was God.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

So they call the book by God’s name continually without remorse.  They now balk at the act of repentance.  No need to repent because of the following script.  Ah then if we keep in memory what Paul preached assuming what he preached is still in the book from one day to the next then we are saved.

But wait a minute????  What about the eternal gift of Faith and Hope our very armor of God???   What of that?   “Blood blood blood they scream.  No action needed.  No need to understand the armor of God and learn its mysteries”.

I Hope I am saved, Hope is eternal, Hope is God given and spiritual.  I have Faith that God will keep my soul safe from Hell, the grave and from my own error.  I put my Faith and Hope in God Himself not in the book’s content of doctrines of demons.  I put no Faith in the book.  God showed me that He is real because I sought Him with my whole heart.  He in turn lead me to Jesus by prayer, meditation, and prayer by others for me brought me the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands.

Your Testimony of What Jesus Did in Your Life IS THE TRUE GOSPEL from the heart, alive.

My testimony is this-” I have the testimony of Jesus Himself who delivered me from self destruction, addiction, death, and from a reprobate mind.  Jesus healed my body and gave me spiritual gifts when I sought Him.”

Seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you.  My testimony is in five parts on ParadisefortheHellbound on YouTube. But I can sum it up here in a sentence.  Read my book at https://paradiseforthehellbound.com/read-free

I did seek God, He led me to Jesus and I was healed and delivered from oppression, bondage, and error.  God is my Savior The Son of God is Jesus.  He filled me with joy and Love.  He continues to help me in life.  Without Him I would be dead or a mess.

Jesus took the keys to death and hell when He died so I also can overcome death and Hell.

Copy Paste Gospel is at Best Directions to Seek God with your whole heart.

1Co 15:1
Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;

1Co 15:2
By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

Its not Paul’s testimony that saved me by keeping it to memory as that script dictates.  NO!  Its that I did seek God with my whole heart after I heard that God delivers people from hopelessness.  Jesus came for the sick.  The Great Physician.  He came not for those who are well.  (or at least think they are well).


My testimony nurtures my Faith.  My acts of Love toward others by good works toward them nourishes my Faith.   My seeking God in prayer and listening in meditation in Christ nurtures Faith.  Stepping out in Faith makes faith grown stronger.  Eventually a man of Faith lives by that Faith.

The just shall live by Faith.  Allow God to work in me nurtures my faith. Being the clay in His hands nurtures my Faith.  Meaning I learn my character defect and fear patterns with its knee jerk reactions so I can grow past dysfunction.  Denial of character defects paralyzes men and they don’t grow in Christ.


The 12 Templates of God.  Templates are a cut out a spiritual personality.   A program of a certain eternal destiny.  All men have souls that may or may not be eternal.   Souls can only be ended one way—in the coming lake of fire.  However children are not born with a spiritual template…they choose one.  Each man chooses a predestination by stepping into one of the God templates by his or her choices.  We make choices that adhere us to our template of eternity.  The 144 were not born 144 neither were those who shall be thrown into the lake of fire born goats of faithlessness.  More on the lake of fire below.


And prophesies that confirm the end of days.

Those who became the clay in God’s hands see the prophesies being fulfilled now.

And there were great mysteries in the book that are now revealed.   Also of spiritual Truths.  Also Proverbs gave us directions on how to live.  But those days and instructions are gone.  The book has fallen hard, all of them are corrupt no matter how old they are.   All bibles are changing supernaturally into vile content and lies.

Believe me I endeared the bible more than most and studied it far more than most.  I had a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, (thats right “exhaustive”) Greek & Hebrew interlinear bibles, and Lexicon’s out the gazoo far prior to ANY INTERNET.  That’s right I am bragging. And when I say the bibles are changing I should say ALL BOOKS EXPECIALLY STRONG’S ARE CHANGING TO VILE.

Strong’s, my friends, comes in a real paper book and I have one from the 80s back when the numbers H & G DID NOT OVERLAP.   Before the mandela effect Strongs numerical coding system of every word in the bible KJV went like this,

Hebrew 1-4988 to Greek 4989-8021 Approximately.  The book did not confuse the numbers like it does now with Greek 1-4000 and Hebrew 1-5001 or whatever the number are.  You get the picture.

When the books starting changing supernaturally I was shocked but I never thought they would keep changing and increase as birth PAINS not pangs.  We who see see changes ongoing.

Why is God removing His words from Earth Amos 8:11&12?  Because Jesus is soon to return in a way we do not expect.  The Rev 12 women are giving the annunciation and have been for over 4 years.  That means the intercessors are NO LONGER PRAYING FOR SOULS BY BURDENS AND TRAVAIL.  THAT TIME OF GRACE IS ALREADY OVER.

Jesus is returning with a sword.  The earth will split.  God is revealing to us Truth from the bible before it was changes yet it was skewed.

See now it says Jesus will set foot on one mountain.  The Mount of Olives (today anyway).  But the book used to read that Jesus would set His feet down on two mountains.  One foot on Mt. Carmel & One foot on Mount of Olives  That He is so large in His return He will stand as a Lion that the distance between Mt. Carmel and Mount of Olives is exactly 144 Kilometers I checked on GPS, that’s right!  And He will stand on both at once.  (this keeps changing in google maps)

However Mt. Carmel timeline to Mt. of Olives is also 144

1.44 Hours. 1 hour 44 minutes from mt. carmel to mt. olives


Jesus was to set one foot down on Mt. Carmel & the other on Mount of Olives.  Do you think I may know what I am talking about here?  Few see.  I don’t think that just because most don’t remember the changes that they are all lost.  No….they are just still asleep just as we were asleep also just 4 1/2 years ago in 2016 before our wake up call.  So being asleep is not necessarily the same as being lost.  Most I watch on YT are asleep to the change and don’t recognize the evil vile scriptures. But they do claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  So only God knows what the plan is with that.

Supernatural KJVB Changes

Pretty those who see the bible changes and remember the book 4 years prior do for a reason.  They are the Rev. 12 women and they are God’s army on Earth.  Not “going to be God’s army after they are rapture”  No.  They are NOW God’s army on Earth and have been for many many years.  They are the Rev 12 intercessors of God.  They pray by The Holy Spirit with higher dialect.  And they know well what it means to Travail.   The intercessors are the only group of God’s children that I know of who fit the bill of the Revelation 12 woman.

They have come out of great tribulation and most of them have already died once.  That is why the second death is a thing.  I apologize my words sound vain.   I apologize that I write only for the 144 and 133 who go before the throne of God.

I apologize that most who read this will be offended that they are not privy to the supernatural signs and wonders that the 144 see.

After 40 or more years of travail the Revelation 12 woman (women & men we think) FINALLY  know who they are.  And its a good thing we didn’t know sooner because our pride, our fear of success and our fear of failure would have haunted us had we known our great calling.  God knows us better than we know ourselves.

Prophet to the 144 “Change is Coming Soon”  YT Channel

Will Jesus call others to spiritual warfare in the future who will receive superpowers like for instance the videos that “Change is Coming” puts out? Change is coming claims to be the 144.  She claims to see the bible changes.  Yet she quotes time after time vile and corrupt scripture showing not only is she blind to the bible changes she has lost free access to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as have the many.

She is however the prophet to the 144 for that she shall be acknowledged.  She is not 144 herself.  But likely she will have her own personal Heaven where a fulfillment of her beliefs will happen.  We do not believe any of the 144 or 133 are stricken under the strong delusion so by conclusion of where Truth lives we access that many believe they are 144 if only to protect and muddy the waters. Or as a prelude to stasis, their own personal Heaven.  Perhaps I am one of them who will go to a time look stasis of my beliefs.  But not likely. Scribes of God must know the Truth otherwise we deceive many by our own error.

WHO AM I?  I do not suffer from false humility, Truth is strong force and my belt of armor.

I am not a scribe of God only.  I am one who goes before the throne and am the Revelation 12 intercessor for lost souls they call “The Woman of Rev. 12” we are many and we are few.

I am she who has travailed in heavy burdens for lost souls for many years on end.  Even for the souls of the 144.  I am she who speaks with languages of God & of angels while on Earth.  She, who God has chosen to show to reveal the abomination of desolation x2.   The abomination the creature/Locust makes desolate both men’s minds and God’s words on earth as they disappear. His words in the bibles fall now into desecration to be made desolate of both God’s wisdom & of His Love.   Its already underway, flee Jerusalem now most cannot see.

I am the brother of the army of God the 144 who was not yet is now predestined.   I am she who sees what was and sees that which was now [was not].

Third Eye

I am the writer of God’s words she who sees the vile beast and is angry very angry for carnage.  I am the annihilator of demonic strongholds by word, deed, actions who has the authority of Jesus in prayer.  I do not fear the third eye.

All of man’s parts are for evil or good, we choose.  The humans body part does not make the choices between evil and good.  The hands are for evil or good.  The third eye is also (as any body part) for evil or good.  But ignore not its grand sight.

I am the lover and protector of the meek past & to come.  I am the one who gives to the thirsty man who is the unlovable and forsaken.  And giver to the angel in human form hidden under the flesh as a vagrant.  The mysteries of God come to us in tiny acts of kindness when we follow our heart and not our own agenda.

God looks upon the heart.

Blue Kachina

We site the vs of the new employees who get paid the same amt. of money as the old employees and the old employees resent it.  That my friend is a warning to the 144.  We will accept God’s plan regardless.  So yes He will likely bring in those having dreams and visions of being in God’s army even though on Earth they have never stepped out in warfare by The Holy Spirit.  Nor do they speak in higher dialects.  We 144 are human.  We know we must repent of covetousness lest God not fix our heart.   Meaning yes we occasionally covet God’s attention and His specialities of favor.   The elite covet power.  They wish to destroy the Blue and the Red Kachinas before they split the earth and create the great lake of fire.

The elite know by prophesies of old that show their own demise that they will lose power after the sword of God by the angel on high splits the earth.  She is Holy and they trample her holiness by calling her “Wormwood”.  How dare they!

She is the blue star and she shines on high dancing to and fro just as prophesied.  Seek her out with your binochs.   She’s the brightest.  They lie and call her “Venus”.   Venus pales by comparison.  The blue Kachina is a prophecy God led me to years ago long before I began to see fulfillment of any prophecy.

2014 God showed me the blue star in a vision.  If you see her she will touch your heart with her holiness and her might.  She has upon her the gift of God’s given glory that only an angel could harness and live.


God has revealed, I believe anyway, what is to come in the apocalypse and how will the purification of Earth transpire?

The Blue Kachina a Great and Godly Beautiful Angel is Coming.  She is Here but she still circles Earth flying to the west as a planet or star.  She is the brightest being in the sky at this time.  Her brother the Red Kachina is second brightest.

She has in her possession a great sword of God.  The sword is given to her by God Himself.  She has one task.  One very important supernatural task.

The Apocalypse

She is to circle the earth shining too and fro and a great sign as she dances and blinks as a lighted Farris wheel would shine at the fair.   She now flies circling Earth.  Next she will point the sword between 144 kilometers (89.4 miles) from Mt. of Olives to Mount Carmel.  (apparently Israel really is the Holy land).  We had our doubts.

1.44 Hours. 1 hour 44 minutes from mt. carmel to mt. olives

And she will DIVE straight to Earth sword in front of her.  She will split the Earth at Jerusalem resulting in the Lake of Fire.

Herein lies the apocalypse.  The Angel will split Earth making a great gulf that man, beasts, buildings, and all manner of devices and people shall be sucked into it.  This event will provide much of Earth’s Purification Event.  This is not God’s wrath…oh no.  This event is God’s mercy.   All have chosen.  The choices are made.  The separation of wheat fro chaff is complete.  The age of Grace IS OVER.  The intercessors no longer travail for souls.   The Spirit of God sends out the announcement of His coming through the intercessors.

The angel is not Jesus Himself.  She is the hand of Jesus.  How will Jesus return?  Well its much like some of the new age believers are saying.  Jesus shall return by filling those left on Earth with so much of His presence that they are made new.  We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed.

The meek shall inherit the Earth.  And God and only God by Jesus shall appoint guardians of Earth and He and only He chooses who are the meek.  But ultimately we have made our own choices.

By Faith are ye saved forgiven by Love, mercy, and Grace.

Jesus died so we may live having the keys to death and hell.  Jesus overcame so we too could overcome.

When will the blue Kachina dive to earth?

Sometime prior or around mid 2024.  Anytime.  We think the New Earth will be ready for the Guardians in mid 2024.  And that they will be raptured around July 2021 to August 23 during the Leo tribes months..  We think the rapture of the 144 shall go unnoticed.  We think that the memory of the 144 in their pre New Earth human form shall be utterly erased.  There will be no “I told you so” moment. lol

The 144 will be raptured soon and prepared as guardians of the New Earth.  And this is why the elite want to kill God and are preparing for just that.  The meek shall inherit the Earth.  Not all shall die but we shall all be changed. The 144 will not suffer by their second death.  They have all already died once in the tribulations on Earth.

Why Was the Wickedness Allowed

So then that’s it.  Father finally gave us the entire scenario and fulfilling of the touchdown of Jesus on Earth.  The sword of the blue kachina is the hand of Jesus.  And His Spirit will fill the guardians of earth so full that they will be like Him in power by supernatural magic.  They shall have a great Love for the people of earth who are called “The Meek”.  They are the great multitude who shall inherit the earth.  Never again will God’s Earth be abused and wicked men rule over the weaker men.  Never again.  Never again shall serpents rein.  All the wickedness was by men’s choices.   All so we one and all could choose our eternal homes either with God or with darkness below.  Some men prefer darkness and they shall have too their accommodations.

Copy Past Gospel

1Co 15:3
For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

Apostle Paul did share his testimony and I received it.  The bible was once holy with the truth of how to find God.  Now its full of itself.  The book seems to think it is God.  The book claims that it is the Way the Truth & The Life and it isn’t.

My testimony is alive because it comes from my heart and is Truth.  Others who need deliverance will hear and follow suit to seek God with their whole heart as well HOPING He will answer their cry like He answered my cry.

See how that works?  The testimony from the heart about what Jesus did for me is the gospel.  Likewise with anyone who knows Jesus and has a testimony of their experience with Jesus.
1Co 15:4
And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

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