Worthy Inheritance.

Blood or Love

Put your troubles in the God box and watch them fade into faith.

Certain Loved ones or/and relatives in your bloodline have the option after death to send one of their spiritual gifts to you.

The spiritual gifts range in things from supernatural intuitions or helps to others.   Like healing & deliverance or natural gifts like good character such as empathy, groundedness, temperance, patience, kindness, charity, caring, peace makers etc.    A kind word turns away wrath.

The ancestral line sends their chosen person prims of good character that matter because they promote in you and in others great works of Faith.  Works that echo in eternity.  God sees these Love based actions as good.  Plus they are beneficial to the person who wields them of course.  And works of Love grow your Faith while on Earth.

The relatives or loved one’s who have no bloodline left who are worthy may choose a loved one to send their spiritual gift to.  These are things that those who have passed on had themselves during their lifetime.   They send gifts to you in accordance with their wise & experienced opinion of those worthy who will not allow their gift to be wasted.  And or it may be greatly needed.

Especially now when many of us believe we are in the end of the age.  Soon to turn to the golden age of Peace on Earth.  The meek SHALL inherit the earth.  We who live in the great tribulation will need these extra spiritual helps to get through these times gracefully.

I believe the gifts can be sent at anytime between birth and death.Put your troubles in the God box and watch them fade into faith.

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