To the Mandela Affected. You’re not Delusional After All.

  Do the many really believe in that which their eyes cannot see?  When it comes down to it…No.  They often just follow beliefs that are socially acceptable.  Few these days have escaped the hive mind.

Furthermore, only the dysfunctional who harm themselves or others can be appropriately labelled “Delusionally Dysfunctional” due to emotional trauma response behavior.

If you don’t see & remember history quite differently than the majority of mankind, fear not.  According to the powers on high, it’s evident you do not need to be shown that the supernatural is REAL.   Perhaps you already believe in God and are spiritually safe.   And perhaps you are being protected by God from the perplexing realizations of seeing first hand a fluid reality.

There Are Many of Us Who See Common Supernatural Events.

Where there are two or more witnesses of an event, that event is established as Truth.  That is if those seeing the truth are not deceived unknowingly.  Many people see the Mandela effects yet they call us delusional.  Many.  Many people also see the KJVB supernatural changes that are blasphemous and vile, ridiculous, and redundant.   Language itself has changed in our eyes.  The changes range from spelling to grammar, to new words, and to thousands of new words that those of us who see NEVER HEARD OF.  We see sarcasm and blasphemy laced throughout the now passively destructive bibles.

You can see how this event would spark our on going interest.  When bible researchers such as myself who knew EVERY WORD definition in the KJV suddenly see thousands of words we….well NEVER HEARD OF its a bit troubling.  Be sure, without emotional coping skills we would be in serious trouble.

There are many of us you may want to take note by your open mind.

Fact-Group think delusions are not a thing.  The delusional generally have independent imaginary delusions that match their own trauma reflex responses by their experiences, usually during childhood.  Group delusions are not possible because the mind’s subconscious produces independent thought.  It’s the ego that parrots.  And the shallow based ego part of thought is not in charge of deep emotional unto delusion trauma reflex responses.

The Powers that Be Rush in abruptly to Debunk Those Who See.

Clearly those who run this world have great covetousness over every popular narrative shown to mankind.   The image of the beast and all media are they main concerns.  Truth is their enemy.

By the denial of Goo gal often truth can be established.  If goo gal says its a lie it’s likely true.  But not always.

Group think delusions are not how the mind reacts to trauma.  The powers that be such as Goo gal and those who have quantum computer access are making the excuse that the Mandela effect is a shared delusion of false memories.

But I can prove by first hand experience also confirmed by psychological sciences that their premise of group delusions & mass false memories concepts of the mind are what’s false.

My Own Childhood Trauma. What is Dysfunction?

For example my mother traumatized me and my sister as children.  She choked us with ammonia and bleach over use by her obsession and ignorance.  Likely by her own trauma response reflex.   Us children were put in harms way by her who should have protected us from poisons.

Once I breathed my mother’s bath tub full of Ammonia and it stopped my lung function temporarily.  I am still hurt by her ignorance.

My mother was brainwashed into using dangerous chemicals in ways that were harmful to her own children.  She ended up with CPOD and died shortly after the back scene chot coursed through her veins.  She was fairly lost most of her life and was raised by alcoholic parents.  But that’s not my point.

Now I fear all chemicals and its a good thing.  I refuse to sit in a room filled with chemical smells breathing deep.  I run like hell when I walk into a bleach vapor filled Publix store.  A healthy fear.  These so called cleaners do far more harm than good on this Earth.  They are over Kill.

Goo Gal’s Label of False Memories and Delusion Debunked by Common Sense

A trauma reflex would go overboard with the response to chemicals.  There would have to be a negative result for trauma dysfunction response.  Such as refusing to associate with anyone who uses bleach.  Or perhaps going to stores and screaming in the soap isles of the toxic destructive carcinogenic poisons they huff regularly.  That thought actually isn’t a bad idea…but its a bad example of what I am trying to convey.  This is better.

What if I started kidnapping all the people whom I see as over-using bleach….that would be a delusion & dysfunction response due to bleach exposure trauma as a child.  The hypothetical delusion is that I have the right to control other people’s choices.  And that their ignorance of toxins deserves my authoritive control & they need punished by violence.

My Point

My point?  That is how trauma response delusion works.  So where is the delusional dysfunction response in the Mandela effect people?  Seems to me they are handling what they see pretty well emotionally.  They share with those who are like them. This helps them cope with the stark changes they see.  Its a total paradigm shift and not easy.

We Are Many.  Where is the Emotional Dysfunction that always Accompanies the Delusional?

They Mandela effect isn’t something that you can teach by lies.  It must be and is experienced.  Therefore, it can’t fall under the category of mass brainwash by deception such as the spinning ball earth or “school all good” lies.

40,000 subscribers watched EYA’s youtube channel prior to its shut down by censorship.    40,000 who found her channel.  Why would they follow the on going supernatural KJV bible changes if they did not see them themselves?  Furthermore where is the dysfunctional trauma response associated with “delusions”?  Where’s the dysfunction?

Simply sharing one’s beliefs should never be labelled an emotional illness unless someone is getting hurt.  For instance, sharing something with a child that is inappropriate for example. You cannot call something a delusional trauma response defect if its not dysfunctional.   Merely sharing one’s experience, strength, and Hope is sharing what is.

It’s Okay if they don’t see Mandela Effects

Also, its not a matter of wrong vs. right if you do or don’t see the changes in reality by supernatural occurrence.   We who see now know our reality is fluid to a point.  To what point is yet to be revealed.

Mandela Effect Example

“My car was always red but now it’s magically turned blue and according to most people it always was blue.”

My sister also remembers my car was always red.  She remembers what I remember and so does her friend.  But those two are the only ones I know who see as I see.

Those who see what is supernatural and see miracles are brashly labeled wrong, bad, delusional, & said to have false memories by those who do not remember.

What is the Dividing of Time Written of in the bible?

Here we go my birthday verse.    What I am getting in The Spirit.  Twelve Truths I have written below.

Dan 7:25
“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

#1 The Saints are not and will not be “worn out”!

#2 The scripture prophecy that he will speak great words, word “great” being relative the fulfillment is this.  The KJVB supernatural changes are that the beast is rewriting the once Holy bible that held some of God’s sacred words.  So, those who claim to be Christians are calling the book of evil by, not only God’s name “The Word of God”.  But they also promote the beast’s words as High and Honorable Truth straight from God no matter how vile the script is.

#3 Since the locust from the pit has flown and fills the many Christians heads with lies that they see as their own history they are given into his hands.  But they are not “Saints”.  For it is not possible for evil to penetrate the armor of God that they themselves apparently lack.

#4  Seeing that these bible changes are vile and blasphemous “hate your family or you have no part in me” allegedly spoken by Jesus.  I can quote you 1,000 more vile scriptures seen at in three bible logs. The vulgarity of the scripture changes proves that they are changed by something deceptive at best and diabolically evil at worst.

#5   Okay so the memories of the Christians are now overridden by the locusts agenda of memories.  What then?  Wouldn’t they recognize that the book is now evil…at least even if they can’t remember?  Ya.  You would think so.  But unfortunately they do not recognize evil from good when it comes to the worst idol of all.  The bible.  My theory.  The sacred tree of the knowledge of good and evil is withdrawn from them.

Satan or Lucifer or the angel or the devil quoted this scripture to Eve in the garden.

“And if you eat of the tree ye shall be as gods knowing both evil and good.”  Satan.

My theory, the tree is being withdrawn from the many.  Why? Where they are going they don’t need the knowledge of evil.   If a man doesn’t need protection from evil perhaps being blind to evil could be a form of paradise.  If that blindness extends into every aspect of their lives and not just the bible readings.

#6  The New Earth Comes.  This is what I am getting.  The meek SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH.  But God shall appoint guardians over the earth.  I am certain this is in prophecy and likely the reason the evil and greedy covetous powers who control Earth now do not want to hand their power over to God’s choice of Guardians of Earth.

#7 Nor do these greedy corporate evil doers want to be gathered unto their eternal homes.  The Gathering is nigh.  Soon I believe most souls will be gathered by God’s will.  Either drug to their lower Earth abode.  Or they shall be taken up and judged. Or they shall sleep waiting for their New Earth home to be prepared.  Some shall go straight to Heaven.

“Not all shall sleep, but we shall all be changed.”  It’s time.

#8 The New Earth must be seeded for the New Nature.  “its the new mother nature takin over.  Nature is pissed.  And the new nature will be something even more magnificent and miraculous as our first Earth nature.

#9 For those who see the Mandela effects.  What if these effects, these changes to our reality and history kept progressing as birth pains?  What if what is now just changes to names and places, colors, and past situations becomes increased.  I am already seeing many neon colored bugs and plants.  Some amazing nature that I never saw before.  What if God is using the Mandela effect to usher in His new Earth?  What if the gathering is very soon and this Earth is about to become very empty of humans?  That is what I have dreamed of, an empty Earth with very few humans on it.  So few in fact that we will be hard pressed to find another human.

#10 There’s new scripture in the books.  God shall remove a certain metal type from Earth. Odd new script.  God created men upright, but they have sought out many devices.  Years ago this script in Ecclesiastes allegedly written by King Solomon was a “vices” topic scripture.  It read by memory.

“men have sought out many vices.”  Its a very early supernatural bible change to the KJVB.  It goes as far back as the changes to the Lion and the Lamb.

Why do I remember to know the bible changes?  Because I studied for years and I hold these words safe in my heart under the full spiritual armor of God.  Including the Helmet of the HOPE of salvation.

#11 God never told us we are to know we are being raptured & saved.  Knowing is an intellectual plan & a surmise of fact.  “The just (justified) shall live by Faith.”  Hope & Faith are God’s eternal gifts to us humans.  Hope and Faith both carry with them an element of unsurety.  We do not know fully nor are we supposed to claim to know fully something that is yet to be seen.

Granted there are those with strong Faith.  And those who act with great works of Faith.  We are saved by Faith with Hope that God will finish what He has begun in us.  This “once saved always saved” doctrine is an attempt to nullify our doubts that accompany the eternal & miraculous gift of Hope.

They take their Hope & apply it to doctrine saying….in so many words, “we don’t need Hope (The Helmet of Armor) because this book and it’s doctrine assures us that we already know we are once saved always saved.”

Without Faith and Hope there are no great works of Faith that echo in eternity.  Its not Faith if its not Faith.

You can’t be too dumb for salvation but you can be too smart to be saved with intellect and doctrine take the place of the eternal gifts of Hope and Faith.

“Where your heart is there shall your treasure be also.”   Faith is eternal, and “each man (kind) is given a measure of Faith.” To either grow or to let wither.

But not only that, what if I put that eternal gift of Faith in the wrong god?  Such as the supernaturally changed blasphemous bible?  Not good.  If all Faith is put in doctrine instead of God Himself the man is lost.  The bibles cannot save anyone.  Jesus Saves.

God gave in us eternal Faith and then He gave us the plan of salvation to guide us to Him.    Seeking God takes diligence.  Don’t ever give up on seeking God to give evidence of His Love toward you.

Love is the other eternal gift.

Spiritual Solution

“Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened”. Never let shame and the “I am bad and wrong” programming of the beast stop you from seeking and then getting very real from your heart with God.  Be reverent God is your Creator.

Father wants from us Truth.  I am sure of it.  “Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life”.  Got put great power in the name “Jesus”.  By praising Him by name The Holy Spirit is given.  The rushing mighty winds will knock a man down softly, with care.  And you will know God is real.  And that Jesus’ name is powerful.  Jesus is the Son of God who came to give us God’s powerful Truth in words.

12#  The end of the age is here.  The separation of sheep from goats is pretty much finished.  Amos 8:11 &12 is being fulfilled now.

“I shall cause a famine of my words.  They shall search east to west for my words but they will be gone.”  And they, pretty much are. What’s left of God’s holy words is to keep the books appearing godly and good.  Not all original script is gone but Old English is gone from the bibles.  The goodness and anointing are also gone from the books one and all.

I saw God’s words roll up like a scroll to Heaven where they are forever fixed in Heaven.  Sounds like that “earth will roll up like a scroll” new scripture.  Yet it was God’s written words that rolled up like a scroll black and white print on scroll to be seen by the few.

As always friends I could be wrong.  Sincerely Laura of Akron.





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  1. I thought my mom was the only one who made her child breath ammonia and bleach ! I miss your videos I re watch them all alot I hope you are doing ok miss ya !

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