Be Selfish & Be Charitable Anyway. Be Angry Yet Do No Harm

The Truth Shall Set You Free—But How?

First ‘the problem’ at the end of the page is my website for emotional deprogramming solutions.  Not everyone gets as thoroughly programmed as I was.  There are variables such as empathic and encouragement by parenting that can prevent to an extent trauma based programs from taking hold 100%.

Truth is magical.  It is spiritual armor.  Truth absolutely sets a man free when he embraces it to see his own heart.  I know this by experience.  I also know most of us think we already know who we are at heart level.

There was a time when I was quite literally beside myself emotionally.  I had so much self loathing denial and blindness were my best friends.  I ended up in a rehabilitation facility.  I had a moment during a talk with a therapist that I felt my spirit reconnect with my body.

Speak Kindly to One’s Self and to Others

You & I have no right to condemn ourselves for any ingrained human feelings we experience.  God is our judge not us.  There is no wrong feeling only wrong actions.  What forms good character is not that a person has no anger in them, or has no selfishness or thoughts of malice.  But rather it’s that he acts in Love in spite of his selfish or malicious nature.

We are not animals.  Yet we do have instincts grounded in human and social survival.  Fear is for our very bodily survival.  Fear run riot or fear acted upon rashly is another matter entirely. Fear, when it paralyzes us from the good that our heart desires for us is not a survival skill its a hindrance.  Fear is destructive if by it we react and do harm to others.  Let’s start with fear of people, social fears.  I want to put some things in perspective that took me years of self examination and 12 step with therapy helps to understand about the human condition.

What is good behavior?

Rules for humans.  Do no harm.  Help (Love) others if & when we have the opportunity.  Respect (Love) others as we want to be respected (Loved). Show others care & kindness (Love) as we want to be cared for.   Be empathic by encouraging and showing understanding to others.  Rather than always making others “bad & wrong” and seeking out differences.  #1 Seek God with all your heart, mind, & spirit.   “Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you.”

Thinking something ‘bad’ is not the same as doing something ‘bad’.  Everybody feels animosity toward other people. How we treat others is what matters.

Granted-I know I know Jesus said (allegedly) that if you think it your guilty already of murder.  But come on!  That just isn’t true is it?  Committing murder and wishing someone dead are two different things entirely.   At best lets say Jesus went to an extreme to make a point. Though I do not think He would do that.  He was quite the stickler for Truth you see.

What that scripture does is condemn the entire human race as being evil, bad, and wrong.  Much like the book of 1st John which commands that we do nothing but Love eight days a week I love ah ah ah ove you.   Eight days a week…..right.  They may as well name 1st John the “Condemnation of Mankind” book.  What am I talking about?

Again there is no wrong feeling.  Feelings are beyond our control.  We can only act or not act on what we have been give from God.

If I label ANY of my feelings “wrong & bad” then I am playing the accuser of the breathren.  I do not have the right to condemn myself.  God gave me my feelings and I can only work with what I have.

NEVER Compare your insides to someone elses outsides.   People are acting on the most part they are players on the stage of life pretending to be something they are not.  To see, embrace, & accept one’s true identity will set you free.  To know one’s own heart is rare in this age.

Many people have no clue as to who they are and what their heart is saying.  What?  We repress our hearts voice early on in life and become masters of denial.  Why?

BEAST SYSTEM PROGRAMMING.  “I am bad & wrong”  So I will become someone else.  Program resources-parents, education system, TV, Phone, interaction with others.

For instance…why do the teachers give multiple choice?  Result-Only one right answer programs closed minded children.  Closed to options & various solutions.  If we had 3 or 5 right answers over and over and over and over we develop our minds to be broadened in thinking neuralpathways.  No dead ends in the mind.

Can I reprogram?  The good news is “Yes” we all can reprogram.  But its work and first we must see ourselves as to not only who we are but WHY we are.  We must see our emotional behavior patterns of survival.

I know I have fears.  I know I have selfishness and I accept these as being part of the human condition.  I accept that I have instincts that are feelings and are beyond my control to change them.  But I do not have to act upon these instincts if it does harm or slights others.

How do most people deal with the instincts they see in themselves that are labelled “character flaws” or “bad & wrong” by society?

DENIAL.  Denial is a self-deceptive emotional survival skill that the masses use at every turn.  Blinding one’s self to instincts of the human condition is due to condemnation.  Denial is put in place from childhood and it causes a host of problems. If a man doesn’t know his own heart how will he go before God in Truth?

People who use emotional denial tools because they have no healthy coping skills end up very twisted and very blind in old age.  Plus they are incapable of healthy relationships.  Unless the other party can see into their behavior at heart level and show understanding.

Next “Find the child within”  Pretty much the entire website addresses reprogramming in the context of recovery from addiction.  Same thing.

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