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What You Didn’t Know About Garbage Disposal

If you live in the country or outskirts of town, rural.   It helps immensely with work haul to have three things.  Possum’s and a wild garden.  Along with a place for food waste that is cooked. Also you should study to “Eat the Weeds”.

We are the ones who decide to make the Possum either a Pest or an Alleigh.

The O’Possum is more scared of you than you of him.  He will panic and scurry away if you walk outside onto the porch.   Possums snoop around for food waste and will get into the garbage cans if they are not secure.  Use metal garbage cans with lids.  The lids work very well to keep out the Possum. Don’t hurt him, please!  If your wise, you will have a much greater job for him to do FOR YOU.  Than being a pest to you.  See Possum paragraph below.

O’Possum is my Best Pan Scrubber EVER! Baked on Parmesan noodles, bacon grease, you name it.  No more scrubbing horrid messes. Make no mistake auto dishwashers got NOTHIN’ on this guy.


WILD GARDEN for UNCOOKED PRODUCE (Fruits, Veggies refuse)

For convenience sake NEVER throw live produce waste into the garbage.  UNCOOKED & RAW is what we are referring to!  Orange peels, carrot ends, Turnip ends, Parsnip peels and ends and so on.  Anything ALIVE goes in the wild garden and often grows new plants, fruit, and tree with no effort.  Keep your wild garden in an arms throw distance.  NO!  Wild gardens do not stink.  Nor are they compost piles.  If you throw out sweet potato pieces you will likely end up with a bunch of sweet potato leaf salad in the front of your house.  Orange trees might grow.  Never throw any seed into the garbage.  Plus it won’t stink up the house as it’s going back to the Earth it Loves.  Never throw any processed foods like sugar or cookies into the wild garden.  The most processed thing I throw in my wild garden is salad waste.  Salad waste can be thrown in if you use natural Lemon & cold pressed oil with natural maple syrup for dressing.  Don’t throw any store bought salad dressing into your wild garden.


Never throw GARBAGE into the garbage can.  It’s nasty.  You have land for this type of waste.  LAND THAT NEEDS FED YOUR GARBAGE.   It’s the natural way of things.

NO it won’t likely have time to “stink”. However the cooked pile should NEVER BE mixed with your live garden.

Processed foods such as cookies, crackers, noodles, candies, and any additional COOKED food waste is prone to a totally different type of bacterial decomposition than the live produce that’s UNCOOKED and will grow to bring you harvest.  Keep the cooked pile a distance from your house.

Keep this COOKED pile of waste at least 20 feet from the house.  Don’t worry the animals and bugs and birds will consume this waste in an orderly fashion with haste.  The animals will love you for it. They are your helpers in this time.  Be one with nature.



You likely already have a family of Possums nearby.  They are plentiful in the outskirts of town.  And they look like a giant Rat.  Have a convenient spot for your hard to clean pans and casserole dishes that are stubborn to clean and take copper scrubbers generally to work hard at getting clean.

NO Need for all that scrubbing.  The Possum has the appetite to lap up every ounce of bacon grease refuse you can supply.  He has the teeth to peel off that hard to scrub sticking Parmesan Broccoli Cheese casserole your annoying but Loving husband loves to cook and leave you with the clean up. That’s right!

What I do is take the full pot of left overs and set them in a secure spot on my large porch.  A spot where the pan is edged up against a foundation so the possum has leverage to peel off that sticking food.  He cleans EVERY BIT. I am not exaggerating fold.  All I have to do is go the next morning and use simple soap and hot water on the dish.  IT’S THE BEST THING I EVER DISCOVERED ABOUT POSSUMS.

What if you end up face to face with a Possum?  They are more scared of me than I am of them.  I used to just shew them off the porch by voice command.  But now he and I have a generational possum system going on.  He knows my smell.  He avoids face to face.  He waits until I am fast asleep.  Then he comes up to the regular spot on the porch and cleans my pans.  What is the worst nightmare when it comes to dishes?  The garbage and the cleaning.  These simple country suggestions grant you time to do other things.

No more stinking garbage

No more dirty scrubbing of pans and casserole dishes



FOOD should be your first financial indulgence.  This is your health we are talking about.  Most of the rest of what we carry out of a store is for vanity.

In this day and age we should not buy ANYTHING WE DO NOT ABSOLUTELY NEED.   The corporations have no Love for Mother Earth whatsoever.  They just will not stop.  These entities of crime keep making worthless plastic TOXIC garbage for unaware people to carry home from poison wal-mart and throw away in 6 – 8 weeks.

The wild garden supplies extra gardening that takes very little effort.  Potatoes grow very easily when you buy ONLY ORGANIC.  If your potatoes are not organic they have been sprayed with a poison that stops them from sprouting.  These will not reproduce in your wild garden.

Catalogue All Edible Weeds Stop Mowing

If you have a yard of grass you really don’t need to mow unless your in a binding covenant with the neighborhood police.

Grass itself is an invasive plant.  Not many weeds can grow where there is grass..  If your entire yard is grass how will you know what edible plants grow in your area unless you stop mowing.  Or have a back forty that maintains natural growth.  My own yard is un-mowed for over five years.  I realized Bahia grass basically culls itself in winter.  Even in Florida.  It only grows to a certain height of about 12 inches and stops.  Then come winter it dies out making walking through it much easier.

However in Florida wild berries will grow naturally.  After years of not mowing the yard they have crept in.  I learned many edible & medicinal weeds.   But the blackberry bushes are aggressive.  It takes skill to pick the berries.  They have aggressive thorns and command respect.    I weighed out the option of mowing them down or using them for food.  Having them as food is a much better option.  An option that makes the yard productive for survival.


I have a garden but it is small.  Some plants more productive and useful than others.  I get great use out of the mustard greens and Bok Choy because they stay a long time and I eat lots of salad.  I have many plants that grow wild which also make great additions to salad.  My next article will cover these.

THE BEAST SYSTEM WANTS YOU IGNORANT AND CLUELESS about the Miraculous wonders of Nature that surround us.

Knowing what I can eat in the wild is something that should be taught in every school.  Its basic human survival knowledge.  And you can bet pig farma and pig food farma do not want you to know you can eat the local weeds.  After all they cannot cull the heard if we don't eat their poison food additives.  For now...don't eat anything under a power line.  The electric companies have NO RESPECT for mother nature or us.  They come in and poison the land under their wires.  Why?  To save money.  As if they cannot hire a few men to cut the plants instead they choose to poison our land over and over and over.  Poisoning where our children play.
Why GMO?  
Terrifying Info below. Do not read this if you took the mass Hlth Cr Optn

The first reason pig farma food genetically alters food at the molecular level making it a GMO.  Not to be confused with natural cross breeding of plants.  They do it to sell poisons.  They do it so they can douce the suckling sprouts with as much bayerMonsanta poison as they can spray.   And the plant still won't die.  So they can soak it in poison while making it into a genome non-food plant that your brain doesn't recognize as being food.    In turn your body then rejects it's nutrients while you eating a plate full of monsantobayer poison.  Ya--can you say FUCKING DIABOLICAL?

And don't think they cannot make the same genetic type changes in humans now.  It's called back scene.  And it is genome therapy.  God help us all because there is no telling what sequencing they will now invoke in those unsuspicious humans who took the gmo start up.  To start the adaptation to mRNA cell line commands.  Commands to their cellular nano circuitry of the cells nucleus.  Their bodies tricked into believing the command comes from their natural genome. 

For instance....the mRNA commands the body to grow a lower law like a chimpanzee.  And the upper lip and bone structure of same.  "Ah but the chimp DNA is purified".  Purified meaning it doesn't activate in the body.  That is until other cells turn it on.  Which happens accidentally (allegedly) to the potentially malignant immortalized cell lines in every new back scene.  After all Cancer grows faster than any other mutation.  It's perfect to turn a man into a monkey.

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