The Pale Horse Identified

The Pale Horse Rides On.  But Now It Has Ramped Up Its Pace.

This article is scary as hell.  You may not want to read it at all.  It pertains to present day threats to humanity. It pertains to death, destruction, and exposes the pale horse.

“We can’t be in the great tribulation” says the Christian.   “Not enough people have died”.  He states ignorantly as he has no clue of what the pale horse is.  Nor does the Christian recognize the plagues & death listed in the prophecies.

First The Human Must Realize He Was Sold Into Slavery.  He must realize that he was programmed from birth to become what he became.  Oh sure there are certain individualities of patterns of behavior that each of us choose.  But on the most part we were formed by manipulation not nurturing.  We were not formed to be all that we can be.  We were educated and indoctrinated to be what they want us to be.

Parents-  Raised by programmed parents.

Education-Educated by repetition & multiple choice training that told us “there is only ONE RIGHT ANSWER”.   Closing our minds to options.  Bad white man programming.  We emerged from the indoctrination believing that “being different is very bad”.   If your different you will be mocked.

Subliminal teaching is very stealth.  Stories told to children hide the real lessons under a cloak of subliminal.  The hunchback of Notre dame….kicked and thrown to the wolves for being ugly & different.  The beast system assuring us that before it came to help poor and helpless mankind with its food and medicine men where diseased and helpless….They were Lepers until pig farma saved them.  Graphic grotesque photos of lepers.  Their skin being eaten away by grotesque disease.   All because we didn’t have PIG FARMA to save us.

The stories of starving farmers continually plague the movie screen.  Every farmer, TV shows was, poor and destitute with failing crops and twisted sexual perversion on their minds.  Farmers are debased in nearly every story told to youth and adults.  Dependent, dependent says the story of the “DARK AGES”.  Dark ages that likely NEVER EXISTED.

Every movie showing the 1800’s is splattered with destitute ragged poor people who are in need of the King’s help.  Over and over they taught us how we NEED Pig Farma and Pig Grocers to take care of us.  And that before their saving technology we were all starving and lepers.

Yet it is technology that is destroying mankind and the Earth.

They blinded us to all the cures in nature.  Pig farma slaughtered the people who held the great knowledge of the earth.  They knew the Holistic remedies. And everyone who cured Cancer had to be suppressed or murdered.

Fake food would cull the heard.  And make them a pocket full of Cancer money.  Blood money.

They made their Cancer upon the Earth seem like something natural.  Cancer.

Know this statistics back in 2002 when I had it, 1 in every 2 men WILL not might WILL get their man made plague.  And if your a Christian looking for the prophecies of slaughter…look no further.  Cancer IS YOUR PALE HORSE.  What the commercials and stores have mankind eating now is sure to land you in a chemo cell poisoning the body to kill the tumor.

Not to mention the non edible products in stores.  Everything these bastards create is toxic.  From blankets to homes, from dishes to clothing its all poison.

They have convinced those who do want to plant gardens that they also need to poison their own food.  People are that far gone.  Instead of taking a loss they poison themselves.  GMO plants are for one purpose, so the monsters can pour as much monsanto bayer poison on the plants as they can sell you and the plants won’t die.  These gmo’s are poison tolerant.  Its the most evil diabolical shit I have ever written about.  And the sheeple and lulled to sleep, lulled to sleep.

It’s too much work to believe what I am saying.  The third world war is upon us.  War against humanity.

Then heart disease comes in second with the pale horse.  But now with back scenes “If those days were not shortened no flesh would survive.”  ITS THE FOOD.  It’s always been their food that gives men their diseases of choice.

My room mate like to say its greed.  And much of the poisoning of mankind is due to greed.  But at the top of the power chain of deep dark control lies poisoning by design.  MEN SHOULD BE LIVING INTO THEIR HUNDREDS.

Look at the Google doodles and truth hidden in plain sight.

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