HOW TO DEPROGRAM From The System of The Beast


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Why most people will never deprogram and become who they really are. Deprogram to learn their own heart, to accept the human condition, and to seek God in Truth.

Because it involves great Truth by courage to expose one's own heart to another human.  Becoming vulnerable.  #2 It cannot happen with out God's help.  #3 Most people will never seek God at length. Most people will never put God above all their desires.  Why?  The flesh fights against this.  Seeking God at depth requires great desperation and often disaster is needed that triggers motivation that cause sincerity toward God.  #4 To become the clay means to seek God no matter the cost.  Men know they cannot seek God with all their heart without some horrible or at best an uncomfortable situation making them desperate.   Deep down in their hearts humans do not trust God with control. They will avoid the possibility of trials and struggle at all costs.  This is understandable.  And it's why they say "Be careful what you pray for".  To become the clay in God's different with each person.  Only God knows what it will take for me and you to become children of God.  It's worth it.

You want Truth?


Do you know your a slave?    Do you know you have been programmed?  Dramatically and thoroughly PROGRAMMED?  I apologize but it takes seven years minimum to deprogram and learn one’s own heart.

What is Deprogramming?

I am talking about becoming ONE.  Wholeness.  Accepting one’s carnal side and one’s spiritual side.  It’s a process of being the clay in Fathers hands of Love.  Crying and screaming is required.  Writing and sharing is vital.

The Beast handed us the blueprint for deprogramming.  But most people who engage in the process NEVER GET PASSED THE STEP 2.  Oh they will pretend they are doing the deed.  But they don’t include God.  And they do not include TRUTH.  Truth and God two of the most important ingredients in the deprogramming process.

Is it so hard to believe that everything you need is right in front of you?

Men who do not understand their own emotional patterns of behavior and do not know their own heart are incapable of admitting that they are programmed.  How does a man deprogram himself?  First God Almighty must be sought with thy whole heart.  Ye must seek God and become the clay in His hands if you wish to deprogram.

You must hold NOTHING BACK.  Shame and fear will squash the deprogramming process.

Example-“I can’t tell God or man THAT.   Says the student.  I mustn’t share that one thing that I do not want anybody to EVER know!”  Or The student will repress the “ONE thing they want no one to know” burying it so deep they cannot employ Truth where it’s needed.   They are incapable of Truth at this point.  They cannot see their own true feelings.

I have worked with one woman who would not and could not ever admit fear.  She was so entirely programed against being afraid that she could not identify when or why she was afraid.  I tried to teach her that fear is NOT bad.  It is for our very survival and part of the human condition.  She just could not go there while she was clearly afraid and many things.


It’s unfair to others that we do not show our true selves.  “What is wrong with me” the child says to himself as he believes the people who wear the masks of fearlessness.

The programmed man now fervently believes his own lies.  This is why God must be sought at every step of the way. To clear away self deception is primary.   Often times only God Himself by your submission to Him can clear away self deception that runs so deep a person can’t see their own heart.

How do I seek God and deprogram myself?  All things are available to men who will merely look with an open mind.  The same reasons Christians cannot identify & see the Antichrist, False Prophet, and Beast system is because of their emotional condition.

Fear must be admitted and embraced as being part of the human condition.  By the fear and shame of FEAR itself, children are controlled and programmed.  First by the foundational trauma programming that says  “I am bad and wrong”.  And that being “Different” is BAD!  VERY BAD & wrong.

And then once your heart truly believes that your are wrong and bad in every way they have the power to make you a parrot of whatever programs from the image of the beast that you want to subconsciously follow.

Example–“I loathe myself therefore I will become Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch.  Then they will like me.  Then I will be loved, THEN I will be right, and good.

The solution they handed us to deprogramming offers two options.  Either simply run the blueprint deprogramming process and get reprogrammed into yet another controlled mask identity.  Or use the blueprint with God’s help and deprogram into freedom from the beast.  Change everything without become a slave to some other new program they invented.

What am I talking about when I say the solutions to beast programming are right in front of us?  What is the Blueprint to Deprogram?

The 12 steps my friend.  The 12 steps when done in Truth, with great courage, and God’s guidance.  When done in spite of the fear we feel.  And in conjunction with empathic therapy where one can learn to open up and express their true heart…these two thing together by God’s Love can deprogram a man from the beast’s throng.

The therapist MUST BE EMPATHIC validating your feelings that led to your behaviors throughout life.  One must go back, go back all the way to childhood to find your own heart.

We must be as little children to inherit the kingdom of God.

Little children before they learned to hide behind a mask are forthright and truthful.  They are full of imagination and idea.  They are transparent and have no reason to be ashamed of who they are.  It’s only when they learn that they are wrong and bad that they commence to become the mask of deception.  Eventually believing they are the mask that they are wearing.

You will hear divorcee’s say this.  “I never knew him, he was not who I thought he was”.  Unfortunately 99% of humanity are not who they portray they are.  They picked up the mask long ago.

Become the Mirror Drinker.  Find your true heart by courage.  And then accept your humanity, the human condition.  Seek God and become whole.  Become One.

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