Bottom Line Face Masks are a Major Health Risk.

Article Written by Laura E.

First I will speak from first hand experience on fabric itself.   The more artificial the more toxic.  Except where fabric dyes are concerned which turn natural cottons into unnatural toxic articles of clothing.

In short…I am a seamstress by trade and I know for a fact that fabric dyes gave me Cancer.  Fibro Hystio Cytoma a Sarcoma to be exact.   How do I know that’s what caused the Cancer that by the way I did survive?

The tumor had to be cut from my leg, I then took their poison radiation cure, not knowing any better at the time….Meanwhile fall back a year or so prior pre-surgery as I sat in jail (long story of deliverance from years of drug addiction see my testimony videos) watching said tumor grow larger and larger on the back of my thigh a friend brought me an article he found in the newspaper,

(God rest his soul).

The article in short told a story of 7 children who lived near a dye plant that was attached to a creek.  On some days the creek would run blue, green, red, yellow, orange, and purple.  The children played regularly in the died waters.

Every, I repeat every one of those children got….you guessed it fibro-hystio cytoma the sarcoma.  Most if I remember correctly died from it.  Me being a seamstress working with fabric mainly spandex of all colors often easily put two and two together.

Proof of the Cancer Diognosis in 1999


Fibrous-histio-cytoma Sarcoma



I am not about to breath in toxic dye from some mask…what’s-worse, when you get into the new artificial polyester and microfiber fabrics you are taking your life into your own hands and not in a good way.  God only knows what those fabrics do to your lungs. Everything that comes from the store is poisoned one way or another.

How about this?  Scientific proof of the obvious and proven impairment of heat exchange by covering nose and mouth?  In English?  Wearing a mask over your nose and face HEATS UP YOUR ENTIRE BODY(proven science article peer reviewed below).  This is why they put a cold cloth on your head and it can cool down the entire body.  Vital heat exchange happens by our head/face naturally.  I will post the rest of this very long scientific study of mask wearing at the bottom of the page.

“The impairment of heat exchange in the facial and head regions may have a more profound impact given the fact that these areas are so critical for thermal regulation (James et al., 1984). The highly thermo sensitive nature of the face is exemplified by the fact that cooling of the face is two to five times more effective at suppressing sweating and thermal discomfort than cooling an equivalent dermal area elsewhere on the body (Cotter and Taylor, 2005).”

How about this negative aspect of breathing mask all day…cotton like most other fabrics literally suck water molecules out of the air, they dry stuff up they absorb like no other fabric.  Our lungs SHOULD NOT BE DRIED UP by breathing fabric 24/7 that is taking all the moisture out of our precious air molecules. This is the common sense aspect of wearing a mask.

Bless you all.  If you do have to wear a mask, make it unbleached, un-dyed, organic cotton but then your still going to be causing body temp increase and dry lung syndrome by it.  (okay yes I made up the “dry lung syndrome” phrase but…..I know how fabric sucks water too.)  I am the one who clearly contracted the Cancer from working with fabric, cutting it and breathing it.  Do I still work with it?  Yes but now I was it first which hopefully does make a difference.

Most of us have to work for the beast system

Furthermore we all one way or another work for the beast system.  I regret that I have to sew toxic fabric and sell it to my customers.  Especially knowingly by it I make my living.  God will judge me for my work.  But then again Proverbs used to read highly of the moral character of the seamstress.  God Himself put me into this job and if you knew the job He brought me out of you would know sewing is quite the moral step up for me even if I do make STRIPPER OUTFITS/EXOTICWEAR. LOL

Devils advocate?  Well if you DO have to wear a mask as they are….no HAVE made it law in Miami for certain places like the grocery store the unbleached 100% Cotton is the way to go.  This one has some fancey embellishments on it of Authentic Crystals.

Long article attachment Science Proof Click below.

Face masks linked to pulmonary disease




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