Testimony of a Delivered Heroin/Cocaine/Drug Addict & Her Great Awakening

How to become who you really are.  I WAS the person who the beast system taught me I was.

Testimony at 14 Years Sober/Clean.

Drug Addiction, Panic Attacks, Anxiety Attacks, Abusive Relationships, Oppressive Lethal Homicidal Drug Dealers, SICK Relationships, Stripping, Prostitution, Jail, Life of Crime, Miracle, Holy Spirit, Prayer & the Laying on of Hands,Supernatural Healing, Life Changing Spiritual Experience.

Damaged Goods (the link in video photo is a typo actually https://jazweeh.com ) Spiritual Bondage.

The Spiritual Experience/relapse/crack addiction.  God does not take The Holy Spirit during relapse, backsliding, or immorality.  6 demons more.

Relapse & Back-sliding Pornography shows for the Jail Guards at Levy County Jail Florida.

Alcoholics Anonymous & Therapy Part of Deliverance, Solutions to addiction.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

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