Fire & Brimstone End Times New Weather Phenomena & CHICKEN LITTLE

Article 1. Chicken Little 60s Mind Control Decoded

Article 2. The Sky is Literally Falling as Clouds Drop Lower and Lower causing dangerous drops in barometric pressure effecting the health of man.

The Disney rep is saying cartoon was created in 1948, however we watched it as children in the mid to late 60s.

Watch the cartoon from the 60s at this link if video is removed to learn actual diabolical brain washing tech on children.  Innocent children.  This cartoon affected people who are now in their early 60s.   Those of us from the generation born in the late 50s remember well “The Sky is Falling” phrase as if it were yesterday.  Yet the famous cartoon was over 50 years ago.  Leave it to Disney- producers of the absolute mind control.

Chicken Little Disney Cartoon 60s DECODED

Foxy loxy’s  (the villain-his motive=kill & eat his neighborhood chickens) psychology playbook contains original Hitler quotes on controlling the masses.  Cartoon about Chicken little who coined the phrase we love & know “The sky is falling”!

Come to find out Foxy Loxy quotes Hitler literally while using Hitler’s Psychology book on “How to control the masses”!  The cartoon is from the 60s.  Watch the whole cartoon to see how we from the age of drug addiction and Vietnam were mind controlled into a lifetime of low self worth and governmental beast system adherence.

Mind Control -TV The Image of The Beast

1.”To influence the masses, aim first at the LEAST intelligent”   Least intelligent?  Sounds familiar.  Watch those people today cutting off oxygen to their own brains and heart by a carcinogenic fabric (sizing chemicals, dyes, microfibers, detergents etc). the mask constricting blood vessels and as a long term affect causing various Cancers and heart attacks.  Hence the least intelligent are easily spotted.   Don’t think the elite don’t know what fabric does, bad enough on your skin and in the air.

Click to read highly toxic chemical crap your breathing if your wearing a mask.

Heart Attacks Sky Rocket-More People Died of Heart Disease in 2020 than the Vid

Heart attacks sky rocketed in 2020 especially in NY by 150% or more according to website.  Can you say constricting blood vessels?  And the people are still wearing the mask.  And you cannot teach them that its unhealthy.  They will object.


2.”Cause the masses to lose faith in their government”.  Take a look at Biden and you will see them using that one.  Not to mention what they did allegedly to Trump.  I’de say that play is pretty much complete.

The Chicken little cartoon shows the Fear tactics (luring the chickens to a cave to be eaten by fox) of TV media—‘Problem, reaction of the masses, and twisted solution’ the elite plan from the get go.

Granted the obvious overt allegedly well meaning lesson for the children is if they believe the lie that the sky is falling & they react by fear they cause their own problems.  By fear they go to the cave and get eaten by the fox.

Demoralize Truthers

Then for manipulative purpose Foxy Loxy demoralizes publicly Cocky Locky the only Chicken, a leader, who spoke the Truth to the roosters & other chickens.  That no- the sky isn’t falling so don’t react in fear.  Again we are getting two programs here at once.

Don’t get up in arms in fear unless you really know what’s happening.  And at the same time anybody who does display life saving fear is deemed stupid & a little chicken.  Hence the fear/shame programming that is rampant even today.

Disney is revealing the elites control secrets right here in this famous cartoon.  Containing truth in plain sight and toxic emotional, trauma based mind control of the masses back in the 60s!

Hitler’s Third Mind-Play

3. Number 3 of Hitler’s authentic play book shown in the Cartoon.  “By the use of flattery insignificant people can be convinced they are born leaders”…hmmm sounds like what they did in Biden’s case…& the Hollywood actor Regan.  Politicians one and all being controlled as well as the masses by puppet masters who are privy to Foxy Loxy’s Psychology Book. lol!  Ha!  Making an actor president shows the incompetence of the leader.  Making Biden president displays by picture show the stark incompetence in our leaders.

“Run to the cave” says the ignorant new leader, Chicken little directed by the hiding Puppet Master’s echoing voice Foxy Loxy.  So the chickens believe the sky is falling, they don’t look for themselves to find the facts and they run to the cave secretly directed by the Fox who wants them dead.

Sidenote.  I theorize that They used this cave recently on the wealthy of the world.   That those who had subterranean condos and other safe houses underground were probably triggered and convinced by very smart people to go there on threat of natural disastrous death.  I surmise these millionaires had to be put down so the corporations could rise making them literally  unaccountable to anyone by removing THE RESTRAINER.    So Chicken little screams “run to the cave!”  And the chicken do.

Virtual Reality to Save the Earth?

The wolf then eats all the hens and chickens.  I believe the elite were locked in their condos unable to get out they may still be in there surviving on whatever food they have left.  Or air.  Believing Earth’s surface is uninhabitable.  Like the show series I watched yesterday SG1.

SG1 took the stargate to a beautiful planet where people were living limited lives under restraints of bio-tech machines.  They were in a virtual reality living life because the leader wanted to control them and said “If I let them out they will just destroy Earth again.”  More truth in plain sight?

What’s the ultimate message here?  Fear is shameful and your a “chicken little” if your afraid.   We are the generation that represses life saving fear instead of processing it & learning to express it in a healthy way.  Hence people go around judging their own insides by other people’s fake outsides.

Your stupid if you believe that the sky is falling ever.  On surface the lesson is “Its all good” the sky will NEVER FALL!  And never show fear.  So as a rule we must always ignore Chicken little’s cry of horror & danger.  That would be to go to an opposite extreme.  “The sky can never fall” is the lesson or your STUPID!

But The Sky Really Is Falling (see apocolyptic weather article below)

More truth in plain sight.  But there is a problem…THE SKY REALLY IS FALLING all around us, now.  But instead of following chicken little into a self annihilating deadly cave to be eaten by our leaders.  How about we call upon God to save our souls.  Realizing there is nothing we can about the falling sky is there?   But God did likely create the apocalypse for the gift of desperation that prompts men to seek God.  Fear can be very constructive if used in a good way.  “All things work together for the good to those who Love Jesus”.

You won’t find that on Chicken little.

After all the soul is eternal and we must choose our home.  Everybody dies at least once, mostly.


THE WEATHER APOCOLYPSE. (Unedited for typos)

See the information alchemist JeffSnyder2 on Youtube for great info on plasma fires.  Plasma fires tie in directly to apocolyptic weather conditions.  Trees are burning from the inside out everywhere.

Low lying clouds charged with EMF electricity causing conditions obsolete to man -unsafe barometric pressure.  See Pastor Paul Begley’s wife’s latest video for details.

I want to cover three types of clouds based on my experience in Florida.

Pyrocumulus Clouds-happen above fires (I have been blessed to not see one of these except on TV and photos of California and other burning states.


Pyro-clouds or fireclouds are the ones that spew hailstones (brimstone) and shoot fire and lightening and make it impossible for firement to do their jobs.  These fires are creating their own weather conditions rather than the weather conditions curbing and affecting the fires.

Noctilucent Clouds-Apparently harmless, docile, Non-threatening and beautiful, they span the horizon often at sunset.  They are usually orange to red in color.

Charged Clouds-Scary weird puff clouds with their own energy.  Entities that harness an inner storm.  New, threatening, and strange.  These clouds change the barometric pressure on Earth dramatically causing health threats such as heart attack by raising or lowering blood pressure.  Solution-Deep breathing.  Breath into your abdomen.  Push abdomen out when breathing in.  This will pull Oxygen into your lungs.  Heart attack stats are off the chain increased by nearly 150% in NY alone according to Healthline News.

Of course they are blaming it all on the ‘see da flew’ you know  .

Blanket Clouds-Cover every bit of the night sky making it impossible to see anything above them.  They are very low lying and occasionally a blue or violet corona discharge happens in their wake.  The entire night sky and earth around me turns BLUE.  As if the world were covered by a blue fog flash.  Blanket clouds seem to hold in the atmosphere between earth and it making for a god only knows weather situation.  New, weird, apocolyptic.

I have been seeing strange weather so I did a little research.  We now have glowing clouds called “Noctilucent clouds”.  See the bright white on top left?  This is happening in the southeast nearly every day.  Clouds so bright you can barely look at them.

Charged clouds

This is What Lightning used to look like as far as its shape and appearance in the sky.


Charged clouds happen at night generally when there is no rain or storm at all.  One huge cumulus cloud will hover in the sky


Charged clouds happen at night or evening.  They are lit up like light bulbs in the sky.

Low lying charged clouds are the one’s changing barometric pressure to cause blood pressure to drop or shoot up quickly.  Hence the massive increase in 2020 of heart attacks.  Of course they blame the vid.  See healthline article.


More people died of increased heart problems in New York, 150% increase!!!   In 2020 meaning more died from heart problems than from the vid.  But still they are blaming it on the vid saying people didn’t go to the doc or hospital for fear of the vid.  That’s true to a point.  But I tell you this, when you got chest pain that will scar a man into the hospital quick.  So….we believe the rise is due to barometric pressure drops and rises.  Mainstream lies like a rug.   Rarely do they tell the truth unless it somehow fits their agenda of manipulation of the masses and fear porn.  I have found contradicting statistics online that speak “same as it ever was same as it ever was”. states_____

“””The increases were greatest in areas that were the hardest hit by the pandemic: New York City saw a 139% spike in deaths due to heart disease and a 164% rise in deaths related to high blood pressure. Other areas that saw spikes in heart-related deaths during the spring included New York state, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois, the study found”””

What I have been seeing is clouds with lightening living in them. Dry lightening, no rain no storm. Just a cloud with its own lightening storm inside of it. This is happening often in N.C. Florida.

This is a typical Florida area glowing cloud.  Is it a charged cloud as well? No this cloud shows that increase in the sun’s brightness in the last few years.  Clouds never glowed most of my life.  Now they do and they product dry lightening and dry thunder storms.  That’s right.  This is what I call the beginning of apocolyptic weather.

Noctilucent Clouds glow but don’t produce lightening and are not charged with electricity it seems.


Indian Summer Manitoba Canada Improbable Clouds Autumn Sun River Winnipeg ⬇ Stock Photo, Image by © kavramm #184434850  Low lying Clouds

Florida has a highway called 144.  There is a bridge that passes over Payne’s Prairie.  Payne’s Prairie is sometimes a lake and other times its dry ground with roaming buffalo and horses with deer.  Its a preserve with a highway going across it.  I75 isn’t far from it either.  When I pass it now the clouds are often so low you could almost touch them.  It’s not natural.  And this phenomena of low clouds is affecting human bodies by changes in barometric pressure and how that affect man.

Fire Clouds Volcanic Clouds Produce Fire and Brimstones LITERALLY of Biblical Proportions.

Volcanic clouds happen over fires and did happen over the California fires creating apocolyptic fire storms.  They also occur over volcanos.  The problem?  Our air, the atmosphere has changed accommodating the sky with electricity.  You know the kind of electricity “electro magnetic waves & frequencies made up of radiation waves we now call radio waves or emf which wifi has probably attributed to.  But that’s not all of the cause.   Though its very likely man himself with all the devices created this corrupt atmosphere that is electrified and no longer compatible to men’s bodies.

These conditions would have happened anyway without man’s help.  Why?  The end of the age.  The blue and red Kachinas are changing earth’s atmosphere.   This is just a theory led by spiritual visions. Why?  Because man is put on Earth to choose, good or evil.  At this point the separation of the sheep from goats is done.  Our eternal home waits. Or a trip into the lake of fire that is the  only thing that can destroy a soul. (we believe.)

This video is 50% smaller than the original.  If you want it in full size go to link.

This video covers “charged clouds” in depth and the coming CLIMATE KAOS!  Thank you Pastor Paul and Mrs. Begley for this valuable information that nobody else I know of is covering at this time.  “ARE YOU SERIOUS!”

New term popped up TODAY and is splashed all over the internet….”LAVA FIRES”.  I think what they really are is PLASMA FIRES.   Plasma plasma plasma just like the banned youtuber something 33 used to preach.

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