Madness News

Please Watch the video from EYA on Youtube.


Use Password dana99 for the following link that is password protected.

How to protect yourself from A.I. but remember people will think your insane if you express that emf is dangerous.  People are utterly blind, deaf, and walking lock step with the beast.  Apparently the beast is controlling AI.  Our government seems to be helpless/powerless, and controlled by something.

Nancy Pelosi mocked the Karachi vive instructions, she isn’t stupid.  She is showing the American people in coded msg. by her actions in this video that the Karachi vive is B.S.

Perhaps they have released the equivalent of Sky Net and its running things as we speak?  Or Maybe we have been invaded by another country?  Or maybe all the politicians have consumed LSD DAILY and have LOST IT.

Either way something has taken over our FREE country.   My sincere thanks to EYA who is attuned to the Spirit and lead by it.


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