The Fullerton Informer & What Lies Ahead & My RANT

Joe Imbriano,

Who by the way has no qualms with anyone posting his videos anywhere…which is the sign of an authentic truther whose pure motives are to get the message out. And then there are those content creators who have no clue that when they deny any website access to freely post their videos they are denying their own promotion or the promotion of vital truth video content.

Scroll to Joe’s Videos & Skip My Rant About YT Content Providers (C.P.) who won’t freely share their alleged Gospel msg & Vital Truth.

Joe I. is very gracious and gave me, the admin of this site explicit permission as have 99% of Truthers and MOST Christian content providers whom we have asked permission from for any of our websites.

Lets Examine the implications of Posting a YT Video on Websites

There are those who cut off their own nose to spite their face and apparently feel if they do not deny video sharing they are losing something or not getting something they think they need. Typical 3 fears to process for emotional recovery, fear of losing sex(partner), society(reputation), security($$ home), and the loss thereof.

“You will know them by their works”____ Bible.

Know people by who they show you they are not by who they tell you they are.____A.A.

Motives of Christian Content Providers Who Deny Websites Access to Posting their Videos and links

Any alleged Christian who denies video & link sharing to open source truther websites like stunt the growth of their own YT channel while possibly denying the lost sheep Truth.   While refusing to share freely the gospel & not revealing to the blind the dangerous & lethal beast system.  Not too bright because sharing videos online especially gospel and Truth is a win win situation except for the fearful and unbelieving, that is.

“I Don’t Want to be Associated with that Website” says the C.P.

What if the vide-ographer says this?  “I don’t want to be associated with that website, its pure evil”.   Sure they have that right.  But, then do they not fear their own reputation more than promoting and caring for the sheep?  Or could greed be the motive?….No because monitization is blanketed, meaning their YT video ad profit always goes to the YT channel owner.  Then it must be “controlism”.  Control is a form of greed..”If I can’t control my content nobody will by god!” they scream!  Again, they make their heart known to all by their actions. motto is “Feed my sheep” for a reason.  We believe Jesus said this.  “Sheep” means ALL GODS CHILDREN and as many as possible doesn’t it?

The content providers who deny access must not consider their video msg important to all people because that SHOULD be their priority if indeed, “feed my sheep” or “watchman on the wall” is their true motive of heart…right?.

Don’t these fake username channels know they reveal their heart by their actions?  Or could it be hate and spite or a power play to deny sharing?  Possibly.

Even If the website requesting to post their videos is made up of fallen sinners don’t they still need Truth EVEN MORE? Just saying….

Fake Youtube Actors and Actresses w/Usernames they Cannot Trademark.

If I post the username of problem channels publicly, its then [character assassination].  Some C.P. have denied us sharing rights & even threatened us by email for mentioning their youtube username.   Username-fictitious and stage-names alike.

After all we know any YT Channel that uses their real name can trademark it.  But youtubers with made up names often think they have power over that name even though to trademark it they would need permission of every person on the face of the earth with that legal name.  I would say “goodluck w/that” but it would be sarcastic and untrue.

YT Usernames are a dime a dozen freely given and freely taken.  You can only trademark business names that your using legally not other people’s given legal names.   Hence to call one’s channel by another man’s name runs into problems if you have a controlling streak that is and want to hoard or trademark content while in a PUBLIC FORUM.

Usernames are a Dime a Dozen

Many of these content providers are groups of people in far away foreign low income countries who are preying on generous Americans for donations.

These foreign production companies hire pretty actors & actresses and with a nice backdrop called “home” they paint a picture no more honest than CNN.

Then with a fake username that is illegal for them to trademark (without permission from every man woman and child with that same name) they try to control that username while exploiting our emotions and viewpoints.  By our appetite for Truth they have to copy other channels to see what Truth is because they themselves are devoid of Truth and dropped long ago their belt of Truth that would have protected them from fear, hate, and controlism.

Yet if they use their real name for a username you will know by their identity that they hire actors….quite the conundrum.  I have even seen channels change out actors with similar looking people numerous times.  Voices are easily synthesized if you have the tech.

On YT there are many men portraying to be woman and on and on the deception goes.  Exactly what we tried to get away from, the mainstream motives.  These are the type channels that forbid sharing their videos, unlike Joe here who openly says “share it anywhere!” Smart man.

What Lies Ahead

Joe Imbriano warned us in 2018-60GHz blocks Oxygen uptake=fake virus=kill grid= forced vaccinations

War on Oxygen Part Two

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