Supernatural Bible Changes?

Looms in the bibles doctrine.  What does the voice of antichrist say?

Before you call the writer a heretic please know God said He would bring a famine of His words Amos 8:11 &12.  Also His words are forever fixed in Heaven.  Also, God is Love.  Jesus is The Truth, The Life & The Way.  Jesus brings The New Earth and rivers of living waters.  Jesus brings The Holy Spirit by His very name.

“And yet”, says Jesus “There are many antichrist’s in the world today”.

Jesus, when mentioning a leader with great power a man of distinct wickedness who we at Jazweeh identify as the hidden elite behind the puppet "Gates of Hell" foundation and lets not forget the puppet master, False Prophet (words "false prophet" all but removed from Revelation now called "red dragon" and "beast" by the author of confusion doing supernatural bible changes, deceptive signs and wonders.) "War On Chinese Buffet" the man who quite literally put Gates in power by giving him most of his money.   Buffet single handedly put the foundation on the map.  Who does that and why?

I do not engage in character assassination on the most part. However in this case I think it prudent to point out the crooked and deceptive skills of the enemy. To expose darkness as darkness by the suggestion that the videographer is not only a character created by fiction but that it/she is also either deluded spiritually or makes haste to lead men astray. To walk men down a path of emptiness where the plan of salvation is null and void.

For by virtue of “seek and ye shall find” we know that we can neither fully embrace the bible for idolatry or as a book of Truth.  Nor can we dispute it’s prophesies and not being true to start.

When I studied the Holy Bible it was quite different than it is today.  It was majestic and Holy it was lined with gold and silver lighted passages that could move mountains when put to Faith.  Now it appears its a compromised book of lies containing insults to God and human glory seeking as covetousness is encouraged by its apostles.  The language in it is both illiterate and unrecognizable for those who hold God’s holy words in their heart.  Personally by my own laws of study & Websters I knew every definition of every word in the Old and New Testaments of NIV & KJVB.  My Lexicons and concordances were in paper form from the 80s.  I studied the books for years on end in depth.  By language’s Greek and Hebrew with Interlinear bibles numerically coded only to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance I learned.

Now, magically and without rational explanation there are thousands of new words I have never heard much less learned.  I see vile, and vulgar script in those same books on my shelves.  Make no mistake, I am not alone in what I see.

There are two miraculous phenomena at play here in the prophesied dividing of time (two realities).  No four phenomena at play.  1#The strong delusion, #2signs and wonders, #3deceptive signs and wonders, & #4The Mandela effects.

As for the Bible-It is revealed that as every great manipulator of mankind knows,  Great spiritual Truth must be mixed with the lies to control the masses.  Mankind needs The Holy Spirit of Truth so we can decipher lies from Truth.

Bible Truth-Jesus truly is The Son of God.

Gospel-The testimony of those who were delivered and healed by Jesus.  Those who did willingly become the clay in God’s hands & are born again.   They received The Holy Spirit likely by the laying on of hands and prayer.  They are changed.  These true believers received supernatural gifts.  They allow God to work through them to further the kingdom.  Their baptism of The Holy Spirit was no small unnoticeable occurrence.  But rather The Spirit came to them within the rushing mighty wind by great revelation and illumination of enlightenment. God doesn’t follow the rules of men.

The gospel is their testimony given from their heart by those who know Jesus. The gospel in the books is a copy paste version that is not heartfelt.  Doctrine is impotent if it has no Truth.  Grace comes not by doctrine but rather from God Himself who restores men’s hearts to Love.

The bible is both corrupt lies & truth.  Nothing made by men should ever be above reproach.  To say all men’s hearts are vile and only the bibles are good is to make the bible god.  Bible worship is idolatry and the Strong’s delusion.  Or did Jesus say “hate your family or you have no part in me”?  This is where the heart MUST choose God and Truth over the bible.  Lest they fall both into a ditch of deception.

Yet Truth is mighty that is why Jesus said “Faith cometh by hearing The Word of God”.  That means Jesus’ words.  Not the words of the book now in its skewed & fallen condition.

Bible doctrine-Is based in lies & propaganda.

TV-Fiction has more Truth than the new channels.

TV Movies show great mysteries of God in plain sight and huge soul seering lies to boot.

RELIGION-Is LEGION.  Religion is many many demonic forces wrapped into man’s most dangerous pack of deception.  The bible is fallen.  God’s words are forever fixed in HEaven.

Warning-Do not call a book made by men’s hands by God’s name.  “The Word of God” is Jesus for He became flesh and dwelled among men.  Jesus is Lord.  Furthermore He is the Great Truth we all need.  God is Love.

Faith, Love, & Hope -Eternal gifts given to all of mankind.  Where we put that Faith and Hope there too shall our treasure be.  The greatest is Love.

Love-Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you.  This is Love.  How we treat others.

Jesus-“For it is easy to Love those who Love us, but loving the unlovable, that is the Love of God.

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