Is Jesus Returning Soon?

In Short?   YES!  This article is spiritually considered “meat” not milk.  It may be unpalatable for some to read.

Looks to me like a wall of demons lifting up the antichrist spirit.

How would you know– ‘Angry Jane’, what Jesus is up to?

Good question!  Let me share with you all that I see.

Keep in mind we do not know in what manner Jesus is returning.  Surely it will not be in the flesh.  Surely He is not going to do that again.  He will return in a spiritual way.  Such as filling up all His children to the brim with His Spirit and by transfiguration changing them, us.

“Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed.”

“Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God nor does corruption inherit incorruption”.

Bottom line, with the gift of intercession and interpretation both I know that we children of God have gone from burdens to pray for souls (years on end) to announcing Jesus’ soon return to the world (in the Spirit realms that announcement goes out into the Heavens landing in the natural Earth).

This means a change in spiritual venue for the end of the age.  For those who get words directly from The Holy Spirit this is big change like never before.

The annunciation period has manifested itself by diverse & many watchmen on the wall, and hundreds of thousands who are receiving dreams and vision.  Notification is being sent out by The Holy Spirit of Jesus’ soon return.

The period of annunciation started in 2018 after some time of unprecedented warfare occurred as prelude.  Father beefed up spiritual warfare.

I am what they call around Pentecostal circles  an intercessor.  (dubbed as insane of course cause I speak in higher languages.)   I am the real deal.  What does that mean?

What is an Intercessor?

It’s one of the spiritual gifts listed in 2nd Corinthians called “diversity of tongues”.  What that means in short is that God bestows upon a man languages.  Many languages by which I can now pray with at will.  No fasting or other work needed.  I pray at will, or by inspiration or by burden.

Of the prayer is by a burden then its intercession for souls which is also a form of warfare indirectly.  If the prayer is by inspiration then its offensive/defensive spiritual warfare against demons.  Not indwelt demons free flying demons trouble makers, and strongholds which are walls of demons.  If the prayer is by repetition just to be praying then the topic is likely myself.

I am pretty sure only men are called to be preachers who have the gift to cast demons out of people who are either posessed or in bondage to a demon.  I have never known a woman to have that gift nor do I.    Intercessors crush free flying demons and walls like you see below. (according to Jazweeh).

Why in God’s name would the Vatican want a statue of a stronghold of demons in their sanctuary? They say it’s Jesus rising from Hell (the grave). I disagree.  Jesus holds the keys to death and to hell and so then do we who Love Him.

The Holy Spirit of God brings either inspiration or a spiritual burden that prompts me to pray in higher language.  I can either ignore it or fulfill it.  Its up to me to pray.  I asked God for the gift of interpretation so I do know the topics of what I pray about.

How Did I Receive The Gift of Diverse Tongues?

I ran seeking God from church to church diligently.  From alter call to alter call, requesting prayer at every turn.  I was so hungry for The Holy Spirit, seeking righteousness.  I came from Hell on Earth and Jesus delivered me out of my own bondage to dark forces.

I know Him, He is real. IN MOST CASES PEOPLE IN DEEP DARKNESS HAVE NEURALPATHWAYS OF IMPRINTED EMOTIONAL PATTERNS THAT THEY CANNOT CHANGE.  HABITS DON’T JUST DIE not even for those who want to change.  Unless in some rare cases….they get old and wise and finally get a clue.  Or they get supernatural spiritual deliverance by Devine Providence.

Does God Work Miracles Today?

Yes He does!  When I bring up deliverance & healing I hear my daughter saying “Mom you got healed of that 20 year whiplash injury because of your own faith. And you got delivered from spiritual bondage changing dramatically because…well, your own Faith.  Jesus isn’t real” she insists.   She has made sure to tell me this many times.

My daughter also told me why she cannot believe in Jesus.

“If I believe in Jesus” she states, “then also I will have to believe all the other stuff.  Such as sin and punishment/Hell.  And that is all too much for me to handle.  Too scary.”


God is Love

Hmmm, I pause.  Let me give you a short testimony of my own experience with Jesus.  It’s all good.  The only condemnation I have is my own voice when it flails up in anxt.  Jesus said this to the adulterous.

“Where are your accusers?  Neither do I accuse you, go and sin no more”.

I can attest to God’s mercy by experience.  Jesus helped me out of my own wreckage of the past when I was yet in my dark debaucherous sin.

I committed repeatedly everything from prostitution to the worst brand of murder (my own unborn children & one very sick puppy dog I euthanized) I did it.  “He who sinneth much Loveth much”.  My deep sin carved out a bleak impenetrable canyon in my own heart making room for Jesus when He emptied out my heart of the wreckage of my arduous, black, marred, soul.

Make no mistake Jesus wanted me to call on Him as I was, broken.  He said “I came for the sick & injured.  For, the well do not need The Great Physician”.

If your not broken, most likely you will not desperately seek God in Hope of being fixed. Hence The Great Tribulation will break people.  Not as punishment, to draw them to God in desperation.

My testimony of change from dark to light is, my friends why they call it “born again” born of Spirit.  The other 33.3% obtained after walking around with only soul 33.3% and body 33.3% = 66.6% without The Holy Spirit.  And I am assuming by various testimonies of Jesus that not all were as broken as I was.

For more on being born again and my story see


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