The Gathering of Souls

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The River of Fire Awaits Unto Nothingness the Souls of Men

The Bible read at one time, “Is it not the right of the Creator to create some beings fashioned for for destruction purposes while others destine to be His children?”   Of course it is.

What is “The Lake of Fire” of Revelation?  It is a river opposite of the river of living waters soon to flow on the New Earth bringing by Jesus eternal life in waters.  The Lake of Fire burns souls unto nothingness.  The Creator of Heaven and Earth uses balance.  It is vital to His creation of Earth and of eternity.

Once a man’s soul is tossed into the river (lake Rev.2 :10) of fire he is as if he never was.  No punishment, no torture, no hell…Father is not a torturer of men.  However men can choose torture for their eternity if they so please, by free will.  Men choose Hell by their choice to enjoy wickedness.  These would not be happy in Heaven.  The wicked do not hunger and thirst for righteousness.  They hunger and thirst for a deeper level of evil.

Hence more balance.  Did not Jesus say “I wish that ye were hot or cold” meaning cold toward God or hot toward God.  To choose neither leaves mankind the option of having no God & the lake of fire.   Ultimately all things are of God including Hell, the god of Hell and Satan himself.  Satan is doing exactly what he is supposed to do.  For an angel, defying God isn’t an option.  The fallen were in God’s will.  We had to have the option to choose our eternal homes by our own heart condition.  Either we seek God or we don’t.

Hey I could be wrong but…that’s what I’m getting as “private interpretation” in spite of Christian’s corrupt script.  That’s right.  The number of man is 66.6% until he receives The Holy Spirit baptism.  Mankind is ‘Body 33.3, Soul 33.3, & Spirit 33.3=99.99999%’

Christians cannot see to understand the Bible especially now because they have not spiritual eyes.  I am not saying they cannot be saved I believe God has a plan for end days tribulation saints.  But for now most Christians believe the preconceived notions of the preachers words that were cast upon their minds.

And so the willfully aware wicked will be “rewarded” as the book now reads.  Word ‘reward’ being contrary to the prior word “punish”.  Not all of the supernatural bible changes are deceptive.  I speak of the abomination of desecration making all bibles desolate of God’s Truth. By the wolf’s rewrite the bible now stands.  Still, yes there is some Truth left in it.  But the wording is hidious “middle English” and language of witchcraft with it’s “betwixt” and “fleshpots”.

Salvation 101

The Gathering of Souls to Their Eternal Homes Is Nigh.  Dark night spirits pour out of the many volcanoes from deep in the earth’s belly.



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