Internet Tries to Manipulate. Unseen Evil In the Great Tribulation

Truth Can Be Terrifying.  Warning.   Jazweeh sees into the darkness of the spirit realm.  This is not a happy article.  It covers the mark & image of the beast.  And covers the Locust from the pit (revelation) & the wing of abomination as she sees it.

Once We See the Manipulation in all technology Anger is the Natural Reaction

This article is dismal.  But there is Hope lingering.  Evil’s time is short.  The internet could of been so much more.  Instead the beast heards the humans as cattle into categories by threat level with numbers and letters on every ‘mark’.

They created a limited number of social media sites like “discord” to induce “discord” and pit man against mankind. That is after they categorized mankind by color coded threat level. The book of faces (fb) was the first by mass AI categorization.  Then the FB labelled us by threat & initial identification of the heard.  Oh ya it was so good & fun for us at first.  Everyone wanted to be internet famous.  “Look at me!”  They used our human condition to put us into their spider web.  The net of capture was relentless.  We are betrayed by the image we loved.


Are You Shadow Banned?

Pray your not in the category marked for extinction.  Youtube is the leader in censorship.  Rarely do any of my comments show up in Youtube comments threads.  Threads/Threats.  We are threats to the beast, every one of us.  But some more than others.  I see my comments of Truth but nobody else does. How do I know?  Browser checks.  I have several browsers.  Try it, see if your shadow banned by checking your comments in YT under a different identity & IP address.  You can use the TOR browser.  Because some chrome browsers copy shadow banning.  And your comment will show only to you.  Other browsers will show you that you never made a comment.  That is shadow banning.

The image of the beast is primarily the TV & Cell Phone’s also PC’s.  These all put forth the Image of the Beast.

Our Personal Relationship With The Image of The Beast

Courageous are those who can see their own heart.

Why won’t the preachers teach Truth about the OBVIOUS image of the beast?  1. If they do EXPOSE TV they will lose (they fear) their comforter, their entertainment, their news, their pass time.  (subconscious emotional condition) Understandably we were set in front of the Image at a very young age.  Finding love for it by our cartoons and fantasy stories.  We trusted it.  We were in relationship with it.  Can you go there?  Can you look?

Stockholm Syndrome the Abused Child Adult

As the adult child defends his physically abusive father by Stockholm syndrome so too the many defend the Image of the Beast and will NEVER EVER admit what that is.

God understands our plight.  2. They cannot expose the evil of that which they are a part of.  They love the image of the beast and just as they cannot admit (oftentimes) what their own parents have done to them emotionally because of the picture painted in their paradigm of love, and comfort.  This same paradigm surrounds the image of the beast.  They will defend it rather than expose it due to their programming and heart condition.

Total Bullshit.  Make no mistake The Image of the Beast is a Sociopathic Hater with Phychopathic Intent.

I watch YT truthers making claims about the Tv news saying “its all theatre”.  And in the next breath they are talking about what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine as if they really know. As if the news is telling the truth and not showing us some bullshit picture show.  As if the politicians are not pictures on a screen who likely don’t even exist as real people.

There is no telling what is going on anywhere else in the world.  The media is likely saying the same things about the U.S. and Canada to Ukraine and Russia about the U.S.

“A man cannot serve two gods he will hate one and love the other”.  We who see the god the beast do hate it.  We despise its manipulation and lies. We resent that all those around us are programmed by it.  God help us all.

The beast is bad enough with it’s greed, lust, and the rest of the seven deadly sins.  But it’s Legion that is most vile because it hides under a cloak of false humility and sanctimoniousness.  Legion/religion shall have their church in hell.

Internet SUCKS

Something dreadful happened in the last six years to the internet and it’s search engines.  Especially Google is corrupt and from Hell itself.  The search engines no longer take commands by search term.  Oh no…now if you search a topic all you get is mind bending bullshit.

Lies Are the Number One Topic On Google Search

Where are the mom & pop websites?  Because you can bet your sweet bippy there are millions of them across the U.S. alone.  My five websites get about 4,000 human page views in a month.  If you found one of my websites it’s a God lead miracle.

Jeff’s youtube channel

My recovery websites are in transition. & .com

they may or may not come up.  If you can’t find sites know this, Google is using security settings to block out MANY of the smaller sites even if we provide SSL certificates on our sites that encrypts any info on or from the site.  Still Google blocks by using security rationale.

Looking Into The Face of the Beast

And search results are not getting any better.  It’s just not getting any better.  Lies lies lies are what is promoted.  People lie by instinct now.  People parrot what they hear because of low self worth.  They have been beat down since childhood by the beast system.  Slaves to the banks and financial system that is impossible to overcome by common man.  The beast feeds us picture shows and stories telling us there is a way to become comfortable financially.  A way to own a home and nice things.  A way to overcome poverty and the lack of their money to buy what we need.  Bullshit!

If we have what we need it is because God Himself has provided for us.  Because all the beast does is steal, kill, and destroy Earth & nature.

Looking into the face of the beast brings a dismal state of emotions.  Its a sorrowful Truth which most people just cannot look at.  Understandably.

Is it no wonder people take drugs? Hell no. Is it no wonder they fall into the TV to escape reality?  No.  People use whatever they have to so as to quell their emotional condition.  A condition that happens by beat down programming from birth.  This causes the state of emotional denial.  A shut down of the heart’s voice occurs.  Its a fail safe response to avoid hard Truth.  What hard Truth?  The beast teaches us over and over and over that we are bad & wrong.  It starts when we are most vulnerable.

If one wakes up to realize they are programmed they have other emotions to deal with, process, and cope.  Once the beast is revealed to them its a disturbing Truth ride.  We see the monster the beast has become.  And it’s not pretty.  It cannot continue and will not be allowed to continue.  God Himself has a purpose in allowing it.  What purpose does evil serve?

We humans are in creation part two.  The spiritual part of our creation of mankind.  We are choosing our eternal home by our choices.

There is one good reason why Father exposed the beast to us now…He wants us to see who it is and who we are.  He is about to annihilate the destroyer of humanity a killer of children and attacker of the innocent.  God Almighty is about to destroy by The Sword of The Spirit that which is vile and dark.  Sending all dark spirits to a dark place.  Leaving those who Love the light in the light safe and warm.

The evil ones the perverters of all things good and right must depart from the light.  The hater of all that is True is coming to its end.  The separation of the wheat and chaff is complete.  Mankind has made their choices for eternity either aware or unaware we have all chosen our eternal homes.

The Mark of the Beast.  Terrifying Content proceed with caution.  144 only is advised.  Revelation 9

Almighty God freed mankind from Egypt yet they chose to go back.  Not to be confused with the Prodigal Son walk where the son learns God’s depth of mercy and Love for Him.  The prodigal walk is for the born again believer to get to know God better.  The Holy Spirit is given for spiritual gifts to spread supernatural gifts throughout the congregation of believers.

The Holy Spirit is not given for conscience.  Man is born with a good conscience that he either desecrates or attends to for Spiritual growth.  Its important that mankind seek God from his heart of hearts.  You tube Christians are pretty much clueless about these things.  They act like the Holy Spirit is some conscience piece causing guilt and shame.  That is not the purpose Jesus sent His Holy Spirit in His name.

How Did Jazweeh Receive The Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit comes when lifting up God in praise by The Name of Jesus.  The name above all names.  The child of God must praise Jesus aloud lifting hands in reverence & with prayer by the laying on of hands from others who have The Holy Spirit.   Its a transference Holy event.  God gives His Spirit to those who ask.  And also to those who don’t ask.   He gives His Spirit to those who seek Him with fervor.  Desperation seems to help.

“Where two or more gather in my name I am with them.”  This script changed to 2-3 leaving out 4 to infinity.  The bibles are all desecrated.

Amos 8:1 &12 “I will send a famine of my words.”  Most unfortunately cannot remember the bible’s words when it was holy.  They embrace the lies within of blasphemy and vile precepts.  Its disturbing Christians are disconnected from what is to embrace lies.

99% of mankind already has the mark of the beast and consummated with the Locust from the pit unaware.  If you refused the chot you can be delivered from the creature by God & repentance.  Its likely those who took the chot will feel they do not need deliverance. 

Behavioral genome engineering is affective.  Building gene expression by proteins is quick with bio-replication.  By using immortalized cell lines rapid & desired behavioral changes occur.  (cancer cells fast replication).  They have put their lives into the hands of the beast. By trusting what the image of the beast told them (TV back scene propaganda) they may have lost their soul.  Its not too late to repent we Hope.

The mark is on the foreheads of men in plain sight.  But few can see it, few can look.  We don’t want to see the mark on our own heads.  We who see the mark have hope that it can be shed, removed, taken off by the seal of God and repentance with Truth from the heart.  All of mankind is 66.6 until they receive The Holy Spirit of The God of Creation of Man.  33.3% to make a man whole.

Mark of the beast is fallen angel wings or shape of horns above the eyebrows. Unless one has a minor yet functional brain injury then you will see the mark under the eyebrows yet above the eyes as wings, no head.
Watch some old time movies. Men didn’t have the make on their forehead in times past.  Many have consummated with the Locust on their face.  The wing of abomination perches in their heads/hair.  The scripture is skewed.  Face/hair of a woman was not describing the creature.  It was explaining where the locust abides on men.  The legs sprout out from the sides of the nose. It’s terrifying to see.
The wing of abomination perches on the heads.  It carried the Locust from the pit to its destination of the faces of mankind.  It’s wings made a flapping noise.

There is a second mark of the beast in the carnal realm.  It is as you suspected, the chot that changes mankind into part beast at the molecular level.  mRNA does just that.

How did the 144 escape the consummation of the Locust and the landing of the wing of abomination?

God by HIs Loving Grace and Merciful Truth thank God almighty spared His warriors on Earth the torment of the Locust from the pit.  By training the warriors in the dark gifts of crushing demons in the night and giving them gifts by activation of The Spirit in them.  They heard the creature’s wings flapping.  They felt it’s suction affect on their face. It woke them up.  Rather than fear, by this time after training they took the creature from the side off their face and crushed it limb from limb.   What the 144 see and do would be called “insanity” to the normal human.  The 144 are now in the twinkling of the eye being transformed/transfigured.  Not because they are sinless.  But rather because God knows them.  How can God trust a man to be His warrior if they will not show God their whole heart?

It’s not too late for transparency toward God Almighty.  We Hope.

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