Depart From Me Ye Workers of Iniquity I Never Knew You

How to Make The First Rapture (drink the mirror)

Sidenote:  Yes first rapture, why?  Because the rapture one in the field one left, is separate from the great multitude saved at the last Trump.  This is my theory of at least two lifting away of God's people.  First the elect/144,000 (God's army on earth) & 133,000 (those who go before the throne of God are the 133.)

The Great Harlot is the false church.  Why is the harlot at war with psychology and the concept of emotional therapy as if it were in competition with the church.  Why have we heard preachers mock therapy?

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The right therapist can open one’s eyes

to your emotional patterns and eventually with enough self truth open your eyes to the beasts system IF you can awaken to and then get past the traumatizing neglect of mommy and daddy.  Once you get past the horrible ways your parents were taught to raise you and how it hurt you, inevitably the next step is to realize the effects that programming and the beast system had on you in the formative years and forward.  The beast doesn’t want to be exposed to the light THAT is why the church makes therapy “bad & wrong”.

Jesus is not in competition with psychologists.  But a therapist can help you heal from the “I am bad and wrong” programming that every American has endured from birth forward.  I read a psychology Today (If memory serves) article once that stated statistically most people who have successful jobs feel that somehow they have cheated their way in and really do not deserve their employment.  This was before my own restructuring of self worth and self love that took years to attain.   I remember thinking when reading the article about most people have low self opinion & how I too felt unworthy of my job as office manager at USLife & Title back in the day.

You must hide your fears away and keep them secret so they have power over you.  Once you confess your deepest fears they lose power and are exposed to light.  Problem is if your anything like I was you do not know your afraid or what of.

Self Knowledge a necessary criteria of spirituality

A man (mankind) cannot know God until he knows himself first.  A man cannot approach God in Truth until that man is in Truth.

A man cannot know himself unless it be revealed to him by God.

Self awareness will not be given without request to God for the things that matter.

Pray for Faith, Hope, Love, Peace, Understanding, Knowledge.  Pray for those things that The father regards as necessary.

Then become the clay.  Before God reveals Himself to you He will surely reveal yourself to yourself.  This is how a man begins to walk in Truth by knowing who he is at the start of each day.  False humility is not an option in a relationship with Jesus.  False humility is always a lie. Pretending to be humble by running one’s self down in an exaggerated way in front of others.  Example: “I don’t know anything”.  or “I am a piece of garbage”.

Father does not like it when those who He has made righteous claim to be unrighteous.  In Jesus we are made righteous.

Work the 12 Steps to Know One’s Self

Then what is self knowledge?  To know our shortcoming PATTERNS.  To know our emotional survival skills that are knee-jerk reactions such as blame, denial, patterns of blinding ourselves to truth.  Patterns of self condemnation and all guilt and shame must be addressed.  The 12 steps done in a way with Jesus at the helm in steps 2 & 3 & 11 coupled with therapy can open a man’s eyes to himself and promote self Love.

We must go to the root of our heart and confess our greatest fears and all our fears.

“If a man thinks he has no fear he clearly doesn’t know himself at all and is in deep denial by being shamed for human emotions”.  All men fear. And the mother fear is death.  Fear is part of the human condition.  Fear is not sin.   Sin is an action.  Our emotions do not condemn us but rather what we do with our emotions define us.

After all if Satan can condemn us just for our human condition which by the way God created, then Satan has us under a barrel of shame.  WE ARE AS SICK AS OUR SECRETS.

We have not the right to condemn ourselves.  For that is judgement that belongs to God.

We must expose all secret shame.

We must see ourselves in a true light instead of seeing ourselves as the ego safeguarded picture we have created.

I promise you breathren, until we know ourselves we cannot approach God in Truth.

We then accept who we are and start each day knowing our character defect patterns not to condemn ourselves but rather to guard against lies.

We MUST see how we have used lies to protect ourselves.

We MUST understand the belt of Truth.

We Must see how we have been deeply programmed to lie by reason of fear of what others think of us.

We must change the lies to Truth and without becoming the clay for God to mold us in Truth this will not happen.  We CANNOT do this on our own not can we see any of this on our own.

We are hopelessly blind without God’s help to see.


When you see the church label something “evil” over and over that does no harm to anyone (like say crystals & emotional therapy)and doesn’t appear evil in anyway that’s a red flag that its something you may want to look into.  Remember the streets of Heaven are crystal and the bible is full of mentions of precious stones so why would the harlot deem God’s streets of Heaven as being evil?  There must be some power in it for us because the harlot does not want us in Truth or empowered.

We have been taught nothing (in most cases) about how and what to do with our intense emotions and what healthy emotions are.  Suppressing denying and keeping secret shame & fear is one of the WORST things you can do to yourself spiritually.  Healthy emotions must flow out.  Satan’s stronghold is to label fear sin so it gets hidden away.  But fear is part of every human and part of the human condition.  We will not be rid of it while in the body.

Please note-A spirit of fear is an extreme example of what fear can do.  The spirit of fear can also be expelled by exposing fear to the light but sometimes prayer with the laying on of hands is also needed in conjunction with therapy and 12 steps.  Spirit of fear causes anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, and other emotional sickness/disorders.

So then WHY will so many be left behind?


Most Christians are half awake.  God has poured HIs Spirit out upon ALL flesh.  This is obvious as all Christians have Holy Spirit knowledge these days.  However it doesn’t mean they are wearing the belt of Truth and will make the first rapture.

However I have hope that they will be included in “The great multitude of believers” and be saved.

Depart From Me Ye Workers of Iniquity I Never Knew You

If we don’t know our true heart how do we then present our true heart to God?  How do we present our true heart to God to mold and shape if we hide parts of it from Him because we fear He won’t like us if he knows us?

We MUST become as little children to inherit the kingdom of God and little children are VULNERABLE.

We must risk showing God our whole heart, everything! We must become vulnerable by exposing our heart to God in hope that He will transform us.  Its a long process and often painful but well worth it.

The short solutions?   Go to God in Truth lay down with your arms out to the side exposing your heart.  Now show God every inch of yourself hiding nothing.  Make a fear list from our core root.  The fear list should make you feel very vulnerable.  Confess the fears and notice what character flaw patterns relate to the fear like , lack faith, lack love etc.  Confess your fears out loud to a human being you trust.  Now examine all past shames, sins un-confessed sin.  Write write write down all your resentments.  Try to see the blame patterns in your resentments.  (granted do not invalidate when you have been wronged by others).  Write down all the abuse you have suffered, who has wronged you?  Process “what happened and how it made me feel”.  Try to see the patterns in your wrongs suffered…meaning what have been your knee jerk emotional survival skills?  Like blame, or denial, or minimizing your hurts etc.  Get a big book and work all 12 steps.   TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE!

3 Replies to “Depart From Me Ye Workers of Iniquity I Never Knew You”

  1. Scripture teaches us, in order to follow Jesus. We must lay down our lives( die to self) pick up our cross and follow him. Self love and all that psychobabble isn’t the gospel of Jesus. The heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things. How do you reform,rebuild that?? You should repent..

    1. Not all people are full on subjected to their lower nature. The 144 have victory over the flesh by many trials of fire. God’s warriors by Truth. And the 133 go before the throne of God. they too are as little children. Some have become as little children as Jesus taught. What is it you would have me repent of Francois? You asked how to overcome the flesh. I gave all the directions but you didn’t like them I think. They are all subject to embracing the will of God in one’s life. I suggested first the 12 steps but Truth must be imparted with the work to be done. A long step 4&5 are needed.

      Him who the Son sets free is free indeed. By men’s pride they become unteachable. By fear of inferiority the heart hides what it sees.

      “Psychobabble”? The work to be done is for a man to know himself by courageously listening to his own heart’s voice.

      “God created mankind upright but they have sought out many vices/devices/inventions”.

      I write of the workings of God’s created mankind to house His Holy Spirit. God is Love who gave us all the option to become the clay in His hands. The clay is formed in Truth and in many hard lessons.
      Some lessons come by humans teachers requiring humility. Other lessons come by experiencing & admitting mistakes. Others come by God’s spirit guides whom He supplies to all men for guidance. Prayer and meditation is step 11 to take very seriously.

      Legion/religion calls what is good ‘evil’ and what is evil ‘good’. religion/legion condemns that which bring power to believers. Such as meditation in Jesus in God.

      You would do well to learn rather than mock by name calling. Such great Truth before you. “Wisdom proclaims Truth in the streets and is utterly contempted” says the Preacher.

      But many tears are required of a long long road of clay. Its just so much work. And first comes the issue of transparency before God. To tell God what one thinks He wants to hear is the carnal nature. To approach God in desperation usually merits a more Truth driven prayer. Hence The Great Tribulation.

    2. Ahh. And so you write as if the man is already hopeless. And why? Salvation rests at the Helmet of the Hope of Salvation. That’s not generally what I teach. I teach the sons of God. I am a scribe of God. There is more work to be done if a man so chooses to become the clay in God’s hands. What does “pick up your cross” mean to you? What does “follow Jesus” mean and how do you do that? Love your neighbor as yourself. Is to say self Love is expected. How do you Love others if you Love not yourself? One must first make peace with what the beast system has done to them since birth. The low self opinion of the masses is the beast’s handy work. False humility is a lie to virtue signal. Call yourself dirt then you’ll be good? Calling one’s self a piece of dirt calls God’s work dirt. Once a man TRULY see’s who he thinks/believes he is….perhaps next he can see he has been lied to all his life. Lied to by the beast and by all those who parrot the beast. God don’t make junk. It’s the man’s choice to become the goat of darkness. As it is man’s choice to become sons of God. “These things I do” says Jesus “and greater than these things that I do ye also shall do if you follow me”. My psychobabble are teachings of practical ways to pick up the cross and follow in Jesus’ footsteps by relying on God as a child. The balance of great power and becoming a little child both…this requires wisdom. Wisdom that comes from God only. Wisdom that must be worked toward. Is there time? Idk. I just don’t know but it’s worth a try.

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