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Florida heal at the beach w/sun & salt. Seek God while it is still light.

Jazweeh Websites         Spirituality, End times topics, predictions of Jesus’ return and predictions of the great tribulation and more supernatural topics.

These two recovery websites are 12 step based spiritual sites.  How to stay sober using AA or NA for support.  How to stay sober and eventually not need meetings.  How to heal emotionally.  How to change mental neural pathways of self destruction.  How to seek and find God.  How to become who you really are after years of beast system programming that did turn you into an addict.  Why am I an addict?  Do not be too hard on yourself you have an enemy that wants your soul.  You do not have the right to condemn yourself as being “bad and wrong”.  How to wake up to the fact that you are a good soul who has been sold a horrible bill of goods about yourself.

“Give me the child till he is 8 years old and I will have him for life”.  Stated by Rockefeller or some other snake eugenicist who wants to own EVERYTHING.   What does this mean?  It means when they raised you by TV & education they knew exactly what they were doing and how YOU would react to their programming.  Humans are very programmable, that’s lesson #1.

Its easier to fool a man with lies than it is to teach him that he has been fooled by lies all his young life.

Don’t bother with this site unless you know the KJVB very well and believe that God is supernatural. If you believe in miracles biblical prophecies and end times events you may like this site that deals primarily with The Supernatural KJV Bible change phenomena of 2017-ongoing.

Most Christians are under the strong delusion and can not see their idol becoming blasphemous and changing day by day.  Yes I am saying their paper books KJVB are changing day by day.

Unfortunately most professing Christians on Youtube swallow hook, line, and sinker anything the book/idol/and preachers tell them.

Hate, murder, vile and twisted perverse precepts, a God of unfair rage who hates his own creation, and on and on the blasphemy goes.   They do not question for a moment ANYTHING the KJVB reads. The Christians who believe everything the book tells them are much like the blind sheeple who believe everything the media tells them on the TV.

Blind guides are all around us.


My book written back in 2007 & released nine years later.  Good read for those seeking God at a deeper level and need to change their ways.  Book is for those who are just getting their feet wet regarding supernatural concepts.  The book was written way before my own great awakening in 2017.  However I was born again in 1986-ish and filled with The Holy Spirit in 1989 therefore the book is God inspired.

Prophecy and the very deep things of God, mysteries, poems, spiritually decoded songs & more.  The Bible used to talk about the milk of the word and the meat.  This site is meat not for babies (normally) though some baby Christians are far more open minded than long time believers.


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  1. I am a lawyer, with a degree in economics and post-education in biology, chemistry and physics , so I understand what is occurring and why. The US went bankrupt in 1933. This created a trust and all property of the debtor nation is controlled by trustees.
    The FED is the trust and there are several trustees. I have public documents o prove that the IRS is the holder in due course for international financial investment interests and has claimed a lien against America, which includes as collateral all land, all cities all states, all real estate public and private property and all people.
    The IRS is essentially a collection agency for international banking institutions, and until the lien is paid or refuted, we are considered property held in bail, as though we are criminals subject o bail conditions and our bail can revoked and taken into custody by bounty hunters, or contract mercenaries, such as UN security forces. I have documents o share for free that will allow people to reclaim their freedom and property. Contact me for more info.

  2. Hi Dana Ashlie, I’m a 78 year old yoga teacher who can still do a headstand, shoulder stand and sometimes a good side crow. I just listened to your 5G Crisis Awareness & Accountability presentation and, well, I have to listen to it again cause you presented a lot of good information. I would like to send you a U.S. postal money order for $20 via slow mail.

    I’m not really a Christian, per se, but I love the Christian ideals. My wife is really into Yogananda and the Self-Realization Fellowship and Christ is part of their lineage. I meditate with her most evenings. In my mind God does not have a religion.

    Marty, my wife, has polycystic kidney disease. In some ways she understands what’s going on, but in most ways she is really trapped by the main stream media. Actually I feel all alone, I have to wear a mask to buy food at the Coop and everybody is corona virus brain-washed. It seem to me, this country is reverting back to Stalin’s Soviet Socialist Republic and Hitler’s Nazi book burning regime as well as a psycopathic plutocracy.
    I really enjoy your work.
    Thanks, John

    1. So sorry D. Ashlie is not able to reply here. She does give an email address on here youtube “about” page if you click on here you tube channel name under her videos. Then by going to here home page there click the “about”.

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