Joe Imbriano of the Fullerton Informer/EMF SAFETY Article Links

CoronaVirus and EMF Safety. For emf solutions see articles (3) below.

Solutions to EMF Put it this way folks the only place you will find the dangers of emf outlined without confusion seems to be where protections from it are being sold. 925ghz is the weapon used for crowd control. Your microwave runs on 2.4ghz range w/watts to back it up and the closed in space. Here are a few safety articles to avoid unnecessary emf.

Its as easy as keeping the cell phone in another room and turning off your wifi at the router system control page and running an ethernet wire from the router to your computer. Hard wire everything. Put your router in a screened in box..metal screen. Put your smart meter in a screen as well. I know a cheap emf reflective fabric I discovered with my meter testing all my metallic fabrics. Find out which fabric to make a cheap canopy for your bed as opposed to the high dollar silver fabric.

Here are two more emf articles for safety as well Lots of info on all 3 of these articles for safety.


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