Mother of The Anti-Christ Must be Named “Mary”

Maria Avedici Santoya Omen Mother of Damien Thorn.  Rose-Mary’s Baby.  And not surprising to see Mother Gate’s name is Mary Maxwell Gates.  And the Mother of Jesus obviously “Mary of Nazareth” of course the wife of Joseph the carpenter.  We are seeing a trend here.  The true Anti-Christ’s mother’s name must be a form of “Mary”.

My Experience with the Plague of Cancer

I question the truth about how this woman died given fiction is often more true than alleged fact.  The standard story is she died from the great honorable battle of breast cancer.  This works for the “your a hero if you get Cancer-agenda” to help you palate their man made toxic chemical illness.  The cures ARE in nature I assure you of this.  My first suggestion would be real Apricot seeds, fresh.  Amegdalyn is what those who are in the know make their Cancer meds out of…there are many cures no doubt.  And undoubtedly if your no sick when diagnosed you can easily keep it at bay IF you do a major diet change and make food your medicine.

Yes I overcame a fibro-hystio cytoma Sarcoma, Cancer tumor in 2002 thanks be to God Almighty, but it was before my 2017 great awakening and I took their poison.  I would not do that again if given the chance.  If anything the surgeon who got “good margins” is the one who saved my life not the Oncologist demon who profits by chemo poison in mass.

Radiation Therapy

I took radiation and it was in my leg so it did little if any internal organ damage.  I was fortunate in that aspect.  At the time everything in my heart screamed at me “do not take their poison” And I would NOT have taken chemo had they required it.

Mind Control

YET I was so brainwashed to believe they were smarter than me and that they would not hurt me and so on, and wanted to fix me (right).  Your typical mind control mantras can be overcome by positive affirmations during prayer and meditation if you do it long enough____years.  Doctors are more deceived than most due to the extensive indoctrinational trauma  based mind control they endure at college.

We Cannot Open Eyes of those Who Cannot See to Look at that which we point them to.

I tried to open the eyes of my doctor…it did not end well.  And now I want nothing to do with him, he has made his loyalties & trust of big pharma crystal clear.

Corbett Report Held Back Facts on Gates of Hell Documentary

Corbett missed it in the 4th video about Gates!  He talked about how Gates wanted to charge for software as they didn’t want to work code for free but he NEVER mentioned the billions of $$ people make off free software in ads making you the commodity.   Why would he leave that fact out making it like like poor billy goat only wants to be paid for his work.

Free software is never really free.  So Corbett we know your not stupid?  Why didn’t you point out that mammoth fact when on the topic?  Then RFB shows how on Bitch-ute he is getting negative views (which makes no sense) and how Corbett has millions of views on bitch ute inferring that Corbett is a shill.

Then not 5 days later he has Corbett on as a guest…strange soup, mixed messages.  There is no telling if there are really any real people left on YT.  Few if any.

Still trying to figure out who this guy serves.  Pretty sure he serves himself in whatever way that requires.  The beast seems to have a hook in him.


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    1. Soon I hope. Not DAna but I see she does vids about once a month. This site is a different Dana sorry for the confusion. We love her vids as well.

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