The Elite’s Agenda to Pit the Blind Sheeple Against Those Who Demand Freedom

Trump just said this:

“Open the churches as essential gatherings” but in doing so he is removing the governor’s state powers.  What I used to see as a safety net of democracy, our state sovereignty that allows individual states to make their own laws is nixed by Federalie Trump executive orders.

And in the name of “religion” no less.  That “religion” that is fighting for freedom is nevertheless the great harlot of revelation and the highly televised ripping up of the Baltimore, cease and desist order by Calvary Baptist Church’s pastor, Stacey Shiflett was probably staged.  And not for a happy ending.

So, we hand over state sovereignty and invoke federal law for freedom of religion.  Seems like a good thing huh?  Well freedom should not come at such a price.  Don’t do us any favors!

I could be wrong but….

I see this scripted scene that I title: “How to start a Civil Division that can never be healed”.  Movie Titled: “Satan’s Own Separation of the Sheep from the Goats.”

#A-Goat’s demand their rights be removed in the name of safety.

#B- Sheep demand their rights not be removed by “the alleged name of safety”.

Group B, those for freedom are being set up to be hated and attacked by group A.  People will die in two ways.  Discord is already happening with the mask issue.

Its a diabolical set up for the second wave of the new non-fiction virus (as opposed to the prior novel virus) that will cause real deaths. (see prevention) The blame will ride on organized religions head along with those WHO WOULD NOT WEAR A MASK.  And the majority of people will hate the Christians, all Christians for the death of their loved ones.  Imagine how deep that resentment would go.  And you can bet the media will convince them of it.

Convince them of what?  

Of the lie that their loved one’s have died because these non compliant ones would not wear a mask and would not take a vacks.  Therefore any and all forthcoming death and illness will be blamed on those who stand for freedom and the right to choose.

God, I hope I am wrong!  But if not its time we started avoiding confrontation I think.  We may need to act like goats idk.

They got us coming and going.  May as well sit back enjoy the ride and focus on the outcome.  What outcome? has many predictions.

Expect a second wave but this time people will die.  The blame will hang on the Christians who demanded church be open.  The blame will go to those who refuse to wear masks and just imagine how much you would hate someone who you felt killed your brother or your child because you would not follow CDC directives and refused to wear a mask?

To overcome freedom and the ignorant masses the beast merely sows discord among the breathren hot and heavy.  Then wreaks havoc and lets blame lie on those who demand both freedom of worship and freedom from tyranny.  They are using the blind people against us who see.

I was verbally attacked and ganged up on by two woman who were ready to fight yesterday over the mask issue.  I am glad they don’t have my name.

I Know the Beast System Very Well

The Beast nearly killed me many times and I know its patterns very well.

20 Year War that killed so many of our young men.   But what the war in V.N. didn’t destroy by the bullet, the chemicals & drugs the Gov. dished out would.

Even in the 70s the corporation corpse-makers were running the affairs of government. The U.S. government has betrayed its people long ago and ongoing.  If you can’t see that by now you most likely never will see it.  And you will eagerly take the mark of the beast.

Do Not Be Deceived

This is what’s being implemented into your psyche on and from YT Truther channels.  That’s right!  Watch because 60% of Truthers are just Corporate Dictator Shills.  They knock down the apparent diabolical agenda of one topic to gain your trust.   While lifting up to you a second agenda that is custom designed for those who are “Awake”.  Do not be fooled.  They throw out to you a bone of trust then they thrust in your heart a knife, lethal and explosive causing a wound in you of which you will not recover.  Know them by who they show you they are.

The Beast of Revelation is The System Itself Called The New World Order

Most anything the corporations and big pharma are dishing out will make you sick as hell eventually.  Cancer & Diabetes High Blood Pressure are some of their favorite ways to kill us but hey now they have new ways to control the masses that they are DESPERATE to implement.

Swine Flu Vack Scene Causes Diabetes FACT.

Things happen for a reason.  I remember I had a another good friend named Richard Walter in Tampa who is long dead.  He joined the army there in Tampa to valiantly serve his country at a time when the V.N. war was finally over.  He took a shot for novel swine flu in 1976 by which rendered him no longer “fit” for the military.  They literally by one shot turned him into a diabetic.  One Shot.   This my friend is what you call “FIRST HAND FACT INFORMATION“.   Always trust first hand information over the lies that TV and internet spew.  Search “law suites swine flu” its that easy. And the wonder why we don’t want their poison.  I wish to God I had not allowed my own daughter to take shots.  I remember they had to talk me into it. My god I regret that.  God forgive me for my ignorance.  I was programmed to NOT TRUST MY OWN INTUITION AND EXPERIENCE.  NO MORE!

Why is the beast so desperate to give you a Karachi Vive vack scene?

One Obvious Reason-  The masses are waking up to their evil and they know it and are terrified of us.  They now have new tech to literally put you in lock step with their script of how to act.  They now have a way to control your mind and pay you by your behavior.  More on the 06060606 Microsoft patent and the Luciferase in my next article.

Luciferase or Lucifer’s Race

if they can’t edit your DNA/RNA with the new CRISPR technology then they will poison you with Qui9nine toxicity.  The Qui9nine agenda is explicitly for truthers who refuse the vac scene.

What Vietnam Vets Will Tell you About Qui9nine


Some of us are old enough to remember what the Vietnam vets who did make it home had to say about quinine first hand information from those who have taken the poison.

I was hired by a friend to help him do work with insulation.  That was one time a mask did have to be worn to protect from what he called “nasty asbestos ridden fiberglass insulation” made in the 70s.  I am grateful I did not work for him very long.

“It’s poison!” my friend said about the Qui9nine.  “The government poisoned their own countrymen with Qui9nine.”  These are the words I remember well from back in the day.   I was in high school when I met a man much older than me by probably ten years making him about 26 and me about 16.  He was very respectful and never tried anything sexual with me.  He had been to Vietnam and knew many men whom he considered friends who were poisoned by first the agent orange, and then the Qui9nine.  Qui9nine was adding insult to injury, adding injury to injury, adding poison to more poison.  Check out all the law suits!

Mefloqu9ine came to market in 1989 as a replacement for chloroqui9ne, which was no longer effective against malaria. However, the FDA cautioned people to stop taking the drug if they experienced “acute anxiety, depression, restlessness or confusion.” The drug was widely used by U.S. troops in Somalia in the 1990s, those sent to Iraq until about 2004 and those serving in Afghanistan until about 2013. Soldiers took the medication once a week – a ritual that gave rise to terms like “Mefloqu9ine Monday,” “Whacko Wednesday” and “Psycho Sunday.” And yet there’s often no mention of it in their individual medical records, which is crucial evidence for any future claims.

If you won’t take the vaccine we will give you drugs that will simply make you INSANE.

“There I was performing mission planning for Special Forces into Baghdad and Southern Iraq, and I’m on a hallucinogen. That was crazy,” said Commander Bill Manofsky

They poisoned our Vietnam Vets intentionally because they knew too much.  First they poisoned them with agent orange and then they gave them “the cure” for the first poison to finish them off by a second poison.  Remember “cure” means “lethal” in the world of the up side down that we live in.. Who are these sick mother f***ers in charge of lethal & diabolical human experiments on mankind?


When you look the beast in the eyes you WILL come to know evil that is beyond the behavior of your average madmen.

The BIG mistake most people make in their understanding of the beast system is this…first they judge their own insides by other men’s outsides.

Next they judge other men’s insides by their own insides…big mistake.  These men are not human, they are NOT LIKE US.  The controllers have no good conscience.  They have no moral compass.  The are of a reprobate mind.  They’re soul is black and given to Satan.  People tend to think other’s are like they are on the insides and in many cases this is true.  However, the beast system and those who run it are dark souls unlike men who know Love.  They repel Love.  They believe it is a weakness to Love anything.  Love is expelled from them at an early age either willingly or intentionally through trauma and acts of aggression.  They invite demons in so they may have certain advantages that equal power.

Our Earth is run by demons who inhabit men.  

Until a man can take up the courage to believe in demonic entities he will never understand the mindset of those who are in charge.  He will assume that greed and the hunger for power are as evil as it gets.  The average man knows nothing of blood-lust and the trade that rewards more power for more souls.  These rulers are intentionally committing genocide to trade evil acts for power and gifts from their father Satan.  Just as Our Father who art in Heaven gives us gifts of The Holy Spirit so too their father grants them demonic gifts of power and insight.  Hence more murder, more souls turned to the dark side, and more poisonings.

I know what they did to my friends back in 1970-79.  These guys were literally poisoned by those who claimed they were helping them.   Our government poisoned our own men who were supposedly fighting for our freedom and the freedom of the people who allegedly needed our help.

I tell you this…most likely we were there because South Vietnam wanted no part

Allegedly These are the Sides of the War

Vietnam War was fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam was supported by the Soviet Union, China and North Korea, while South Vietnam was supported by the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Ya, some of us remember their “been around and used for years and years, safe bla bla bla drug, bla bla bla.”

No!  I had friends back in the early 70s who knew about their Qui9nine drug and how damn poison it is.

Search this topic people…don’t use a goo browser you need a secondary search engine because goo hides many articles and wants you to have on one answer…their answer of corporate dictators.

This guy “Highwire” is a Shill for the corporate dictators as are most viral truthers unfortunately.  Soon there will come a time when there are NO real Truthers available.

Furthermore I don’t recommend that you go to these off-shoots of YT.  I am talking about bit chute and the rest of the video platforms they are herding Truthers into.  You can guess what I am going to say next.  If you go to one of these platforms you will be put on a list defining you by the platforms you choose.  You will be categorized and persecuted by your membership to that channel

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