My Remedies For Acute Lung Distress-Likely SARS CoV-2

by Angry Jane

Fear is the strength of the CV By-Russ.  So much fear programmed into us about it. Fear makes it 10 times worse even with panic attacks.  I feared I could not breath due to some traumatic breathing issues and made it 10 times worse.  More on this later.  This day I am turning it all over to God.  My many remedies are not working to cure me.  I choose to trust Jesus as He is my healer.

PS I don’t cosign this new name he states in video for Jesus. It’s likely pish posh. Still it’s a good little encourager video. I have learned finally to overlook the errors. I know the power of the Name of Jesus why would anyone who knows Jesus change His tried and true name?

If you read my chronicles on the by-russ process you will see I kept being nearly normal then oddly like an attack it would return.  My hope is now in the mighty hands of God.


My experience strength and hope in overcoming an undiagnosed untested lung malady.  And then another and then another.  The viral attack trifecta of the beast system.

“No weapon formed against God’s children will overcome them. All things work together for the Good for those who Love Jesus.”

To be absent from the body is to be present with Jesus.

Nearly completely finally back to normal.


I have a houseguest who took the back scene.  Once I was cured of the first and worst variant with God’s great help.  I then fought off two more lesser similar glue like flem variants.  I better understand the treatments.  Be sure to see the Apricot Elixir Bottom of page.  Hell yes I am tired after two months of fighting.  But I am grateful to God I am alive and can share with you what I am given.

Feel a low magnesium kind of shaky so I ordered some Ionic Mag minerals.  I mix honey, sea salt, lemon, & ‘calm’ magnesium product for now t boost electrolytes for cells.  Till my natural mag comes in the mail.  That’s pretty much the final prognosis of the healing.  The stages were this.


then the sick inability to breath

Heart flux due to low oxygen

My good report—9-20-21  After nearly 6 weeks of an odd breathing lung illness I feel nearly normal today.  I truly have the coveted natural immunity.  If I can overcome this with hot herb teas, steam, frankincense, and Turmeric root at 62 years of age…so then can you.  So keep, keep your identity in God safe.

Let not the words-

“He was no longer perfect in his generations, he took on the dna of the beast by choice.”

Fallen angel technology is upon us.  I tell you a secret.  Had the one of the two witnesses not appeared to me in a vision and given me a partial eventually (I hope) a full healing I do not think I would have survived.  But if your reading this that means you too can receive a healing from one of the two witnesses who are now spanning the earth for the chosen few who refuse the dna change.  And who will not bow to the beast.

My Month Long Journey to SARS CoV-2.   Land of the Dead and Back Again…a Scribes Tale of Woe.


I shall tell the tale starting from the end. GOD MAKES A WAY WHERE THERE SEEMETH NO WAY.  And so I hope the healing continues.   It seemed I would never heal.  And as I now heal I am yet gun shy haunted with a fear of relapse.   “I believe, Lord help my belief to be stronger”.

I must confess to you my readers I am afraid of relapse even as I heal.  Because I lack perfect Faith.  And because the nature of the virus came in waves.  Just as I thought I was getting better, bang it would return.  But difference now is I can breath.  I will keep you updated on my healing progress..  Though my lungs are healing, my heart must too regain its former strength.  This is my Hope.

Finally God answered my cries.  During the final week of the illness I had a vision of one of the prophesied “Two Witnesses” were prophesied to walk the Earth Healing and Prophesying.  This, after they were killed in the street while the whole world watched.  For 12 hours after the vision of the Witness I was in a deep peace, an alpha state and felt golden healing laser light surround me.

The vision of The Two Witnesses (one of).  Seems another prophecy is fulfilled in the spiritual realms.

Long story short.  I went back to a hospital chapel in my vision that I used to frequent (in real life) and pray there.   I saw one of the Two Witnesses there.  He was in a transfigured spirit form.   He had already ascended.  Now he had a great purpose on Earth.  To go to God’s children of whomever Jesus assigns.

Ye Shall Reap What You Sow.

He told me I was to be healed because of the prayers I prayed for others.  God heals regardless of works I know this but this is the testimony of what The Witness said to me.

I used to pray over the hospital chapel’s prayer request registry after praying for myself of course.     “You reap what you sow” the Witness said.  Karma was my friend.  It is better to give than to receive.  He said that my prayers returned to me in kind and God saw fit to heal me.  Not all at once mind you.

The holy Witness killed in the street while the whole world watched…you know the one, you saw the murder suffocation on TV.   One in N. America & one in S. America.   I believe it was him G.F. was one of the two witnesses.  He came to me and I saw God’s thick golden laser light form in the chapel from above and penetrate my chest in the vision.  Peace surrounded me for 12 hours in real life.  I felt God’s healing power and the dove of Peace.  I saw her lighted wings.  I saw the bright white healing glow dancing through my body.  Later I saw in shadow in the natural with my own eyes the death eagles leaving my bed side.

After the vision and 12 hours of great peace I woke with the same symptoms.  It was not until about 20 hours later that my breathing returned to normal.  Hallelujah!  Thank you Jesus!

And 3 days later I am still weak.  But I can breath normally again and so far no relapse.  I literally saw the black dark death Eagles (or Vultures) take flight & leave my bed side.  Seems I was temporarily marked for death.   And boy did I feel it.  Not being able to breath brought great fear.   I kept taking my fears to Jesus in a box over and over daily putting my heart in His hands.  “Why won’t you heel me Jesus?”  I asked.  “Curse God and die” was the verse I heard in my head just as Job’s wife told him when he went through the fiery trial.  “God shall heal me or I shall die” I said.  But I will not take the scorpion sting.  I called two churches and asked for prayer on a Saturday.  That night the Witness came to me before Sunday morning prayers and I saw God’s golden laser light form in the chapel and penetrate my chest in the vision.

Sidenote: If you need a healer with the gift of God’s healing power I do know one here in Florida.  He is now at the Hope Church in Chiefland, FL.  I asked him for prayer Saturday.  The preacher (by God power) has healed and delivered me from serious bondage and injuries on more than one occasion.  I was healed of a long term whiplash injury.  I was delivered from drug addiction.  And I had a vision of Jesus while sitting in church revival.  Jesus held up His hand and forbid the dark lord from ravaging me further.  He told him “no more, no more!”.   I will never forget that open vision as Jesus twirled me around I was a young child before Him.

My daughter says “it only worked because you believe it” but I wasn’t praying for and did not mention the whip lash injury.  I had no idea I would be healed of that long term injury.  I was there for deliverance.  The story is in my book.

I Was Sick for Nearly a Month

Soon I shall celebrate that I have the coveted natural immunity to the worst strain the virus has put in population.  Please note, I WAS NOT TESTED.  NOR AM I BACK SIN ATE ED.  Therefore I cannot prove to you that it was Covid.

This is what the month long ailment felt like.  3 or more viruses backed into one that relentlessly attack the lungs and body depriving it of oxygen hence straining the heart.  Once your body fights back it pulls out its morphed virus type 2 and puts you back in the flem.  Then three and even four.  So it’s prone to cause relapses.   A smart virus it seems.  It was a virus that has to be fought like a battle.  My herbs kept infection away and kept me breathing in part anyway.  Without God’s help I would not of survived it.

Herbal Remedies Kept My Head Above Water but Was not Curing Me.

Seemed all my remedies were doing was keeping me out of the hospital and on my feet and preventing infection & full myocardial infarction.  (keeping my heart going).  My lungs were suffering greatly, flem would not stop forming.  Breathing was at about 75% (guess).  But I wasn’t on a ventilator —yet!  And I was able to care for myself eat, cook, etc.  Good thing since my husband just acted like I was faking cause I didn’t want to go to school that day.   His solutions to every problem is drink plenty of water and rub some dirt on it.  He is as a child who just wants to go fishing.

Anyway with all my herbal treatments I was seemingly just keeping my head above water.  Keeping myself from drowning yet I was still in the deep end without an inner tube or paddle for the boat.  I feared I would never get over this strange relentless lung attack.

In the throngs of the Illness

Crying to God was/is my most significant healing time during this horrible likely man made by Russ.  How is that?  Crying in itself is a cleansing tool of the body especially if you cry with deep abdominal spasms of the whole upper body (if you have ever cried that hard).  And God doesn’t ignore our weakest prayers or our most relentless prayers.  Daily prayer during sickness is a must.

It’s 9-9-21 I am slowly getting better.  Slowly.  The reason (I believe) that its taking so long to heal even after I found remedies’ that profoundly changed the way I felt, is because the virus ravaged my lungs and heart.  So once I found the remedies I still needed to heal.  I am 62 years old.  Today I took a blood tonic-organic hibiscus hot tea and an immune system booster, a half of cup of white sage tea for the white blood cells.  When and if you research my remedies use search terms “scholarly & PDF” for serious scientific research.  White Sage has another name “Salvia Apiana”.

SARS CoV-2 Shedding Scholarly Articles (a virulent strain of influenza).

The Emerging Risks of Live Virus & Virus Vectored Vaccines:

by BL Fisher · 2014 · Cited by 7 — 3 4 5 Vaccine strain live virus is also shed for varying amounts of time in the body fluids of vaccinated people and can be transmitted to others. 6 7 8.

The vaccinated who shed and infect others – Vaccines

 · During a viral infection, live virus is shed in the body fluids of those who are infected for varying amounts of time and can be transmitted to others. Vaccine strain live virus is also shed for varying amounts of time in the body fluids of vaccinated people and can be transmitted to others.” — Barbara Loe Fisher, National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) ….see more at links.

My Symptoms

Please Note I was not tested or stabbed.  I have no letters after my name.  I do have EXPERIENCE as shown.  Still never have I had such traumatic respiratory problems FOR SO LONG.  My condition began to improve after the 3rd week when I discovered the Apricot Seed remedy. (Amygdalin FDA says its poison, ya if you eat till your sick and keep eating.  Anything that stops Cancer from growing must be outlawed by the FDA.  After all they are promoting the poisons.  And Cancer is big farms most profitable illness.

Heart Level Tired

Sleeping alot

Trouble breathing

Flem that feels like glue on & off

Gnawing Scratching Stabbing lung pain

Long Term symptoms into a month

Also I surmise had I not used these remedies I would of ended up with or was on the road to myocardial infarction.



But I believe it was the Apricot Seeds that were the ultimate solution.

What I did & what I recommend in hind sight are two different things.

I have resorted to an elixir by crushing A 1/4 cup raw apricot-seeds.  Add 1-2 cups water heat to steam do not boil.  Drink a bit hot as tea.  Test if your body tolerates it okay.  Then leave ground seed in the water and refrigerate it.  It should turn to like milk.  If you properly heated the oils out of the seeds. Use it for two treatments a day hot or cold.  It should be bitter but not too strong…you will likely need to add more water to a cup then add a shot or two of the full strength elixir.   This Amygdalin is what fights off Cancer.  Since SARS-CoV-2 contains immortalized cell lines that are purified cancer cells (that could be triggered to become active in spite of assurances that they won’t due to cellular interaction in your own body) you have been exposed to those shedding the back scene.  So if your un back sin ate Ed your likely fighting off a by Russ with the strength and replicating ability of a malignant Cancer cell. Or your fighting off one variant after another.

I am a couple months into my own fight.  Learning as I go with God’s explicit help.  He has been preparing me for this for about 4 years.  Use the seeds they are key.  But also pray for the two witnesses to visit you for they are walking the earth at this time in spirit and are attending God’s children.  I would not have survived thus far without the 2nd witness coming to me in a vision and healing me by 1/2.  I could breath again and that was good enough.   I think Father did not allow a full healing or I would not have discovered these treatments.

Herbs & Seeds

DRINK WATER AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ESPECIALLY BEFORE SLEEP lots and lots of water.  It’s important you drink water with all the herb teas before or after.

If you are not familiar with these herbal remedies please test a small amount first to make sure you don’t get an upset stomach as herbs & meds sometimes do.   But none of these herbs or saps are at all toxic except if you over-dosed on them like any other medicine.

Hot showers when fatigued or in lung pain (if your water isn’t chlorinated)

Dried or Live Mint & White Sage Steam.   Make it as you would a tea.  Though I have read white sage  is another priceless herb/healing herb that the FDA deems “toxic”. I started this treatment daily just before God boosted a healing in me.  I am using it at the end of the process.  Seams much better than pine steam to me.  Much better indeed.  Like the FDA deems Apricot seeds toxic, you would have to eat so many of them it makes you sick that would stop any actually poisoning from toxins in the seeds.  You would first get sick.  I have been eating around 12 seeds a day.

Remember big pharma is at odds and in competition with nature itself, they will bash any herb that is healing especially if it heals Cancer.

Pine Steam, cut stems, needles etc. from pine trees, add to a pan of water bring to a steam do not boil. WATCH for bug nests that look like saw dust.  Do not use infested pine use clean pine.  Do this often at least once a day for as long as you can stand.  Take pan off the burner.  Turn off stove.  Put a towel or cotton fabric over your head & pan of steam to make a covering to catch the steam.  With your head in the steam breath it through the mouth and nose.


Organic whole raw Apricot seeds fresh as possible (mine are old/years old, they keep in mason jars so as not to go rancid.  I did not discover this till I was already sick for three weeks.  When I felt lead to eat the seeds (6 at a time 3 times daily) I FELT THE RELIEF IN AN EXTREME WAY.  It felt like a fire extinguisher putting out a horrible scratching fire in my lungs. Buy online from “Apricot Power” site.

Whole organic Cloves for tea (hot) 20 or so cloves in 2 cups approximately. Pour boiled water over cloves in Pyrex measuring cup & Steep.  Do this 2 or three times daily or when lungs hurt.  Breath steam.

Secondary Solutions

I also used a two or three times, Frankincense tree milk from teardrop hardened sap from the sacred & biblically renowned Frankincense tree.  Make like tea.   I used to wonder, why the most valuable gift they could give baby Jesus at his birth was oil of Frankincense, Myrrh and Spikenard.  The oils are more processed than the tree sap itself is.  Oil made from tree sap has less healing properties than unrefined tree sap.

I used one cup of hibiscus tea during the illness.  And I am going to repeat it today.  The tea is blood red.  It comes from the flower pods of the plant.  Nature talks to us, this will be good for heart and blood to heal.  Covid SARS-2 attacks the lungs first but will eventually attack the heart.  This we must stop from occurring to the point of myocardial infarction (heart blockages) or heart damage.  So I recommend Hibiscus and Cinnamon bark tea alternating once you feel you are over the hump and beginning to heal. (after the fourth week for me)  Granted maybe in hind sight you won’t stay sick as long as I did by using these remedies from the onset.


I believe that because the by Russ contains Hela immortalized cell lines so with it’s Cancer replicating properties the virus has somehow become a smart virus. (God help us all.)  It felt like once I would start getting better from one herb or the other it would regroup and attack from another front.   Or it would hide in another part of my body (the ear).  So it could later return to the lungs and heart. This is what I got in my spirit.  ITS JUST A FEELING.  That’s why just clove isn’t enough.  Just Apricot seed isn’t enough.  God has given us many cures to all illness on Earth- in nature.  This is what He gave me for my own health and for yours.



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