Was George Floyde One of The Prophesied “Two Witnesses” Killed in The Street WHILE THE WORLD WATCHES?


Why are so many people trashing this murdered guy’s reputation?  I got an email today saying “he was a porn star”.  Thing is born again Christians ALWAYS have tainted pasts.  That is the miracle about being born again.  God changes our heart, actions, wants, likes,morals.

But first we must want to change and ask for help otherwise its not going to happen.  People who get born again are people who have been ravaged by Satan to the point of bondage they swim deep in sin.  They do that which they do not want to do as Apostle Paul testified.  “When I try to do good sin is right there with me”.   They have a divided mind, their guilt is enormous.   Therefore when Jesus delivers them they are very grateful

“He who sinneth much Loveth much”.  Do not be quick to judge men.  Granted I am depending on the testimony of his friends who say he was a great witness for Jesus and so on.  See video link below.  I did not know him personally.

Watching a man change from night to day is, his heart changed is evidence of God working in him.

Both goats and sheep sin but you can differentiate from a run of the mill goat who has no remorse for sin and a sheep in bondage to sin who has great remorse and guilt.  God delivers His children from the throngs of spiritual bondage.

From what I have read online and seen in the video Floyd certainly fits the bill with “the whole world watching his slaughter”.  He was in fact a witness of God/Jesus and what God has done for Him.  Look up the “Two Witnesses Prophecy” while the book still has asemblance of Truth in it.

See George Floyd’s friends witness to Floyd’s ministry.   They called him “Big Floyd”.  However his body did not lie for 3 days nor was he miraculously resurrected. Not sure if this was part of the original prophecy or not.


You Decide, Is Half the Prophecy of the Two Witnesses Now Fulfilled?

Even if this who story is propagandized if George truly was a witness of Jesus as his alleged friends are saying in the video on Newsweek (link above).  And if he truly was killed as we saw in the street as the whole world watched then the fulfillment of at least half the prophecy has happened.  Who will the next witness be?  Will it be a born again Jewish man according to some of the guess work about “two witnesses”.  As long as its a True follower of Jesus who is a witness killed in the street while the whole world watches then its a fulfillment of prophecy.

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  1. What you really need to pay attention to is what is happening in Minneapolis since George Floyd’s tragic death. Such as:
    – Widespread riots, looting and burning buildings resulted in national guard being dispatched for almost a week and now significant changes being made in the police, government and social consciousness.
    – Two separate cyber attacks. The first involving Minneapolis police and govt office. The second involving the Senate offices to access a file of passwords.
    -A Sheraton hotel in South Minneapolis was not burned in the riots. Instead, a group of anarchists took over the hotel and turned it into a homeless shelter. The stated goal of the anarchists is to claim public buildings and land, redistribute it and create a utopia or new world. No surprise the hotel soon turned into anarchy! Reports of sex trafficking, drug use, dealing drugs and an overdose death, shooting guns off the roof and vandalism of the property itself resulted in all the residents being evicted. The anarchists raised $300,00+ in online donations yet did not pay one penny for use of the hotel. It is possible the hotel gave shelter, food and aid to groups who destroyed the surrounding neighborhood.
    -The anarchists then began to occupy a local park. The Minneapolis Park Board has now allowed “homeless” people use of any and all parks in Minneapolis. They are basically giving land to extremist groups, using the homeless as a human shield, to live rent free on public parks while they plot their agenda.
    -The homeless camps violate the Stay Safe quarantine laws. One camp has over 400 tents put up. Yet Gov Walz extended the covid emergency order, restricts people from attending church, going to bars and restaurants and social gathering…but protests and homeless camps ok. We are having a minimum of 5 protests or large social gatherings per week in the Minneapolis area. Why is this state still under quarantine???
    -Minneapolis City Council voted to dusmantle the police department (another stated goal of both BLM and anarchists). Mayor Jacob Frey admitted he was not informed, and has no knowledge of what policing will look like in Minneapolis or what the next steps are. So WHO is in charge of the city?
    -There are talks of using social workers to fulfill some of the tasks of police. Minnesota has over 20 years of complaints (lawsuits filed by citizens) lodged against the social service system due to abuse of power, violation of personal rights, and making decisions that endanger children. CPS is involved in a lawsuit due to alleged racial bias. Is using social workers to replace police feasible, let alone a better alternative?
    -It is clear radical groups are exploiting Floyd’s tragic death and taking over the city… yes racism is real. Yes Minnesota has a problem with systemic racism. But we can’t even begin to address this issue because agendas are getting in the way.
    -Please dig deeper…what happens in Minnesota will cause a ripple effect across the nation. This is a turning point in our history. We are entering a period similar to the historical great awakening of the past…perhaps a GA 5?

  2. George Floyd was allegedly a porn star and had a previous history
    With Chauvin working in the same bar as bouncers!
    The 2 Witnesses are killed, lie three days while the world rejoices, then rise to life.

    1. Look at Rev 11 – it says 2 witnesses prophesied, fire comes from their mouths, they have the power to stop the rain & turn water into blood. And their bodies will lie in the street for 3 days.
      None of that is George Floyd.

      1. I know but there are so many bible changes its ALL mixed up. Unlessyou agree with “hate your family or you cannot follow me” paraphrased. The book is falling. Including the word “antichrist” removed from the book (kjvb) except in non descriptive ways 3 places. Beast and Dragon replaced “antichrist” term to confuse things. So I only trust my memory with prophecy the words written on my heart. The KJVB is changing supernaturally the sheep know the voice of The Good Shepperd. News flash “hate” means hate.

      2. Good points. Thanks. Perhaps it was a far stretch. The only thing that matches is 3 people were killed in the same fasion on 3 countries while the whole world watched. that is what caught my attention.

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