The Suns Will Explode

The New Earth is Coming

Then what is coming in the Future?

A man once told me, as I spoke of God to him, he said, “its not so much what you can get from God that matters (such as Heaven and a new body/paradise etc.) as much as what you bring to God of yourself that makes the grade.”

A light went off when he said those words to me.  What do I have to bring to the Kingdom of God?  Can I be trusted to do God’s work?  Will I hurt His children?  Will I deceive them with lies?

I share my heart with you.  I hope to God I am not mistaken.

You may not like it.  It’s not what Hollywood portrayed.  But the New Earth will be far better than we can now imagine.

The story isn’t what the preachers are saying will happen during end of days.  Yes we are in the time of the end. The New Age is upon us.  What does that mean exactly?  says the human.

I am clearer on the future than I have ever been before.  Watching so many prophecies come to pass my doubts are few.  There will be no god on a throne.

Yet the Christians scream “Jesus is Returning Soon, we shall be kings and priests ruling over everyone!”  And He is returning! Just not in the way they picture in their memories or imaginations.  Below is one of my favorite prophecy songs.  It gives a vag glimpse of what is to come.

But I will tell you now plainly what we see coming.

The biblical prophecies read that Jesus would return on the Eastern sky.  Now it reads “with a shout, and with the Arc angel & trump of God on the clouds”  What?  The cloud?  Amazon or googles clouds?

The Christians picture Jesus returning in or on a “cloud” rather than the “heavens” as it used to say biblically.  They see him returning to flesh and blood (which is not going to happen.)  They see Him sitting on a gem filled throne holding a golden scepter.  (bible kjv now reads “rod of iron” since the desecration and tower of babel.)

That’s not what the prophecies mean.  It is Jesus who is my Savior.  I know Him. He delivered and healed me on several occasions.  But what will happen is this…

The Two Suns Shall Burn

The Suns will explode.  Both of them.  Not the new white hot fake sun first, but rather the original sun that has already gone dim.  The real sun holds far more power in it than their fake sun that will “ark”.

The real sun still rises, but in the west & sets in the East.  You can see it glow behind the clouds that hide it, around sunset.

Perhaps that is why the powers that are made the new white hot sun Sooo fricking bright by overkill.  We know that grow lights grow plants.  Why?  Because they have the full spectrum of color and light.  The fake sun is nothing but a bunch of huge grow lights.

So they make the fake sun so bright that we would not see the fallen sun dim behind it.   No one would then recognize that the prophecies are fulfilled.  That God is real.  And that the sun went dim as prophecy foretold.  (not dark, dim)  The sun is turned down by 90%.  This would of freaked the whole world out. So they were ready for it apparently.   After all they stoled all the truth in prophecy and left us the desecrated bibles to decipher.

They think they are gods.  They think they saved the Earth.  But the damage their fake sun is doing to our atmosphere is devastating.  And to use their term…IT WON’T SUSTAIN LIFE.

NEWSFLASH only God Almighty appoints gods.  What would of happened has they not put up the fake sun?  In 2012 the sun migrated to maybe 15% or 17% of its yield.  It would have sustained life without the damage. But prophecy had to be fulfilled.  Man had to create their sun so as to also cause the ark of the covenant.  The great arking of the fakes sun.  This happens when an electrical system cannot contain the amps and watts running through it.  It arks.

When the sun arks it will cause the real sun to blow up.

I have seen the bulbs in the new sun.  I do not believe God put light bulbs in His real Sun.

So…the fake Sun EXPLODES in turn the first sun blows up.  All they had to do is get he magnetics correct to erect a fake sun.  They could use math for that problem.  Then they just lift up the Sun and nature does the rest.  It falls right into place by magnetics.  It circles the earth with the rest of the luminaries.

Magnets that hold up planets and easily make them spin around the earth.  You know, the stuff they do not teach us in school.  The not sees turned on the black hole sun.  And its basically killing everyone on Earth by slow fry radiation that has no place on Earth.  Burning plants.  The atmosphere CANNOT SUSTAIN THE FAKE SUN MUCH LONGER.

And NO we are not on a spinning ball.  Earth is not a baseball planet like the planets over our head.  THEY LIE LIKE HELL TO HOARD KNOWLEDGE.  The bastards don’t want us to know anything that leads to POWER.

Hell is real and it’s inside the Earth.  I have been there. 

The mistake most people make who believe all the lies in school & TV (image of the beast) is to assume that those in control think & act like they do.  Not true whatsoever.

The explosions from the arking of their sun will fry all of Earth and create the Lake of Fire.   A corona discharge event will follow filling the earth with broken/split oxygen molecules called bad ozone.  Before all the particles reunite back into pure oxygen.  Or whatever form they will take to enrich The coming New Earth.

Again, biblical prophecy used to read that God would never again destroy Earth by water.  That next He would use FIRE.  As if that is to be a relief to mankind.   Well God Almighty doesn’t make mistakes.

Why would God Almighty create mankind as a family unit that He has no part in? Of course there is a Mother God…are you kidding me?  These bastards who stoled all the Truth from the many will answer for hiding Truth.  Religion blasphemes the gods.  And religion blasphemes the Most Powerful God Almighty.  Religion is Legion the evil that Jesus abhorred.   Religion turns more people away from God than any other entity.  Can you see how that works?

Nevertheless Mother God and Father say that both their names are protected so no human can blaspheme in their name.  God is very protective over His partner.  Open your mind and heart and you will see her beauty.  The feminine is real.  Mother God is right there with Him.  The Sons and daughters too.

The hypocrisy and lies we are told makes us think all magic/spirituality is a lie.  That is their plan.  There is an entity who does not want humans to know that magic is real.  Or is magic also evil?

Remember this one rule friend of mine.  EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES.

That means if its not manifesting harm by evil its either hiding it or its not evil. Actions.  Know them by who they show you they are. Yes evil can do good and good can do evil.  Nevertheless Evil is as evil does.  If magic is real then it can be used for evil or for good.  Just like a gun. The gun is not evil.  Its the user who decides.  I fear I cannot break through your religious programming.  I fear I cannot give you eyes to see.  But I must try.

“The son of man” is not Jesus.  Jesus is The Son of God Almighty.  They do not remember.  Forgot forgot the diamonds forgot.  And now they call their god “a son of man”.  Of whom we have no part in.  They renamed Jesus calling Him by several different names.  Mainly “Joshua”.  The book of Joshua is new.  It is a desecrated mess portraying “Joshua” as an Impaler of men.  Read it.

There is no telling what their names for God actually mean.  What about the future??????

The many people will burn instantly when the two suns explode, not suffering.  The chosen few will go to the second Heaven and be transformed for their work on the New Earth. For 1,000 years the Earth will rest, transform, and grow into the New Earth.  Eden.  Earth will become Eden.  For 1,000 years many will sleep during the process.  No one could survive on Earth.  Except a few who managed to go deep enough into the Earth.  But they will regret their choices.  And the new earth will crush those who are not transformed.  All will be transformed who shall remain alive prepared for the New Earth.

God uses nature.  He doesn’t do things instantly all the time.  He says “you have need of patience”.  And for 1,000 years Israel will learn patience.  But during the burn we must be protected.  We shall be taken up and transformed to do the work God appoints us.  We choose this task. We accept this task.  He will not just throw us into the New Earth unaware.  We are Truth seekers.  Israel is what the bible refers to the chosen few as.  But its our own choices that make us who we are in God.

“We shall not all sleep but we shall ALL be changed.”

Most will either go to the lake of fire where their soul dies.  Or they will sleep for 1,000 years in stasis.  While the guardian of The New Earth walk the earth for 1,000 years.   Jesus mentioned this in passing.  He said “If its my will that Peter walk the Earth living for 1,000 years what business is it of yours?”

The scripture was always somewhat skewed in need of a decode just like the rest of it.  Jesus was only talking to one group of people. And Scottie Clarke is actually correct about his interpretation of most of Jesus’ words not being for Him.

Scottie Clarke

Granted Scottie likely came to that conclusion of much of the bible being for the body but not to the body due to the stringent rules that Jesus put on His breathren.  But Scottie, admittedly not being the breathren of Jesus himself, could not possibly understand that Grace applies to Israel just as much as it applies to the church or the body of Christ.    Israel, God’s chosen probably engaged in much deeper and darker pre and post (prodigal walk) salvation evil than the body ever considers.


“He who sinneth much loveth much”..  To him whom much is forgiven much is given.  “To him that much is given much is expected.” and so on.  Don’t forget “Love covers a multitude of sin”.  That verse won’t be in Proverbs much longer.  The power and Love scriptures are fading fast.

These three are eternal.  “These three are eternal gifts from God Faith, Hope, and Love.  But the greatest is Love”.

Israel had the God hole driving them to seek God with fervor.  And that did not look pretty in the beginning of their walk.  As they walked by instinct and blind desperation.   Israel would have done anything to fix the way they felt the separation from God in their soul was torturous.  But the gift of desperation has great benefits.

1,000 Years of Sleep

So the many believers who know Jesus will sleep for 1,000 years.  As foretold.  Israel will walk the Earth for 1,000 years as guardians.  Guardians are not government.  Government is a con-tradiction to God’s Holy Principals.  No man rules over another.  No human rules over another.  The Christians with their glory seeking and “Kings & Priests” scripture shows they don’t know God very well.  Its no wonder they cannot see the miracles of the end of days.

They likely never received the Holy Spirit of God which brings supernatural gifts unto men.  Yet many are saved and all have the Divine presence of God.  As long as they do not take the mark of the beast in their temple.  And if they did they may be able to repent.  We hope.

After the 1,000 years of sleep and the Earth’s regeneration into the New Earth then the many believers will awaken to the New Way.  God’s Spirit shall be present on all of The Earth.  No tears, no loneliness, no violence, no greed, no sin.  We will never see those who went to the lake of fire.  Judgement will be 100% complete.  They face God Almighty alone before entering the lake of fire.  The many who preferred the lie and were under the influence of the Locust…well some may be saved and some not.

Grace, Mercy & The New Earth

But for those who preferred lies over Truth, their existence will be a kind of beautiful fantasy.   It will consist of the best parts of what they loved as humans.  The light will always be around them.  But they will not know of the greater mysteries of God.

Why?  Because they could not be trusted by God to reveal all to Him.  They would not stand in Truth.  So Locust vailed them during this time, now.  And they will have a vail on them in paradise.  It seems sad to us who prefer Truth at any cost.  But this is what they wanted.  And by Jesus’ mercy they were saved in spite of their love of lies.  Not all.  Not all.   Many will go to the Lake of Fire because they did not receive Jesus’ offer of pardon.

Israel goes on to change from form to form, lessons learned upgrades made.  Growth and change is what life is about.  There are those far above us who have already become overcomers.  Truth, Love, Faith, Hope (helmet of salvation), their Testimony told over and over, God’s Words, Jesus Himself/prayer/meditation, & the Breastplate of Righteousness.  Those are what helped Israel overcome.

Not perfection or the wielding of the copy paste gospel by compulsion.  Straight from the desecrated books sprinkled with Great Truth.   Copy paste gospel and the testimony of Jesus are two very different things. 

Its virtuous eternal gifts from God Himself that are what helped Israel through this phase of their development here on the old Earth.   The armor of God is far more vital than anyone realizes.  The preachers don’t know how to teach of it.

Lies of the Church & How to Apply the Armor of God

Wisdom Calls Out in the Street But is Utterly Rejected by Most

 Battle of Evermore Led Zepplin

The Queen of Light took her bow
And then she turned to go

The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom
And walked the night alone
Oh, dance in the dark of night
Sing to the morning light

The dark Lord rides in force tonight
And time will tell us all
Oh, throw down your plow and hoe
Rest not to lock your homes

Side by side, we wait the night
the darkest of them all, oh, oh

 I hear the horses' thunder down in the valley below
I'm waiting for the angels of Avalon
Waiting for the eastern glow

The apples of the valley hold the seeds of happiness
The ground is rich from tender care
Repay, do not forget, no, no

Dance in the dark of night
Sing to the morning light
The apples turn to brown and black
The tyrant's face is red

Oh, war is the common cry
Pick up your swords and fly
The sky is filled with good and bad
That mortals never know, oh

Oh, well, the night is long, the beads of time pass slow
Tired eyes on the sunrise, waiting for the eastern glow

The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath
The drums will shake the castle wall
The ring wraiths ride in black, ride on

Sing as you raise your bow (ride on)
Shoot straighter than before
No comfort has the fire at night
That lights the face so cold

Oh, dance in the dark of night
Sing to the morning light
The magic ruins are writ in gold to bring the balance back
Bring it back

At last, the sun is shining
The clouds of blue roll by
With flames from the dragon of darkness
The sunlight blinds his eyes
Ah, ooh, oh, ooh, ah

Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back

Oh now, oh now, oh now, oh, oh now, oh now, oh now
Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back
Oh now, oh now, oh now, oh, oh now, oh now, oh now

Bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it
Bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it
Bring it, bring it, bring___________________________________

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: James Patrick Page / Robert Anthony Plant
The Battle Of Evermore lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

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