Update on Anti-Christ Agenda. Trump Pulls Funding for W.H.O.

Right Now I have more questions than answers regarding the mark of the beast implementation agenda.

I have discovered Gates of Hell’s mother’s name is “Mary” of all things.  This is another confirmation.  See original article about who is the false prophet and antiChrist.

According to The Boston Herald and other prime media sources including https://foreignpolicy.com/ Trump first warned the WHO on the 19th of May to change its policies “or else” and then jerked ties with the international for profit Gates driven World Health Org. reported on May 29th.

And what kind of language is this anyway for a so called “reputable” news organization?  “PULLED THE TRIGGER ANYWAY” As if he were holding a gun to the head of Billy boy Gates’ health puppeteers.

The Bill Gates Foundation funding of the WHO NEARLY matches that of the United States an entire country.  If the pull for funding from the U.S. becomes permanent Bill Gates of Hell will be the WHO’s PRIMARY donor.  Making Gates of Hell in full control of the organization with no competition from the U.S.

What will the implications of this shift in fund be?  Will this help or hinder the gates of hell and his mark of the beast agenda?  Right now I cannot say.  Less money isn’t Bill Gate’s problem but if the U.S. and Gates are at odds persay perhaps we are temporarily safe from this Vackz Scene and the impending mark of the beast.

Is This Trumps Way of Negotiating a Price for the Head of the American People?

As for politics I would say perhaps due to bad press about the WHO and Bill Gates Trump is making a election time decision to grab votes BUT we know voting is B.S. and presidents are selected not elected.  Therefore perhaps this move is a money grab if Trump is getting wind of the billions of on going dollars the WHO will make if this plan is implemented.     It could be part of negotiations on a price to make healthcare law in the U.S. or to at least allow the WHO to convince the U.S. people by propaganda that they need what its dishing out and so on.

Could This Be the Fatal Head Wound In Revelation Prophecy

This de-funding of Bill Gates prime initiative to “vackz the world” is likely a huge hit to his ego and could be considered symbolically “a fatal head wound” IF that is IF Trump sticks to it.  However

“On May 19, U.S. President Donald Trump gave the World Health Organization an ultimatum: Start implementing reforms in 30 days or else the United States would halt funding for the international body. But 11 days after the pronouncement, Trump pulled the trigger anyway, abruptly declaring on Friday the United States would be “terminating” its relationship with WHO and cutting off the institution from any U.S. cash.

The move culminates months of growing U.S. anger with the international organization against the backdrop of spiking tensions between Washington and Beijing. It also throws into question the fate of hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. global health funding at the peak of a global pandemic.”

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    1. Truth is my plan and motive. When I learned how the system lied to me all my life to the point of making me a commodity and cattle to be culled no matter the emotional & physical damage. And that Cancer is man made plague for $$. And that the ingredients in food are to subdue and poison…well I then set out to expose the beast who has been exposed to me by experience and self awareness. “YOur enemy Satan roams the earth seeking who he may devour.” Greed is a big part of it granted not all weapons against humanity are intentional however MOST ARE by design made to control and cull if not kill the people. Who am I? A scribe of God and more.

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