Perhaps The “Typhoid Mary” Concept Was Always a LIE

Typhoid Mary just another HOAX?

I see the historical setting now in my minds eye.  A beautiful woman the lover of some high ranking politician back in the days the beast system for propaganda sake named “The dark ages”.  Well that paints a picture in itself doesn’t it.

The dark ages for the beast perhaps, because people GREW THEIR OWN FOOD and could not be controlled and poisoned by their chemical potions.

The Beast wants all the land, power, money, slaves, and ownership.

Nevertheless back to my setting…the gorgeous black as a crow haired woman sleeping with maybe some presidents son, or the Vatican’s priest, or perhaps a governing ruler of sorts.  But now she cannot be trusted, not anymore…because the rich man has tried to cast her aside for another.  A toe headed woman of large busty stature no less.  …WHAT!

The oldest story in the book surfaces…call her “Typhoid Mary” and so the elite lover is rid of her.  And she plays the scape goat as a carrier.  But in truth she is not a carrier of Typhoid some alleged bacteria but rather the victim of the first [electric sickness] of all time for mankind to endure in the name of progress. Radiation Towers now called radio towers perhaps, were the true Typhoid.

The electric/radiation sickness must stand no matter how many die!  For, you see, greedy men MUST fill their prideful pallets and make us all appear stupid to them believing once again the lies of the beast system .

Do healthy people pass on sickness?   Not from my experience they don’t.

Have you ever caught a cold from someone not sick or from no cold weather circumstances?  Screw them and their lies.  We now must make our own conclusions from our own facts.  The times of believing those who pretend to be smart ARE OVER.

Now that I have proven on many front of my so called education that EVERYTHING they taught me was a lie.  Basically if the beast systems lips are moving they are lying.

Therefore judging from the control that THEY wield over the people by accusing and calling us ALL “Typhoid Mary” I surmise the original Typhoid Mary was most likely also a lie for some kind of tyrannical control by the corporate dictators for the ‘off with your heads’ civil authorities actions.

This beast is becoming very annoying.  I surmise this “Mary” woman was probably some political prisoner who knew too much…as usual with rich and famous prisoners.

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