Who is the Woman of Revelation 12 & Her Child?

Only in the end of days shall this prophesy of Revelation 12, a true prophecy be revealed to God’s children.

I Jazweeh reveal to you the chosen, the Revelation 12 prophecy now to show you who is the woman in the stars and her child.  I show you a mystery of great importance.  If you see & can learn this count yourself as chosen because you are.

Know this not all are prophets, not all are intercessors, not all are healers, not all are teachers and not all do miracles.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit are varied and given freely by God.  God values all His children.  We are fit for our jobs.

The Woman in Travail in Labor are Those Who Did Labor in Travail for Souls by Intercession.

Truth in plain sight its so simple isn’t it?

There are many parts to the body of Christ so fear-not if you are not an intercessor.  To be an intercessor of God you would need to have the higher language that many consider demonic or say its a gift that died with the apostles.

The Gift of tongues is not the same as utterances of tongues.   The difference between the gift and utterances is that the gift is there all the time and you can speak it on any topic you wish or use it for good or evil.  The gift is subject to the man.  Intercessors must be very responsible not to use their higher language out of revenge or rage against humans.  The gift is for the spiritual realm and the only rage that should be imparted would be against demons not humans.

The Gift that Greatly Burdens a Man’s Heart

I call it a gift but know this through life the “gift” was clearly a great burden unlike any other burden ever felt.  The gift included giving birth and being in labor.  What does travail look like regarding intercessory prayer?  It literally looks like labor of a woman giving birth.  Moaning groaning suffering rolling on the floor in labor.  If the burden had not been heavy the intercessors may not have been as attuned to pray for their breathren by it.  The burden prompts the flesh to act.

Example of a burden for a soul-You walk past a man in the grocery store.  Suddenly you feel deep severe heaviness, pain, hurt, by which you MUST get to floor and grieve, moan, cry, groan, and make intense supplications to God for that man’s soul.  You may not always know what your travailing about exactly but you must pray or the heaviness would be too much.  If you ignore it, it will leave eventually but quench not the Holy Spirit.

Now multiply that burden (to prayer for souls) by 30-40 years of experience and you may think twice about calling “intercession” a gift.  But you do it in faith and in hope in great hope that you’re making a dent of difference in the spirit realm and for a man’s soul.  Its not faith if its not faith.  So the many intercessors as one become “The Woman” of Revelation 12.  There is no one else who fits the bill that we know of.

The Men in Red Hats were a Bloodline tasked with Protecting in the natural the Woman of Revelation 12.

There is a bloodline of men who were supposed to protect the woman at all costs.  Intercessors often through their walk have near death circumstances.  The dragon WAS at their every turn for a long time.  If not for their angels supernatural intervention they would not have survived to see the age of judgement or to see the birth of the saints coming into their power.  Jazweeh nearly lost her head by a man with a machete.  And well she had many attacks and other dangerous predicaments.

We found out after the fact that one sect of Catholics were a bloodline to protect the woman of revelation 12 but they after many years of service were given to greed because of their great resources.  Also they were given to self serving and even at the end they fought to prolong Jesus to tarry.  We know this now by visions.

The men in red hats a line of Catholics not Jesuits something else….the line of the 12 stands for Revelation 12.  I am sure through the years they did do their job but in the end they became greatly distracted due to perplexing matters of the flesh such as family, greed, and they were given over to what they thought they needed instead of putting their faith and their calling first.  We don’t judge them because money corrupts and we were not given the same temptations as they.

Imagine this, the men in red hats had to have enough resources to both find out who the 144 were and to watch over the 144 without being detected when most likely the 144 themselves didn’t even know who they were or how important their burdens of prayers were.  It would take millions of dollars to accomplish protecting 144,000 unknown children of God from impending death by a sitting dragons breath (per-say, the dragon).

Right now only one of the men in red stands strong.  Perhaps they had to experience their own prodigal walk.  We feel their job is done since the woman has birthed and is given weapons of spiritual warfare and great authority for the end of the age.

But now is the time for their own salvation.  The red hats must change their focus and become the lambs, the children of God.  Their job as protector is done.  The baby is birthed the true church is born into the end of the age.  The goats and sheep are separated.  And even now the separation is growing due to the masks and the C.V.  You will not see many children of God wearing a mask over their face.  They just don’t do it unless they are compelled by law.

Dealing with the Flesh During Travail

The 144 were sinners just like anybody else and oftentimes far worse.  They are all born again delivered from sin.  But they also had to experience turning away from God as the prodigal son did.  How else would they learn the depth of God’s Grace and Love for them?

Jazweeh says this, “many times in travail I thought perhaps my own soul was so dark that it was I who needed relentless prayer rather than for others…..perhaps.   My flesh doubted, and doubted, and waxed and waned but still I pressed on in prayer through dark and through light.  In sin and out of sin, by day, by night through the years.  And I thank GOD for every burden He allowed me to catch.  That was my purpose for YEARS”.—-Jazweeh

Victory over Strongholds of Demons

But there is a great light, a great light at the end of the intercessory tunnel when God turned his broken lambs into Lions of Judah.  The light shown that sets the captive free, that brings down the strongholds, literally crushing walls of demons that were grouped together as one.   We watched as demonic forts came crashing and burning down by various colors of spiritual weapons of firey Holy Spirit Power.  By the minds eye the Holy Spirit showed us our authority and weapons of war.

The Wounded Lambs Become Lions of War

And then the stricken lambs the intercessors became lions in 2017 God empowered us and gave us a great awakening.  The burdens are done.  The warfare began.  We stood up, we were raised up in warfare and shown our authority.  The woman had finally birthed the child.  Their job for souls was done.  The saints were lifted up by their prayer, we know this now.

In 2017 God turned his intercessors to war in a big way.  He showed us who we are the 144, The woman of Revelation 12, and we did by our numbers birth the children of God into this age of judgement.

I will not entertain false humility by not telling you the Truth or playing down the job of and who are the 144.  There are others who are not intercessors and have other gifts they too shall share in the first resurrection of the body, the transfiguration and rapture/return to Jesus.  Many of us will return to earth being strengthened, empowered, to help the remnant those who will be raptured during the great tribulation sometime after January 2021 I think.

True humility knows that not one burden not one soul would have been won, steered, or healed if not for The Holy Spirit.  If not for The Holy Spirit gift of intercession the woman would never have birthed the child.  All the intercessors did is act in faith and follow The Holy Spirit.  And be sure there were times when we failed,many times.  But that is part of being human isn’t it?

Who is the Dragon?

Satan nearly devoured the intercessors on many occasions.  Many of us did die at least once to be sent back.  Many of us suffered under great demonic attacks and engaged in much sin to bury the pain.  But what we are is over-comers.  This is why the book said “the 144 have come out of great tribulations”. Because the dragon must have know who the candidates for being 144 were.  The dragon must have known by our prayers who we are.  Yet God didn’t give us the ultimate authority over Satan until our transition into warriors occurred in 2018.  Exhibiting faith seems to matter to God alot.  We must walk in faith to please God.

Who is the child?

The child is the body of Christ and to prepare the children of God for the end of the age and the age of judgement.   The children had to be made ready before Jesus would approach.  Many of us may have had to have several human lives to get to the point where God wanted us to be spiritually.

Could Reincarnation be Real In Spite of What the Harlot Teaches?

What if we had died in our sin?  Then were would get another chance at it by Grace.  What if there are not nearly as many souls at large as we believe their are through so many years of human existence?  What if each man has had numerous human lives to get it right like the Hindu teach?  Why would that be considered evil?  What is evil about reincarnation except what the harlot teaches about it, that is?

Imagine, over and over we were birthed until finally our time comes.  We either die in Jesus and so we sleep in Christ. Or we are born at the right time that we may see the return of Jesus.  Would these concepts be blasphemy as they teach at the harlot church?  Know this, the harlot is there for one reason primarily…to lead astray the true children of God.

The by product of the harlot church is to teach lies to believers and lead them to Hell by false guilt and the shaming of the human condition.  The harlot teaches and programs us w/ things that will separate us from God.   Therefore  if they say something is evil or “bad” we may want to reconsider things like meditation, crystals, and essential oils, reincarnation, see-ers, and even the supernatural arts like white magic, wicca, and those things that are done for the good of humanity.

Is there not enough REAL evil in the world without labelling good intentions of light and love “evil” as well?  This brings to mind the witch burning of Salem.  Quite possibly the men were burning powerful believers of Jesus who stepped into their authority in Christ and their supernatural gifts.

The Harlot does not want you to step into your spiritual power!  Therefore they make your power a blasphemy and keep us worming around on the sidelines asking God to do everything that He has given us the power to do for ourselves in Jesus.

I watch as people on Youtube, Christians proclaim to be wide awake.  Yet most are lock-step in format with Harlot doctrines.   The Harlot while proclaiming freedom and emancipation throw ignorant masses into the bondage of spiritual impotence.

We are to be as Jesus in power and command, we have authority over all demonic spiritual forces on the most part.  Granted it takes a long time to step into our full authority.  But we believe the body of believers have finally done just that.

The Harlot church is Satan’s counterfeit team of goat’s serpents and wolves who mock true children of God.  The goat’s say the gift of tongues is satanic.  Of course they do…they are their fathers children, the accusers of the breathren.  They fear our power and authority so they make authority a sin.

Come out from among her.

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